Analyzing Warriors Characters Through Song (Part One) by Eaglefrost

Eaglefrost picks some songs that represent some characters from the series. Are you tapping to the beat of any of these tunes?

Artist unknown (Source: University of South Florida libraries)

I will be analyzing Warriors characters through different songs that I have chosen to represent their character development well. Note that some of these songs are Christian songs, but I am hoping I don’t offend anyone. I just thought that the message fit the character. P.S., I will post these as a series.
1. Firestar
Probably one of the most important characters in the entire Warriors saga, the song I chose for Firestar is Courageous by Casting Crowns. The entire song really fits Firestar’s development, but what struck me especially are the lyrics of the chorus: “We were made to be courageous, we were made to lead the way, we could be the generation that finally breaks the chains.” Firestar shows up in the forest at just the right time and uncovers Tigerclaw’s treachery, thus, saving ThunderClan from a terrible fate.
2. Tigerstar
I had a hard time choosing a song for him. I thought he’d be easy, but, yeah, turns out, not. I ended up going with You’re the Devil (In Disguise) by Elvis Presley. I feel like this perfectly sums up Tigerstar’s character. The song says, “I thought I was in heaven, but I was sure surprised. Heaven help me, I didn’t see the devil in your eyes.” Tigerstar at first is shown to be a strong, popular warrior, but in reality, he turned out to be evil.
3. Bluestar
I’ll be honest, I kinda didn’t wanna use another Christian song after using a Christian song for Firestar, but I thought that Brave by Moriah Peters fits perfectly for Bluestar. The chorus especially fits Bluestar well. “Brave: I’ll fight like a soldier. Brave: I’ll rise like a warrior. Brave: I wanna be stronger, gonna be bolder. Look up and I see the way You make me brave.” Though Bluestar lost her faith in StarClan for a while, she ended up dying as she lived- a servant of her Clan.
4. Graystripe
The song I chose for Graystripe is Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen. The whole song fits Graystripe’s forbidden romance with Silverstream (I’ll get to her later). Anyway, a couple of lyrics that I think especially is the opening line, “This thing called love, I just can’t handle it.” Once Graystripe falls in love with Silverstream, he’s head over heals in love with her. The next lyrics come from the fourth verse: “I gotta be cool. Relax, get hip, get on my tracks.” I feel like Graystripe would’ve scolded himself for falling in love with a RiverClan cat, especially when Firestar told him that it was dangerous.
5. Yellowfang
I had had another choice for Yellowfang but then I remembered about this song and I thought it fits her really well. I especially like the second verse where it says, “This ain’t a home, nah not even close. They camouflaged like we fightin’ some ghosts. You start to doubt everything that you know. I feel the heat and it’s starting to show. They try to break us, break us, make us wanna give in.” After Brokenstar took over ShadowClan, it wasn’t ever the same. Yellowfang even mentioned that “I want the old ShadowClan back.” But many cats followed Brokenstar out of fear. However, the chorus also fits her, “I’ll fight the elements. I got spirit, I got faith. I might bend but I won’t break. And Imma go down swingin’ if I go down.” Whatever Yellowfang has lost in ShadowClan, she was willing to fight and lay down her life to save a couple of kits from ThunderClan that Brokenstar kidnapped.

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