My top 10 favorite warrior cats from the first series by Rushfire

Art by Wolfjesyo

Rushfire lists their favourite cats from the first arc, The Prophecies Begin. Which of these felines have captured your heart?

Hi! It’s Rushfire here with my article. My top 10 favorite warrior cats from the first series! I know some of you might not like these cats but please don’t judge! Warning: Spoilers
10 Brightheart
The reason I put her here is because when she got injured, she didn’t think think about the negative stuff and accepted her new name Lostface (Terrible name, give thanks to Cloudtail).
9 Graystripe
He’s very loyal to certain cats, such as Firestar and his friends. He stopped Leopardfur/star from killed his friend even though she was the deputy( or leader, I forgot) He took care of his kits and even went to Silverstream’s Clan even though it was not right for him.
“Does Graystripe have any enemies, I wonder? Don’t bristle, Blossomkit; not even ShadowClan is the foe of every living cat.”—Rock about Graystripe, Cats of the Clans
7 Yellowfang
She has a nasty temper, but she was not always this way. If you’ve read Yellowfang’s Secret, you’d know. She was always getting blamed for things, she was even cast out from ShadowClan by her own SON! I kinda feel sorry for her, and so that’s why I put her on my list.
“Ah, a puny apprentice. Easy prey for Yellowfang,”
—Yellowfang to Firepaw, Into the Wild
6 Brackenfur
He is one of my favorite Warrior cats of all time! From Into the Wild to Lost Stars. He trained hard, even though he had no idea where his mentor was. He spied in Darkstripe and blamed himself that Sorrelkit ate death berries. I think he deserves this spot maybe even higher.
“ He’s never here,” Brakenpaw mewed sadly. “If this goes on, Swiftpaw will be a warrior before me—Brightpaw and Thornpaw too.” —Brakenpaw, about his missing mentor, Forest of Secrets
5 Fernpaw
She’s so nice to the kits in the nursery and takes care of them later on. Like Daisy, she’s very important, helping take care of the newborns and making sure their mother has enough to eat or drink. She’s one of the reasons ThinderClan has a lot of healthy kits.
“Did you really see StarClan?”—Fernpaw to Firestar, The Darkest Hour
4 Bramblepaw/claw/star
Bramblepaw has to be one of my favorites! His whole life has been on a quest of loyalty to his Clan and Clanmates. That’s why he is so respected and loved. He was determined to lead his Clan to their new home and killed his brother in order to save his leader. That’s pretty much why I love him.
“Join you?” He repeated. “After everything you’ve done? I’d rather die!”—Bramblepaw to his father, The Darkest Hour
3 Firestar
Firestar was once a kittypet and when he first went to the Clan, his Clanmates doubted him. He proved that he was meant to be a ThunderClan Warrior many times and I love how brave he is and how he is loyal to his Clan.
“But I’m not leading them!” Firestar hissed. “And I can’t save them—I’m not strong enough. We’re going to lose this battle. Bluestar, this can’t be the will of StarClan! We’ve always believed our warrior ancestors wanted there to be four Clans in the forest. Have we been so wrong?”—Firestar, The Darkest Hour
2 Cloudtail
I like him because he is very loyal, even if he doesn’t believe in StarClan. When Lostface was injured, he took care of her and asked Firestar to change her name. He fought tons of battles and has never been afarid to lose. I also love his sharp tongue.
1 Sandstorm
She has went from a teasing apprentice to a brave loyal warrior in the first series. I like her the best because she is super loyal to her mate and followed him on the quest to find StarClan. She is very jealous of Spottedleaf and also a bit short-tempered. She probably passed on her sharp tongue to Squirrelflight, but she also probably passed the clever part to Leafpool. She is a warrior that likes to think before she does anything and she is pretty smart.
“He smells like a kittypet! Don’t tell me I’m going to have to share my nest with that revolting stench” Sandpaw to Firepaw, Into the Wild
Well that’s it! My article has come to an end! Hoped you all enjoyed it!

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