My opinions on Sandstorm × Firestar by Cloudypaw

Art by Wings-of-North

Cloudypaw shares their thoughts on Firestar x Sandstorm!

Hi guys, it’s Cloudy here! Without too much talking, let’s get to the point!
Before I start, let me tell you that straight: I really like Sandstorm and Firestar, and they are not overrated.

Let’s start with Sandstorm.
SandPAW is a young apprentice when Firepaw joins ThunderClan. She’s angry of course, because the apprentices’ den is crowded (no Bluestar, four apprentices are definitely enough), and she doesn’t want to welcome an outsider right after the deputy’s death. She’s currently friends with Dustpaw – therefore she probably supported him because his mentor died. This is not a mood for welcoming in Firepaw; however, if you’ll look at Fire And Ice, she starts being more sweet toward Firestar. I totally get why she was annoyed that she didn’t get to mentor one of Goldenflower’s kits, and instead, Brackenfur – who is barely a warrior – gets chosen. Everyone says that Squirrelflight is so special for having “girl power” and being sarcastic and snapping but…we don’t give Sandstorm enough credit. Sandstorm snaps, stands up for what she believes in, and she gets frustrated when Firestar tries to protect her; this is where Squirrelflight got her attitude from!
And Sandstorm doesn’t get enough credit for rebuilding SkyClan. She is the one that urged Firestar not to give up so easily, and taught Echosong about herbs. She’s so underrated!

And what about Firestar?
I don’t need to detail him so much, because the whole series was from his POV; however, he is NOT overrated. He deserves the attention he got – just think about everything he did!

But…what about them together?
I personally like this ship. They are so cute and realistic together. They went through a lot, and both of them proved that they are the perfect match for each other. This is not love at the first sight – far from it, actually – but they’re still so cute together.

What about their parenting skills?
Well…they are good parents overall, but could use some improvement. They’re not perfect, of course, and here are the mistakes they made. When Squirrelflight had a problem with choosing a mate, Sandstorm just…told her teenage girl to choose a mate because this conflict is causing too much trouble. She didn’t give any advice for her daughter. I also don’t even remember Sandstorm actually reacting to the news of Leafpool being the parents of the three (the original ones).

Well, that was my article, thank you so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed; don’t be afraid to share your own opinions in the comments, and…bye!

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