The Great Battle’s Effects by Hollyshine

Hollyshine takes a look at the Great Battle and its aftermath.

Artwork by Tarot Opossum

Hello everyone, and today I will be talking/typing about The Great Battle’s Effects, Starting with the Pros.

-Four Dark Forest cats were killed, including Tigerstar and Hawkfrost
-Few were wounded
-The Dark Forest is Defeated, if not completely, mostly
-Cats reunited with their dead family/friends (Hooray!)
-Fulfilled Prophecy
-The Dark Forest Loses!
-The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived!

-Almost thirty cats from the clans/StarClan died!
-Hollyleaf Died! :((
-ShadowClan loses TEN of their cats!
-Spottedleaf is killed FOREVER!
-The great and mighty Firestar dies from his wounds!
– A KIT was killed! (RIP, Weaselkit)

Now I’m going to go deeper into some of the points:

-The Dark Forest is defeated
I think that that made a huge difference on the series, considering that every cat would be under evil and who knows how many seasons it would take a cat to stand up?

-Fulfilled Prophecy
The kin of your kin prophecy is fulfilled, which means we can stop obsessing over Dovewing’s ultra-sonic hearing ablities! Also, we can move on to a time where Firestar isn’t part of main prophecies forever (That seemed a bit annoying to me)

-Reunited Cat Families
I think this was one of my favorite parts of the books. When StarClan came down, it was like we were seeing every book merged into one time, almost every cat was there. I especially liked it when Whitestorm was all chill and mellow while Graystripe like *GASP* 🙂

-Almost Thirty Cats Die
Yep. The Great Battle was a loss to the clans’ numbers, especially ShadowClan. If it was worse, I think a clan could have been almost catless!

-Hollyleaf Died
Now this one is my opinion, but I personally felt like I would never like Warriors again after she died! She was awesome, even if she killed a cat, but it proves she’s not a Mary Sue! I really wanted to see Hollystar, but now we can slowly wait until Ivypool becomes leader 😀

-Spottedleaf dies forever
I’m pretty sure nobody thought this would ever happen. When Mapleshade tried to kill Sandstorm, we see her formal love rival rushing in to save her! Now she is lost forever, she will never tell us prophecies ever again…

-Firestar dies
I’m not the biggest fan of Firestar, but I admit it was somewhat sad to see little Rusty die. I feel like it was because Tigerstar died, and it was easier to kill him from wounds from his enemy and not a random other reason. More heroic, right?

-A Kit was Killed
Killing KITS is a all-time low for anyone, since it’s like murdering another person’s baby in Real Life but fiction cat style. Sure, there’s Bagderpaw/fang, but he died in training, not a camp-attack! Brokenstar was pretty cruel to kits, so I think that he might have something to do with poor Weaselkit..

Note: I was not trying to offend Dovewing fans or Firestar fans in this article. They are my opinions, and I am not trying to attack you with them.

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  • Nice article 😺! The Great Battle really affected the clans a lot, and I miss Hollyleaf too 😿.

  • Nice article Hollyshine! 🙂 It was interesting to see all of the effects of the great battle put together in your list. 🙂

  • Willowkit(Willowshade)
    I agree. It’s sad that Firestar will never see Spottedleaf in Starclan. Also, now Ferncloud and Dustpelt only have one kit who is still alive, Birchfall.(sorry if i spoiled AVoS for you with Spiderleg’s death) Plus, poor Weaselkit. May you walk safely among the stars, Weaselkit!

  • I miss Hollyleaf soooooo much!! I wanted her to be the fourth cat so bad. Also, when Mousefur died, I was like, NO. JUST NO. DON’T TAKE MOUSEFUR. JUST DON’T. And then they did. And FERNCLOUD!! FERNCLOUD DIED!! COME ON PEOPLE!! WHY DO U HAVE TO TAKE ALL MY FAVES!!!!

  • Firestar didn’t die of his wounds. He died from a tree. On fire. (That’s kind of funny haha)

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