Should medicine cats have kits? by Gingerpaw

Gingerpaw wonders about the medicine cat rule about kits.

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Should medicine cats have kits? Hey, guys! Gingerpaw here! I will write my opinion on this topic. I think this topic has a lot of down sides and up sides! Perfect to make a argument in the comments :p! (Just So everyone know, I have not read the fifth series yet so I don’t know why the rule came to be)

First I will list the positives!

I’m going to start in the beginning of a cat’s life; when they are kits. When they are kits, they have no responsibility, their choices aren’t the best, either. If you don’t have any responsibility, then your brain won’t even care what you decide, and you don’t have any experience to even make a good argument. And anyways, why would you care of having kits or not! You just have to choose if you want to fight to protect your Clan or if you want to heal your injured Clanmates to protect your Clan, equally important! Let’s think about this, when you were in first grade, are you thinking of having kids of your own? No! For cats I think it’s the same way, in both examples, of cats and humans, all you really think about doing is playing.

Now the medicine cat is a medicine cat apprentice. Everyone has crushes. Let’s look at kids in my school when we were still in fifth grade. Most of them “dated”. Which means they had crushes on each other but didn’t think much of it, or even knew what dating actually is. Now let’s take a look at Cinderpaw(pelt) at the time. She had a crush on Fireheart(star) at the time. She really liked him, and the warrior code saying if you are a medicine cat you can’t have mates or kits is translating to if you are a medicine cat, you should have the feeling of a rock. Seriously. And probably seeing other cats have crushes on each other makes you feel like you are left out.

Now let’s look at the medicine cat as the Clans medicine cat.
What if they did have kits? Let’s take a look at queens, once they have kits, they are not just protective of their kits, they love all the kits in the nursery. Why? That’s because they know how it feels like to have kits, and if a kit is sick, they are willing to do everything to save the poor kit, because they know how heartbreaking it is for the other queen. The medicine cats will just become better medicine cats. And if they do have kits, it just causes more trouble than it should have, the Clan could get more kits!

Now for the downsides

Let’s take a look at if the medicine cat is a medicine cat apprentice.
So now, let’s take a look at my peers as fifth graders. Most of them got so caught up in having crushes that it let them interfere with their schoolwork. I thought it was the same with any cat at first. But then I realized that, for warrior cats, some of them like to brag to get mates, so they work even harder. And my peers did sports and they liked to brag in that. Both school work and medicine cat work trains your brain and the other kids, or cats in this case don’t really care about if they are not a smart kid, the rest of the kids think they are nerds.

Let’s take a look at if the medicine cats are medicine cats.
If no one is there to take care of the kits, then the Clan would be a complete disaster. Luckily, that most likely would never happen because there are always queens in the nursery.

So, what do I think of medicine cats having kits? They should be allowed to! Bye, BlogClan!

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  • I, and the majority of the fandom, agree fully. In fact, two big yourubers even made videos explaining these, and they make similar points. The code is basically ruining the lives of so many cats and doing more harm than what would have been done if it wasn’t a thing, just because one cat couldn’t do it, kind of like how at school the class gets punished for something one kid did, which I hate. I really hope the The Broken Code, if the code has to be rewritten, that this rule will be abolished.

  • Medicine cats should be able to have kits. Many cases have proven that even they have kits, they won’t serve them more than other clanmates. And just as you’ve said, having their own kits will let them learn to take care of other cats. So, they should have the freedom of choosing whether to have kits or not.

  • I totally agree that medicine cats should have kits. If this rule was not part of the warrior code, so many bad things would not have happened. For example, Yellowfang could keep being Raggedstar’s mate, and if Yellowfang had raised Brokentail instead of Lizardstripe then maybe Brokenstar would have been a much better cat. That is just one example. There sre lots more, but the main point is that Ipersonally think that if medicine cats had kits they could even learn how to care for the clan better by caring for their kit.

  • Like, I know what Moth Flight’s thoughts were, but it hasn’t interfered with Leafpool’s work, or Yellowfang’s. And it’s not Yellowfang’s fault that she had a kit like Brokenstar (random, this is not in response to your thing). Her kit could have ended up like Whitestorm or *insert awesome cat*

  • Nice article Ginger! 🙂 I really liked how you took your own experience and applied it to the article, I thought it was really convincing. I think that medicine cats should be allowed to have kits, but only after they have fully trained an apprentice. This way, when they do have kits, there is another medicine cat in the Clan that can be the primary caretaker of the Clan. It would probably be hard to help with the needs of every cat in the Clan whilst taking care of your own kits.

  • I agree! One reason that they aren’t allowed to have kits is because that they would pay more attention to them. But this rule is stupid. Let’s pretend Hollyleaf, Lionbalze, and Jayfeather were Squirrelflight’s kits. Hollyleaf has an inquiry same with Dustpelt. Dustpelt’s is worse but Leafpool would give more medicine to Hollyleaf. I can go on forever 😛

    • The rule would also be stupid because that also applies to parents and siblings, they’re all family too and the same case might happen. If there’s a rule saying that medicine cats shouldn’t have kits/mate then there might as well be one saying that they shouldn’t have a living sibling/parents

      Maybe there would be more cats in series that want to become a medicine cat if this rule was deemed null and void

  • You can find out in the super edition Moth Flight’s Vision why medicine cats can’t have kits. I believe it’s because —


    It was too much stress for Moth Flight to handle, so she ended up giving away her kits to different Clans. She wanted to be able to heal her Clan without having kits to watch over all the time, and they were always getting into trouble because they didn’t have a mother that could properly watch them; she was too busy doing her medicine cat duties.

    It’s really not the medicine cats’ fault that they can’t have kits, but I personally think they should. It’s not fair; Moth Flight couldn’t watch over her own kits — and suddenly StarClan thinks that no medicine cats should be able to have kits. I don’t really blame Moth Flight, though — it probably takes a lot of character to be able to think that her five young kits would be safe in the paws of the Clan, when her own mother sent her away when she was younger, and before medicine cats existed.