My top 6 favorite ships in Thunderclan by Hollystorm

Hollystorm shares their favourite couples from ThunderClan.

Art by WoofyDragon

Hi! My name’s Hollystorm. Today, I’m going to tell you what my top 6 favorite ships are in thunderclan and why.

6. Milliexgray
I want to get serious for a moment. I know that there are so many fans out there that think that Millie was a bad mother. She wasn’t that bad. All she wanted to do was protect her kits. She wanted them to be safe, happy, and content. she gave Graystripe love after he lost his beloved Silverstream, and was willing to become a forest cat to be with them.

5. SquirrelxAsh
Squirrelflight and Ashfur actually COULD have maybe gotten along well. Squirrelflight’s relationship with Bramblestar was certainly more rocky than The one with Ashfur. I put this at the bottom of the list, though, because in the end, Ashfur ended up trying to kill ”Squirrelflight’s kits”. But I agree with the fact that Bramblestar was better for Squirrelflight’s passionate nature.
Firestar fell in love with both Cinderpelt and Spottedleaf. But Spottedleaf was too old for him, a medicine cat, and was killed before anything major happened! And Cinderpelt was a medicine cat apprentice before he could see the affection for her. During Firestar’s nine lives, Spottedleaf gave him the Life of love, signaling she approved of Sandstorm. And it turns out that Sandstorm was perfect for him If you forgive the Hostility she gave to him during into the wild, and Sandstorm’s anger when Firestar didn’t give her Tawnypelt to mentor in the first prophecy.
It seemed like Dustpaw might have mated Sandpaw. But it wouldn’t have worked. They would claw each other’s faces off! Ferncloud was gentler, Perfect for Dustpelt. They had Several litters of kits and Dustpelt grieved heavily when she died.
Even if it was a half-clan relationship, Graystripe really loved Silverstream and suffered extreme when she perished. Though Millie was sick when she gave birth, and it was definitely a sign that he didn’t want to lose another love. He pleaded to Jayfeather that if he had to choose, to make Millie live and not the kits, but thankfully both Millie and the 3 kits survived. Even though Graystripe loves Millie with all his heart, He would still Probably choose Silverstream over Millie!
1. BrightxCloud
Now that’s true cat love, readers! Brightpaw and Cloudpaw were best friends as apprentices, and when Brightpaw lost her face, Cloudtail stayed by her side all throughout her recovery, and never once flinched at her damaged face! They had Lots of kits, Cloudtail’s unquestioning Loyalty towards Brightpaw is an example not to judge a book by its cover!

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