Reasons Why I think Dovewing is perfect to be part of the Three & not Hollyleaf by Blossomfire15

Blossomfire15 shares their opinion on Dovewing and her position as one of the Three.

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Hey guys, it’s Blossomfire15 here with another article! In this article, I will be talking about the reasons why I think Dovewing should be part of the Three & not Hollyleaf.🤗

1st reason: A great plot twist
One of the first reasons I think Dovewing deserves to be in the Three is that it made a great plot twist. We all love plot twists, don’t we?😉
I love Hollyleaf, but if she was part of the Three, there wouldn’t have been a big plot twist.

It would have made the story plain with no mystery & kind of obvious. With a plot twist, it made the story interesting, leading us on until we realized Hollyleaf wasn’t part of the Three.

2nd reason: Hollyleaf wasn’t exactly the kind of cat for the Three

Nothing against Hollyleaf, I love her like I mentioned before, but to be honest, she wasn’t exactly the right cat to be part of the Three.
When being part of a prophecy involving the welfare of all the Clans, you can’t be stuck to the warrior code.
Now yes, Dovewing did have a forbidden romance with Tigerheart(Star) & later joined ShadowClan to be with him, but I don’t mean to go all the way the other side.
Dovewing still loved her Clan.
I mean if you are part of the Three, you need to have a balance.

3rd reason: What powers would Hollyleaf had?

When I close my eyes to think of what power Hollyleaf would have had, my mind is blank. I just can’t think of a power that wouldn’t be cheeseball, that she would have.
I knew she wouldn’t have hearing powers or abnormal senses like Dovewing, cause that doesn’t fit her.

With the Three, each of their powers fits their personalities perfectly. Hollyleaf, I can’t find any power that she would have to fit her personality.
And with Dovewing, her power suits her personality perfectly just like Lionblaze & Jayfeather’s does.

4th reason: Having the ‘dark’ sister

What makes the plot twist great is that Hollyleaf murdered a cat(I mean that’s not great, but you know what I mean) & went down this dark path, faking her death & coming back, giving her life to save her beloved Clanmates.
If she was a perfect little character who was just part of the Three like her brothers, & didn’t crack, it would be a boring storyline.
(Not saying Dovewing is perfect.
She isn’t)
If she never went down a dark path, it would be all ‘happy go lucky, no plot twist, no dark things that we want to cry over stuff’. And that’s really plain & boring to read about.

And lastly, the 5th reason: Dovewing was distant family but still had an important role

The last reason why Dovewing is the perfect role for being the Three, is that she is distant family. Not a close cousin.
She’s Lionblaze & Jayfeather’s grandfather’s nephew’s granddaughter. Not closely related!

She showed that even distant relatives can have a important role in something big. And I think that’s really great.

Like I said, I love both Dovewing & Hollyleaf equally, but I think it’s better that Dovewing is the Third, rather Hollyleaf, not out of favoritism, but it made the storyline better, & both characters stayed perfect the way they are.
Enjoyable characters to read about in our beloved Warriors.

And before I end this article, I’d like to say that comparing these two to each other just makes both of their characters less enjoyable.
Comparing is just the worst things we can do with fictional characters, like even Dovewing & Ivypool.

Thank you for reading this article & please feel free to express your feelings in the comments below!😊

Signing off,


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  • I hate Dovewing, it should have been Ivypool, now that I think over this! Great persuasive writing, you changed my mind from Hollyleaf should have been the third to Ivypool should have been the third. This might not have been your goal, but you did good!

    • Ivy pool wouldn’t have been good for the three. Again she just didint have that capability, to be in the three ivy pool turned to easy. Sure she grew as a character but she still went to the dark forest alarmingly easily and never really let go of that hostile blood thirsty side of her. Everything that happened she feels is fought with revenge not just letting some things go. Like the article states you need to be in the middle it’s for the clans welfare. But as holly leaf was to close ivy pool WAY off. From analysis I feel that is she was welcomed back to the dark forest again where nobody could ever figure out she may well go. But she may not do anything muredery she defiantly might go back. I feel dove wing is the perfect character. She’s compassionate yet feisty and honestly kind of adorable. And anyway dove wing makes ivy pool a great character! Without dove wing to turn ivy pool around she might have stayed salty and become another breeze pelt. The ivy pool we know and love is created by dove wing, all her character growth sprouts from the adorable little gray fluff ball. Dove wing gets her out of the dark forest, convinces her that the dark forest is bad, tries to teach her to become a better Pearson, welcomes her back with open arms after the clans figure out that some of the living cats where helping the dark forest. She’s done so much to benefit ivy pools growth, so much that following the same storyline ivy pool just couldn’t be a liked flushed out character with dove wing on the side. Because warriors has a tendency to make side characters never speak at all, only protagonists. So ivy pool may become the ivy pool we know now but for un flushed out reasons. Like her and dove wing may have one talk and then bam ivy pool entire life personality changed, wich is what warriors has a tendency to do. So what I’m saying is that dove wing is needed to be one of the three so all the protagonists are flushed out and fun to read about (EXEPT for lion blaze nobody can help him). Also what power would ivy pool have anyway? Fighting powers but lion blaze already has those and nothing else really suits her. So ya! You may like ivy pool better but that doesn’t mean that she’s automatically a better candidate for the three. Dove wing is actually a really good character, but people always compare her with ivy pool a crowd favourite. And she replaced holly leaf another crowned favourite so people tend to focus on that more then her character and her growth. She went from a soft spoken apprentice to a kind compassionate yet feisty protagonist with a interesting story with help from ivy pool. So dove wing is a better cat for the three but having ivy pool and dove wing both as protagonists is better. Because you get to see them as well flushed out characters. But again dove wing is better then ivy pool would’ve been.