Elections Day 10: Final Round of Voting Ends!

It’s the last day to vote, and here are some final words from your finalists!

Here are some final words from your six finalists!

Just in case you’ve missed it or have forgotten, today is your last chance to vote for BlogClan’s new Deputy and Medicine Cat! Polls close at 8p.m. UTC, tonight! To vote, visit the post title Elections, Day 8: Final Round of Voting Begins! Or click on this link here.

Without further ado, some last thoughts from your six final candidates:

From our Medicine Cats candidates, Iceflower, Frostfire, and Mapledrift!

Iceflower: “I am so thankful to have made it to the finals, but most importantly, I’m thankful to my fellow BlogClanners for making these elections great! Every candidate would make a great medicine cat/deputy. I’m very proud of those who ran.

Frostfire: “Thank you guys for getting me this far! I’m so thankful I got the chance to run ❤️ I love you all – you’re all amazing and you rock! Best of luck to my fellow finalists as well – you all deserve these positions so much <3333

Mapledrift: “It’s so amazing to be here right now, standing as one of the finalist to represent this incredible community, a role that I would nevertheless have dreamed I could be so close to ! Ever since I joined and people like Sunny, Icy and many more inspired me I have always wanted a chance to represent BlogClan but I have always believed I was too quiet, or not funny enough or maybe just not the right kind of person, but now I want to show everyone how you don’t have to fit an exact personality type to help the community ! I would be honoured to have this role, but every other candidate here would make an incredible medicine cat each in their own different and unique ways and I guess it’s just up to you, what kind of medicines cat would you like ?

And from our Deputy candidates, Emberdawn, Jayfrost, and Winterwhisper!

Emberdawn: “I’m honoured to be part of the finalists 😄 Thank you, BlogClan, for voting for me and I wish my fellow finalists and the medicine cat finalists good luck!

Jayfrost: “BlogClan has always been a highly positive, friendly, and welcoming community. I have been a part of this community for many years, and though I haven’t been terribly active lately, BlogClan has always been an important part of my life, and I want to continue to give to this community. I hope to help keep this blog a safe and welcoming place for all fans.

Winterwhisper: “I am full of gratitude and joy to be here. I cannot believe I made it to the finals!! Both of these other candidates are spectacular, and I’m glad I’m here with them. It was an honour to run. I am proud of you guys, and myself—and I think that’s okay.”

Good luck, candidates! We’ll be awaiting the results on July 14th! Watch for the Wrap-Up post tomorrow.

Rainshine 🌸 Rainie


  • H*ck sorry I didn’t get back to you last night, I was busy setting up my Instagram and I wasn’t on my ipad too much ! I would just like to thank everyone once more for this awesome chance, the whole thing has been amazing and exciting and has given the whole blog a kinda…. idek like festival sort of atmosphere and it has been lovely <3
    Rainie I think my note on DA sent to you 😀

  • oooh the hype is real!! good luck everybody <3 i'm sure all of you would make a great medicine cat or deputy 🙂

  • I’m sure y’all all make great med cats and deputies! <3

  • Good luck everybody! You guys are all wonderful candidates, and I can’t wait the see the results on the 14th!

  • I support all of you completely and don’t let my vote ruin any of that. You all are amazing people and candidates and so deserving of these roles. Each of you has proven yourself to be a devoted person to this blog and I’ve never been so proud to call each of you a Clanmate.

    To Icy, you were one of the first I met on this blog other than Flo. You are so welcoming and do any amazing job helping the blog in any way you can. If you become medicine cat, you’ll no doubt carry over your gentle kindness.

    To Maple, you were an amazing apprentice and you’re an amazing friend to not just I, but all of BlogClan. I couldn’t be more proud. I’ve watched your growth throughout your time on BlogClan even with my inactivity and I’ve never admired the way you treat the blog like the true family it is. You’d make an amazing medicine cat.

    To Frostfire, while I haven’t spoken to you as much that doesn’t mean that you aren’t an important person to this blog. Your kind helpful spirit can brighten the cloudiest of days and like the fire in your name, you’ll brighten the day of anyone here as medicine cat.

    To Jayie, I didn’t have a close relationship with you as I had with other people on the blog but I always admired your art and devotion. You taught me the lesson of integrity and what commitment means. You taught me the importance of leadership and that even if life is busy, you can always find time to do what you love. From experience, I know you’re a great deputy. No matter what.

    To Emberdawn, you were another person I met shortly after joining. You were always so helpful and able to soften an arguments about fictional cats that I or anyone started. This is a great trait to have as deputy. But not just that, you bring a gentle calmness to the blog. When you’re around, you make sure everything is done and are more than devoted. I’d be more than proud to have you as deputy.

    To Wint, we’ve spoken only a few times in detail but you’ve still been important to not just me but the blog itself. Through your portions you’ve held and the way you’ve committed yourself to the rps you watch over to the comments you mod way after the sun has disappeared, you have proven yourself dedicated. But not just that but your approachability is remarkable. If anyone has a problem on the blog, you are definitely a presence I know they could go to.

    You all are fantastic and such deserving people of these positions. Your skills and traits shine through like a beacon of light and when the results come out I won’t be any less proud of all of you. Thank you all so much. Rip.

  • You guys all deserve this position! Whoever becomes blogclans next med cat or deputy, just remember that you are all amazing people!

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