Saddest warrior lives by Silverpaw

Art by Wayne McLoughlin (Warriors Illustrator)

Silverpaw shares their thoughts on the Warriors characters with the saddest lives

Saddest warrior lives
Hey guys! This is Silverpaw explaining some of the saddest warrior lives. On a website some people ratted characters who had sad lives at the end and I’m going to explain some of those characters too! (I forgot most of what it said on the article thingy and only using it for two characters. The ones I semi-disagree with.) This is also only characters from the first few arch’s.

Cinderpelt. I love Cinderpelt! Some people might think her life isn’t that sad because she gets a chance to redo it as Cinderheart. But, keyword Cinderheart. In my opinion they are different cats just sharing the same spirit. I never had the instant connection with Cinderheart as I did with Cinderpelt. Right when she got introduced I was on an airplane on my way to Disney world and I was like “I have a new favorite character.” Anyway what made her life sad? She got hit by a car on the thunderpath that was supposed to be a trap for Bluestar from Tigerstar. She thought she was useless and watched her brother train and have fun while she was almost dying. I love Cinderpelt so much and she didn’t deserve the life she got. Even when she got to redo it as Cinderheart.

Bluestar. I feel so bad for Bluestar. Having a father who hated her, having to give away her kits to Riverclan because of her loyalty, having her deputy turning his back on her and wanting to kill her. I can go on and on. Even though she became leader, her life was very sad. Her kit died on the process for Starclans sake! For most of her life, she kept it in. That’s what I love about her. Her own kits hated her for a bit. She died helping Firestar. I love Bluestar!

Stonefur. His life was great in the beginning. Being a deputy and having a normal life until TIGERSTAR came. (I really hate Tigerstar because he is the reason my favorite character got hurt.) His life wasn’t sad until his death. But deaths are supposed to be sad. His death is a very unfair death but, this is about saddest lives, not deaths. So this one was from the article thingy that I don’t necessarily agree with.

Longtail. Another one I don’t 100% agree with. His life was fine but, he got blinded early. Blinded early is not blinded for life so, his life wasn’t sad just the ending of his life. Sure it was sad and unfair but, again not for life. This is leading to my own personal opinion.

Jayfeather. This overrated, annoying character always fits a place in our hearts. He was blinded as a kit and was forced to be a medicine cat. His first mentor was Brightheart and he obviously didn’t like it. I thought it was being mean at first but, thinking about it, he just didn’t want people to think he is useless, (still kinda being mean but, I’ll let him pass.) When he becomes a medicine cat he is always grumpy, obviously not enjoying it. He tells cats to go to the nursery if they want soothing. When he is playing warrior with Lionpaw and Hollypaw he enjoys it so much and I love seeing Jaybae happy. Being blind is unfair but, it is his destiny.

Yellowfang. Also not from the article thingy. Yellowfang was cursed with a power if you think of it. She wanted to be a warrior but, couldn’t because of her power. Unfair right? Her daughters die and her son becomes a murderous killer. This punishment is a punishment from StarClan for banishing Skyclan. But, it’s not Yellowfangs fault. Yellowfang deserved a better life from what she got.

I hope you enjoyed this article!!!

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  • I kinda felt bad for Cinderheart. She lived the first half of her life in so much distress, unaware of her own identity. She was so confused, as if she didn’t even know who she was in life. I had so much sympathy for her 🙁

    • Yeah, I would have put her on the list but, I only read the first two series at the time I wrote this.

  • I think Sorreltail deserves a spot. Not a lot of people think about her life, since she was a backround character and because she never let life get her down. She is almost never sad throughout the entire series, but she has many reasons to be.

    In the beginning of her life, she and her siblings have to endure through the great fire (During this period, they are only newborns). They inhale a lot of smoke and have trouble breathing (Something extremely painful). Not only that, but they lose the place they were born in. After Thunderclan is repaired, the other kit in the nursery gets killed by a hawk (Imagine having to explain this to your child!). So right off the bat, they experience death very early on. Later on in her years as a kit, she is poisoned by Darkstripe for overhearing him and Blackfoot talking. She collapses, foaming at the mouth, and then has to forcefully them up using yarrow. Her kithood isn’t done yet, however, and she is trained to defend the nursery if Bloodclan were to attack. After the battle, she and her siblings learn that her father, Whitestorm, is dead. This was all in her kit years. That is a lot to handle for someone so young.

