Happy Taiwanese Father’s Day! – An Article About Fathers in Warrior Cats by Ravenmist

Ravenmist shares some fathers from the series to celebrate Father’s Day in Taiwan! Spoilers for AVOS ahead.

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Hello, it’s me, Raven, and I’m here with my 4th BlogClan article! 😀 My last article was on Mother’s Day, about mothers in Warriors, and this one is on Father’s Day, about fathers in Warriors. Today, August 8th, is Father’s Day in Taiwan because the words for “August 8th” sound like the words for “dad”. Now, let’s move on to the article! The first part is the importance of fathers and father figures.

Mother cats have the obvious role in parenthood, being the ones who carry and give birth to kits. But fathers are important to kits’ childhoods too. Let’s look at what happened when this was absent.

Darktail’s father was Onestar, who told Darktail’s father, Smoke the kittypet, to go back to her Twolegs instead of joining WindClan and raising their kits together there. After Smoke gave birth to only one surviving kit, she begged Onestar to take their young son to WindClan. Onestar refused because of the fact that Clan life was harsh at times. Smoke was furious, and raised young Darktail to hate the Clans and Onestar. Smoke was Darktail’s only parental figure, and Darktail listened to her and like she wanted, learned to hate Onestar, who had rejected him without even giving him a chance.

If Onestar had let Smoke and Darktail live in WindClan with him, I imagine that Darktail would’ve been teased, but he would’ve had kind and loving parents to turn to. He would’ve grown to be a skilled and noble warrior, and all that stuff with the Kin in AVoS would’ve never happened. 😛

Tigerstar’s father Pinestar left him to be a kittypet. It’s been a while since I’ve read Warriors, so I don’t exactly remember all the details, but if Tigerstar’s Clanmates didn’t tease him about his kittypet father in the books, then personally I think it did happen Even if it wasn’t deliberate, some comments must’ve been made about his parentage that encouraged the young Tigerstar to train even harder, get rid of all “softness” (mercy) that might liken him to a kittypet, and be cold, harsh, and unforgiving to kittypets and other outsiders, lest it be said that he was like his father.

If Pinestar had stayed in ThunderClan, Tigerkit would not have felt so much need to prove himself. He would’ve had someone to teach him compassion, and he would’ve been a great and honorable warrior.

Breezepelt felt unloved by Crowfeather (whether or not this is true is controversial and not the topic of this article so I’m not going to go into it), so to lure him into their training, the cats of the Dark Forest preyed on his insecurity and need of affection.

If Crowfeather had payed him more attention, been more lenient on him, and Nightcloud hadn’t been so overprotective of him, he might have been more aware of his self-worth and not join the Dark Forest.

These examples show that the guidance of a father is important and the lack of it could end poorly. In real life, things are not always as extreme, lack of a father does not always turn you into a villain, thankfully. (Hugs to all of you struggling with family issues ❤️)

Now let’s look at what happens under the guidance of a father, whether this be good or bad. Let’s look at bad first because I want to end on a good note. 😛

Hawkfrost’s father Tigerstar was one of the most major villains of Warriors. Tigerstar tried to convince Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw to help him kill Firestar and take over the forest. Hawkfrost followed through while Brambleclaw did not. The differences: Brambleclaw had a good relationship with his mother while Hawkfrost did not. Brambleclaw also had a father figure in his mentor Firestar, while Hawkfrost’s only father figure was the evil Tigerstar.

Now let’s look at a good example.

Rainflower was mean to Stormkit (Crookedkit/paw/jaw/star), but luckily for him he had his brother Oakkit/paw/heart and his father Shellheart. Shellheart was very kind to Crookedkit, breaking up with Rainflower after she renamed him, reassuring him that the breakup wasn’t his fault, and telling Rainflower to keep her thoughts to herself after she said that Crookedpaw would never be as great as Oakheart.

Crookedstar had a close relationship with Shellheart. Before he died, Shellheart tells him he is proud of him, and during his nine lives ceremony, Shellheart says that if he had known about Mapleshade, he would’ve helped him.

Even though Crookedstar used to train with Mapleshade and had a horrible mother who constantly put him down, he grew up to be a wise and worthy leader.

In conclusion, I think guidance is important to development, including mentors (which I’ll probably be writing an article about on Teacher Appreciation Day). Thanks for reading everybody! I love you all! ❤️

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