Lost Stars Theories by Wolfpaw

Art by GalaxyMew

Wolfpaw has a few questions about events that occured in Lost Stars. Major spoilers for Lost Stars ahead! Read at your own discretion!

This is Wolfpaw here, and I’ll be talking about why StarClan only chose to communicate with Shadowpaw as of Lost Stars. I already have a few ideas, and you clanmates reading might be able to come up with even more than me.

First, it could not even be StarClan. We all know that Bramblestar has some short of shadow following him, or even him and the real Bramblestar is in the same plane as cats that are dead but haven’t moved on yet. Rootpaw has seen a “dead” Bramblestar out asking for help and that was after Shadowpaw “saved” Bramblestar. Maybe Bramblestar’s sickness was just his shadow trying to take over and Shadowpaw’s message saved him. It could be a new enemy causing him to be rasher and harder on his clan. Shadowpaw’s messages could be from that enemy, we know all cats who aren’t living (and some that are) can send messages and visions to living cats. The Dark Forest, StarClan, and The Tribe of Endless Hunting have visited dreams before. Shadowpaw’s vision of codebreakers could also be that same force trying to destroy the clans from the inside and knows a medicine cat is most trusted among the clans, so they are the best place to start.

I have a few problems with that theory, first one is, why Shadowpaw, a ShadowClan medicine cat? If the unknown force does know as much about the clans as I think it does, it would know that ShadowClan isn’t always the most trusted clan in the forest, so not a good way to destroy the clans. It would make much more sense to target one from ThunderClan, the same clan as Bramblestar.

Second, it could be just another dead cat, maybe even Sol returning to haunt the clans because his purpose wasn’t fulfilled, so he can’t move on. Rootpaw also might’ve inherited Tree’s skill to see the dead and might become another mediator for the clans, evidenced by the fact that Rootpaw saw what I think to be the real Bramblestar. The problem with this theory is that it doesn’t give any reason for the shadow to be haunting Bramblestar.

Another weird thing is why can’t StarClan commune with the clans at the lake? It is because the shadow is blocking them and StarClan is trying their hardest, but to no avail? The moonpool shouldn’t of frozen over either if it’s so sacred to the clans and StarClan. All of these are questions that Erin Hunter left to be answered, hopefully during the series.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be back if anything else interesting happens or maybe a bit after the release of the sixth book in the series.
See ya,

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