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Hey, everyone! Welcome back to this week’s happy mail! I hope you’ve all been having a lovely week. If your week hasn’t been great, then I’m sorry, and I hope this edition of happy mail helps to brighten it up! 😀

Today I want to talk a little bit about feeling left out or lonely. I think, unfortunately, it’s a feeling that we’ve all had at some point or another. That feeling that, no matter how hard you try, you just don’t feel like you really quite fit in. While it can be hard to battle these worries, I promise that there’s really no proof for them. Sometimes our insecurities get the better of us, and we end up listening to negative thoughts like these, even when there isn’t any reason to believe them <3

You know how I know those worries aren’t true? Because I know you’re all wonderful, unique, and inspiring individuals. You’re all incredibly different and have something wonderful and unique to offer the world. There’s no one on earth who could ever be you, and that’s honestly quite spectacular!

Sending you all big hugs! <3

It can be really hard not to compare yourself to others, and to hyper focus on their strengths so much that you fail to see your own. But I promise you this: everyone has different strengths, weaknesses, ideas, perspectives, experiences, and so much more. We’re all different! Comparing yourself to someone else is like comparing an apple to a giraffe (I was going to use the ‘apples vs oranges’ saying, but they’re sorta close since they’re both fruits. These two are completely different 😉 ), because you’re both on your own paths, with your own experiences, and are growing and changing differently. That’s okay. That doesn’t make any of us better or worse; it makes us human!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

One thing that might help is when you feel that you’re comparing yourself negatively to someone else, is to stop for a second and focus on your own personal growth – whether it be through the last year, month, or even week. We’ve all been working really hard on personal things – simple things, like drawing or writing, or complicated things, like overcoming fears – and every day we’re getting closer and closer to our goals <3 And I, for one, think that’s really awesome.

So, be proud of yourself! You’re all doing great, and I believe in you 😀

I know a lot of us struggle with worrying and anxiety. Neither I nor BlogClan are a professional, and if your worries are really hurting you, I would absolutely recommend professional help, but there are some general tips for dealing with anxious feelings that I have (mostly gathered from previous experiences!). One of my personal favourites, is a grounding technique, which when followed, basically helps bring you back to the present and refocus your mind if you start to worry so much you feel like you can’t think straight

Here are the steps!

5 Helpful Quotes of the Week

“Today is going to be a good day, and here’s why. Because today, at least, you’re you, and that’s enough

Dear Evan Hansen

“And remember, that bad times…are just times that are bad.”

Katrina from ‘Animal Crossing’ (Suggested by Hootsnout)

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Lao Tzu (Suggested by Pineblossom)

I wish, as well as everybody else, to be perfectly happy; but, like everybody else, it must be in my own way”

Elinor Dashwood from ‘Sense and Sensibility’

“I realized I would feel comfortable anywhere in the universe because I belonged to and was a part of it, as much as any star, planet, asteroid, comet or nebula.”

Mae Jemison

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  • Love this Birchy! Even as an (almost) professional level musician, I still struggle greatly with comparing myself to others and every once in a while, I need reminded that I can only be the best me. ❤️

    • <3 <3

      By the way, I think it's really awesome that you're pursuing music as a career! I'm sure you're a wonderful musician :D <3

      • Thanks! I’ll be a Senior in College in the fall, so, I guess that is almost professional? Anyway I’m thinking about getting my Master’s Degree in Piano Performance, which is where all the self-doubt comes from; I feel like I’m not serious enough, not good enough, etc. to persue such a competitive degree. But, I have to remember that there is always gonna be someone better than me, but that doesn’t make me “bad.”