    Now moving on to her apprentice years;

    In the beginning of her apprentice years, her mother sacrifices her life to save Smokefur (her brother) from being attacked by a badger. During this time she is allowed to mourns with her brothers in the nursery because she is basically still a kit. However, she moves on with her life and doesn’t look back. Luckily, nothing horrible happens to her in these years leading up to her warrior ceremony, but something unfortunate occurs at the very end of it. She is injured by a monster, so her warrior ceremony was delayed for three moons. However, she did get to be a warrior in the end, but her life already has already many hardships.

    For her Warriors years (Get ready for the feels);

    Sorreltail has to make the great journey to the lake and almost dies a couple of times doing so. She has to make this journey while pregnant and is very nervous for her kits. During this time, she is seen playing with Daisy’s kits and it is noted the Sorreltail really wants to be a good mother (This is important later). Fast forward to her kitting, and Sorreltail is being protected by Cinderpelt against badgers and her best friend Leafpool (Who promised to protect her), is missing. Cinderpelt (her sister in-law), is killed right in front of her while she is completely helpless (Sounds familiar doesn’t it?). Not only that but her brother, Smokefur, is also killed by a badger ( Those badgers am I right?). When Brackenfur tells her, she is a sobbing mess and can’t think straight. Sorreltail believes Cinderpelt’s death was her fault, so she feels obligated to name one of the grey kits: Cinderkit.

    A few moons afterward, her brother, Rainwhisker, is killed by a falling branch. This signals the death of almost all her immediate family. Not long after that, her son, Molepaw, dies from a cough. Her only son dies and he is her first litter. Poppypaw then contracts that same cough in a twisted version of Deja vu, but is luckily saved by Jaypaw. Not only that, but Cinderpaw falls from the Sky Oak and has a wound resembling Cinderpelt’s. This absolutely terrifies Sorreltail and she tries to care for her frantically. Luckily, it comes to pass, but definitely left an impact on her.

    Sorreltail’s children finally become warriors, and during the ceremony, Sorreltail is seen lamenting Molepaw while grooming her daughters. I feel like this shows that she hasn’t completely gotten over it. In a sad turn of events, Honeyfern is killed while trying to protect Briarlight from a snake. Sorreltail cries to Brackenfur that she can’t lose another one of her kits. She then tries to sleep to see if Honeyfern will walk in her dreams. The fact that Honeyfern might’ve been pregnant also makes it especially sad because Sorreltail might’ve been a grandmother. Luckily, Poppyfrost has kits with Berrynose, and she names her children Cherrykit and Molekit (Probably after her dead brother).

    After a few moons, Sorreltail becomes pregnant with her second and final litter. She has a rough birth, but luckily Leafpool is there. I think one of the saddest part of all was her death. After fighting Darkstripe (The guy who poisoned her), she returns to the nursery to she her kits. Sorreltail hid her own wounds to see if her children were alright and paid the ultimate price. Her last moments were of her bleeding out and watching her kits.

    I’m sorry for writing this much, but the more I dug into her life, the more things came to the surface. This cat needs a book in my personal opinion.

  • i think Spottedleaf also lived a sad life. spottedleaf loved firestar but she died saving the kits. when she dies she told firestar that they would meet in starclan and she would walk in his dreams. then came the battle between the darkforest and the clans. spottedleaf dies saving sandstorm. then when the battle was over firestar and tigerstar battle and firestar dies right after spottedleaf dies. spottedleaf loved firestar a lot but never got the chance to be with him

  • I’m surprised Goosefeather wasn’t on this list. He sees the future and knows that he can’t change any of it. Prophecies overwhelm him, even when he was 4 moons old.