Character theorizing (SPOILERS FOR LOST STARS) by Hollyblossom

Art by our very own Jayfrost!

Hollyblossom shares a theory about Lost Stars. Spoilers for the aforementioned series!


So overall, I ship Bristlefrost and Rootpaw. I think the interaction they have is just sparking connection between them, and that Rootpaw is head over heels for her. He looks up to Bristlefrost ever since she saved him from drowning and it’s just so cute. Anyway, onto my vision/idea thing..

I believe together they’ll have three kits. Personally I would think they’d name their kits after cats very close to them, such as Violetshine (Shinekit).

How They’ll End Up Together-
My theory is that Bristlefrost, when she finally gains strong feelings back to Rootspring, to come to ThunderClan so they don’t have to worry about the tension in becoming mates cross-Clan. He repeatedly turns her down, saying that he couldn’t ever leave his Clan, especially not Violetshine, Tree or Needlepaw. Bristlefrost finally accepts this (after being told 3-4 times no) and is hit with the idea of joining SkyClan to be with Rootspring.

She brings this up to him and he says that “You shouldn’t have to leave everything you’ve known and love to be with me. Your kin, your Clan, the reputation you’ve built there. Would you be willing to risk everything just so we can be together?” To this Bristlefrost claims she wouldn’t mind rebuilding a reputation there. Her siblings would grow into fine warriors and she’s see them all at Gatherings. Rootspring is glad that she wants to join his Clan so he doesn’t have to leave everything he’s known.

But this leads to trigger the ‘StarClan cat’ to tell Shadowpaw of the new breakers. He hates to hear it, denying that Rootspring would ever break the code. He sees him as a good cat who follows the code his best. Shadowpaw angrily denies the cat telling him this information and the ‘StarClan cat’ gets angry at him, saying that all Codebreakers should be punished. He storms off from the Moonpool before he can be fed any more lies.

A moon after Bristlefrost joins SkyClan she and Rootspring become mates. Come the Gathering both she and Rootspring are chosen to go and they head off… only to be put down out of the anger of Flippaw and Thriftpaw. (Either out of a lie to get Bristlefrost to regret her decision or it being true) They tell her that Ivypool is upset with her because she didn’t want Bristlefrost to go but she did anyway. This causes anxiety and stress for Bristlefrost to which Rootspring, out of the protectiveness over his mate, tells them to leave the both of them alone. Thriftpaw and Flippaw stalk off and Bristlefrost is uneasily quiet because of what she heard. Rootspring comforts her until the Gathering starts, to which she is struck again as Bramblestar tells the other Clans that Bristlefrost has left the ranks of ThunderClan to join SkyClan. Disapproving looks are sent over to her which Rootspring returns with iced glares at their rudeness but Bristlefrost can’t stand it. She ducks her head to avoid catching stares of others.

So overall that’s all I’m theorizing. The family would be Rootspring, Bristlefrost, Rainkit, Lightkit and Shinekit.

Basic Char Sheets-

Name: Shinekit
Reason for name: Named after Rootspring’s mother, Violetshine, as well as her bright pelt
Future name(s): Shinepaw, Shinecloud
Gender: She-cat
Clan: SkyClan
Rank: Kit
Pelt + eyes: Yellow with pale blue eyes
Common personality: Bubbly, optimistic, sweet, caring
Mentor: Reedclaw
Kin: Mother- Bristlefrost
Father- Rootspring
Siblings- Rainkit, Lightkit

Name: Rainkit
Reason for name: No exact reason (going off of the ‘I like the name’ card)
Future name(s): Rainpaw, Rainbreeze
Gender: She-cat
Clan: SkyClan
Rank: Kit
Pelt + eyes: Pale gray with blue eyes
Common personality: Flouncy, agile, free-spirited
Mentor: Nectarsong
Kin: Mother- Bristlefrost
Father- Rootspring
Siblings- Shinekit, Lightkit

Name: Lightkit
Reason for name: His pale pelt color
Future name(s): Lightpaw, Lightheart
Gender: Tom
Clan: SkyClan
Rank: Kit
Pelt + eyes: Pale yellow with blue eyes
Common personality: Flouncy attitude, loyal, eager to learn
Mentor: Sandynose
Kin: Mother- Bristlefrost
Father- Rootspring
Siblings- Shinekit, Rainkit

Q: Would they all grow up to be the same rank?
A: Yes, all three become warriors (I would’ve had Shinekit train as a medicine cat but I feel that Fidgetflake and Frecklewish are good enough).

Q: Do any of them achieve a higher rank than warrior?
A: I feel if any of them were to become deputy or even leader one day it’d probably be Lightkit. He just seems more of a leader in my opinion, Rainkit as a future queen and Shinekit as a medicine cat if she ever got the chance.

Q: You mentioned that Bristlefrost and Rootspring would stir the ‘StarClan cat’ into saying they’re code breakers? Would this affect the kits?
A: I would believe Shadowpaw would be repeatedly nagged until he eventually told Rootspring about it. This would trigger a sense of protectiveness in both him and Bristlefrost (as he would tell her too so she would know too) for Lightkit, Shinekit and Rainkit. The kits (at this time apprentices) in turn would be upset at the sudden new vigilance and start to feel sort of the same way Rootspring felt when he was an apprentice and Tree was ‘embarrassing him.’ Rainpaw develops a sense of seclusion from her kin but continues training as though she hadn’t, Shinepaw feels more awkward when talking to her parents and Lightkit just frets over what he did wrong to have such high watch over himself.

Tell me your thoughts, I’d love to hear them!

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