Who is Shaded Moss’s mother and mate? by Plipplop

Plipplop theorizes about Shaded Moss’s family

Art by Altwarriors

Hello there, My name is Plipplop. I also go by Plippy or Pip. I am a minor theorist, but this is my most notable theory that I feel needs to be released into the public to be debated. My theory is that I think I may or may not have found out who Shaded Moss’s mother is, and maybe Rainswept Flower’s. I personally believe that Shaded Moss’s mother is an elder named Misty Water, due to the fact that she seems to fit into an age gap for her son to be about 5-7 years old, and the fact that Shaded Moss has a daughter, Rainswept Flower. This is where the biggest piece of evidence lies. The eye colors. Rainswept Flower has heavenly, lovely blue eyes. Guess who also has blue eyes. Misty Water! Also, Misty Water is mourning over a cat named Broken Feather, who is a tom. Who is to say he isn’t Shaded Moss’s father? Anyways, I had mentioned that I would be covering who Rainswept Flower’s mother is. I have a lot of evidence for this. I announce that Rainswept Flower’s mother is… dead. Either that or Bright Stream. Bright Stream has a very similar pattern to Rainswept flower, and because we already have the eye color situation figured out, we can assume that she is her mother. Other than having that same chocolatey and striped pelt color, Shaded Moss and Bright Stream do sort of act like exes. In Bright Stream’s death, we see Shaded Moss heavily mourning her loss, and trying to convince Clear Sky and Gray Wing that it wasn’t their fault she died. He must have felt awful at her death, so he convinces her mate to forgive himself, proving he isn’t salty about the whole thing. There is only one hole in this theory, however. Why would Bright Stream not even address Rainswept Flower at all? I do think I got an answer though. Maybe, she just prefers her father over her mother. Or maybe she does not get along with Bright Stream and goes to Shaded Moss instead. I honestly think I have cracked this case right down. What do you think? Post your thoughts down in the comments below. Kate Cary, if you are reading this theory, can you please answer this question? Thank you and have a nice day, everyone!

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