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Best warrior cats in second series by Gingerpaw

Artwork by CosmisSkunk

Gingerpaw discusses their favourite characters in the second series!

Best warrior cats in the second series! Hey BlogClan, Gingerpaw here! Today I will be talking about my fav warrior cats in the second series! I’m just a normal/random person writing in my pajamas, don’t waste your time writing hate!

1: Squirrelflight! She carries her father’s determination and her mother’s sassines, who could ask for more? The two best traits of those two characters are lovely portrayed in this character, it gives the reader a real treat. I like her because she has a thirst for excitement and adventure. She is an amazing character, and I like to describe myself like her . She acts smart and lets nothing put her down, that is a good character. Her point of view was also one of my favorites to read. There was not too much dialogue, the description was perfect, but even better, it really feels that you are following Squirrelflight (by that I mean it feels that it would be exactly the way Squirrelflight would have told the story) ! My favorite moment she was in was when she followed Brambleclaw to the four trees, she had a chance to show her smartness, her sassines, and that allowed her to come on the journey. Imagine the journey without her, everything would be missing!

2: Brambleclaw! He is trying to find out where he belongs. He wants to take lead. I like him because his story line is well written and exciting, and he is just an overall a good character. When it is his point of view it is always exciting to read. He begins to act like his father, Tigerstar, but he pulls through and overcomes that phase. Therefore he is a great character! He shows that you can struggle through your weaknesses, that it is okay to change yourself, and that you should not let someone change you, like Hawkfrost did to him. That is a great character people can look up to. My favorite moment of him was when he was first let into the dark forest and saw Hawkfrost and Tigerstar, he did not behave the way he did when he was offered to join TigerClan. I am so thankful he overcame that phase. His point of view was not boring to read either, one of my favorites.

3: Stormfur/ Feathertail, Don’t blame me I can’t decide, OKAY! Both are great, loyal, and strong cats! Although, I do think that Stormfur is a little over protective of Feathertail, even if it’s his only kin in his clan. It’s sad to know that Stormfur suffered a lot, his mother is gone, his father and even Feathetail is gone! that the only place he feels comfortable is in the tribe. His point of view is my second favorite, Squirrelpaw is my first, because it does not have too much dialogue and it is very descriptive. For Feathertail, I admire her loyalty to her brother and her courage. She was the cat of the tribes prophecy, she killed Sharptooth! (Was that even the right name? Lol!) They both have been through a lot of suffering, they only had each other as kin in the clan. However, they prove that people can overcome that suffering, that’s what makes them great characters!

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