My Complete List of Herbs by Moonkit028

Moonkit028 shares a list of herbs used in the series.

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Hi people/cats! I have made a complete list of all the herbs for warriors! I hope this helps some people!
Alder bark- Eases toothaches
Bindweed- With sticks good for broken bones
Blackberry- Eases the pain of bee stings
Blazing Star- Very rare healing herb, used to heal an unknown illness
Borage- Brings down fever, used to increase milk in queens, and helps soothe bellies.
Bright Eye- Mixed with Lovage to cure coughs
Broom- Good for bones and wounds
Burdock Root- Lessens the pain of rat bites, and can give a bad bellyache
Burnet- A traveling herb, useful for expecting queens
Catchweed- Burrs that don’t let poultices rub off
Catmint- Cures greencough and whitecough, can be dangerous in large doses
Celandine- Soothes weakened of damaged eyes
Chamomile- A traveling herb, soothes the mind, strengths the heart
Chervil- For infected wounds and bellyache, sometimes used in kitting
Chickweed- Used to cure greencough
Cobwebs- To soak op blood, used on bleeding wounds and as casts
Coltsfoot- Eases breathing, remedy for kitten-cough, used for cracked or sore pads
Comfrey Root- Repairs broken bones, cures stiffness, used for burns
Daisy Leaf- A traveling herb, eases the pain of aching joints
Dandelion- Used as a pain killer
Dock leaf- soothes sore pass and scratches, used to practice healing
Dried Oak Leaf- Stops infections from setting in
Elder leaves- Soothes sprains
Fennel- Eases the pain in hips
Feverfew- Reduces body temperature, especially good for headaches
Goatweed- Eases grief
Goldenrod- A rare herb, especially good for wounds
Hawkweed- Used to cure greencough
Heather nectar- Sweetens mixtures
Honey- Good remedy for burnt throats, soothes infections and coughing
Horsetail- Treats infections and stops bleeding
Juniper Berries- Soothes bellyaches, gives strength and helps troubled breathing
Lamb’s ear- Gives strength
Lavender- Cures fever or chills
Lovage- If mixed with bright-eye, can cure coughs
Lungwort- Cures Yellowcough
Mallow Leaves- Soothes bellyache
Marigold- Used for stiff joints, and stops infections and bleeding
Mouse Bile- Kills ticks
Parsley- Stops a queen from producing milk, also soothes bellyache
Poppy seeds- Makes a cat sleepy, or reduce shock or distress, DO NOT FEED TO KITS
Ragwort Leaves- Treats aching joints, and keeps strength up
Ragwort- Gives a cat strength and energy
Raspberry Leaves- Eases pain and stops bleeding
Rush- Used to bind broken bones
Sorrel- A traveling herb, also builds up appetite
Stinging Nettle- Induces vomiting, or eases swelling, if mixed with comfrey can heal broken bones
Sweet Sedge- Eases infection
Tansy- Cures coughs, wounds, and poisons, DO NOT FEED TO EXPECTING QUEENS
Tormentil Root- Good for healing all wounds, and extracts poison
Thyme- Calms anxiety, and cats who are in shock
Watermint- Eases bellyache
Wild Garlic- Draws our poison in rat bites, prevents infection
Willow Bark- Eases pain
Willow Leaves- Stops vomiting
Wintergreen- Treats wounds and some poisons
Yarrow- Extracts poison, makes a cat vomit, ointment will heal cracked or sore pads

Deathberries- Can make a full-grown cat very ill, can kill kits and elders
Foxglove- Can easily cause paralysis and heart failure
Deadly Nightshade- Used to kill a cat to get rid of their pain
Water Hemlock- Causes writhing, pain, and foaming at the mouth

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  • THIS IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD! I copied and pasted it into notes and It’s so helpful to have around when writing fanfics!

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