Forgotten Aspect of Nightcloud by Mellowix

Mellowix shares their opinion on Nightcloud and her actions throughout the series.

Artwork by Lithestep

What I’m especially referring to, is Nightcloud’s mistreatment of Crowfeather’s Thunderclan family. By no means is she expected to get along with them, however, she takes her jealousy way too far.

Lionblaze and Leafpool:

When Breezepelt got into a border fight with his own Half-Brother, Lionblaze, Nightcloud just sat and watched it. However, the real questionable stuff comes slightly later. It’s left to Crowfeather’s other mate, Leafpool to stop the sons fighting and point out how messed up it is. However, instead of being relieved, Nightcloud is angry at Leafpool for it:

“Finding a paw hold, Lionblaze heaved himself to his paws and thrust Breezepelt clear with another hefty blow. Blood
spattered onto the snow like crimson rain. “Stop it!” Leafpool’s high-pitched shriek shattered the freezing air as she plunged through the bracken with Cinderheart and Dovepaw behind her. “How can you watch your sons fight?” she screeched at Crowfeather.

Before Crowfeather could reply, his mate, Nightcloud, stalked from the shadows beyond the border. Her black pelt matched Breezepelt’s, and her amber eyes glittered with the same venom. “He only has one son.” Hatred laced her hiss. “Crowfeather is Breezepelt’s father. No one else’s!” – Night Whispers, Chapter 18

Nightcloud wants to hog Crowfeather so much, she completely disowns his Thunderclan kits from the family tree, declaring they don’t even exist. In the text, it literally points out Nightcloud hates them, to the point she’ll watch her son get into violent fight with his own half-brother.

“Stop!” Leafpool shot between them. Breezepelt’s lunge hit her square in the side. His claws tore her pelt as he dragged her to the ground. Another jet of blood sprayed the snow.

Lionblaze stared in shock. Before he could reach for Breezepelt, Crowfeather had crossed the ditch and hauled his son off Leafpool.He tossed him aside like prey and leaned over Leafpool. “You chose your Clan, remember?” he hissed.

She stared up at him. “That doesn’t mean I didn’t love you.”

Crowfeather’s eyes flashed with pain. “Maybe you did,” he growled. “But it wasn’t enough, was it?”

“Get away from her!” Nightcloud had crossed the ditch. She sank her claws into Crowfeather’s pelt and dragged him away from Leafpool.”- Night Whisper, Chapter 18.

Once again, it’s up to Leafpool and Crowfeather to stop the fighting, Nightcloud never lifting a finger. Even after Crowfeather saved Leafpool, Nightcloud shows no concern from her son’s eagerness to attack his own extended family. In fact, when Nightcloud does turn physical/violent, it’s not to protect anyone, it’s out of her own jealousy. Crowfeather had saved Leafpool and now’s she bleeding on the ground, yet that not enough for Nightcloud to show any restraint.


“Are you okay?” Owlwhisker leaned over him. “Did you fall into a thornbush?” Jayfeather could smell his own blood as it welled in his stinging wounds. “Y-yes.” He struggled to find his paws and felt Gorsetail’s muzzle beneath his shoulder as he helped him up. “What are you doing?” Jayfeather recognized Crouchpaw’s mew. The WindClan apprentice sounded frightened. “That’s the medicine cat who killed Flametail!”

“Murderer!” Nightcloud growled. “Be quiet!” Gorsetail silenced them. “This is a Clan cat who needs our help.”

“I—I’m okay.” Jayfeather fought the tremor in his voice. Owlwhisker brushed past him. “We’ll escort you to the border.” His mew was brisk. “Can you walk that far?” Gorsetail asked. Nightcloud growled. “If he can’t, we’ll drag him.” – Chapter 6, Last Hope.

When Dawnstripe accused Jayfeather of murdering Flametail during Forgotten Warrior, partially everyone knew she overreaching due to grief, even Shadowclans cats, including Tigerheart.

“She’s been acting weird ever since Flametail’s death,” the tabby tom went on. “She . . . she thinks it was Jayfeather’s fault that he drowned.”
“That’s not true!” Dovewing hissed. “Jayfeather was trying to save him.” Tigerheart sighed. “He probably was. But I guess it’s hard to know the truth, and Dawnpelt wants revenge.” – Forgotten Warrior, Chapter 3

[…] Tigerheart hesitated. “Dawnpelt blames Jayfeather for Flametail’s death in the lake,” he meowed at last.
“That’s ridiculous!” Ivypool exclaimed. Tigerheart shook his head, his hostility swallowed up in sadness. “You don’t know what it’s like to lose a littermate,” he told Ivypool. “You want to blame anyone, anything. Not just a crack in the
ice..” – Forgotten Warrior, Chapter 10.

When it comes to Windclan especially, Onestar agreed with Firestar.
“Onestar nodded. “I’m sure Jayfeather could have found an easier way to eliminate an enemy.”

So as a Windclan cat, Nightcloud has little reason to believe the accusation is true. Not to the point of calling Jayfeather a “murderer” with such confidence. Her own clanmate, Owlwhisker sees the ridiculousness in it and tells her to stop.

This is much more then Nightcloud genuinely believing she’s facing a murderer, but the personal history between her and Jayfeather. Given the excuse, Nightcloud would probably eagerly assume any of the three of murder. Even threatening the injured blind Medicine cat with violence if he lags behind too much.


When Hollyleaf first reappears at the Gathering since her disappearance.

“He was distracted from thoughts of the Dark Forest when he noticed Crowfeather among the WindClan cats. The gray-black warrior had just spotted Hollyleaf, and he was staring as if his eyes were about to leap out of his head. Beside him, his mate, Nightcloud, followed his gaze and drew back her lips in a snarl. […] “We welcome her back,” Firestar continued, turning his warm green gaze onto Hollyleaf. “We are glad to have her in ThunderClan once again, and I look forward to patrolling alongside her for many future moons. […] Nightcloud rose and lashed her tail, raking Hollyleaf with an icy gaze. “Does she think she’s welcome?” she snarled.” – Forgotten Warrior, Chapter 23,

This probably has to be the most gross of her actions. Hollyleaf has been considered dead for seasons, yet Nightcloud’s first reaction is to snarl at her when she turns up alive. Seemly Nightcloud prefers Hollyleaf dead. Hollyleaf hasn’t said anything during this Gathering, Firestar has only announced her returning. So What exactly is Nightcloud implying when she says “welcome”? Does she want Hollyleaf to never go to Gatherings? Or does she wants Hollyleaf to still live in isolation from her home?

And for what? Nightcloud only aware of Hollyleaf revealing the truth at the Gathering. Shouldn’t Nightcloud be grateful that the Crowfeather’s lies were exposed? The three suffered just as much as Nightcloud and Breezepelt, if not more. So she’d be somewhat more sympathetic towards them. Yet sticks beside Crowfeather and treats the innocent three as if they’re the ones to blame. Hollyleaf shouldn’t have to carry the burden of continuing lies she’s not reasonable for. It’s not a crime to report a crime- Especially when it was Windclan’s business as well, so it was relevant to the Gathering.

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