Couples I ship that nobody else ships by Plipplop

Plipplop share some of the uncommon ships they support from the series.

Art by Sky Lily, Yellowtail99, and Prophecywings

Hello there, everybody’s favorite forgotten theorist is back, baby! (I stole that quote from Final Space) I am back with a new article! This time, it’s about 3 couples I ship that nobody else ships, but are not cringeworthy and actually make sense, starting off with…

Mapleshade and Myler

Mapleshade and Myler has a very interesting relationship. This may be because Myler was ignorant to what Mapleshade had done, but he did ask Mapleshade if the clan cats did this to her, so let’s presume he is not. That would mean that he was fully aware of what she did, and took care of her before she passed. He literally dragged her away to safety and tried to tend to her. Unlucky for Mapleshade, she turned Myler away and died soon after from a bleeding neck. Myler genuinely cared for Mapleshade, but it was her loss that she didn’t accept the help he offered. I wonder how different things would’ve been if she had just let him help her. But hey, that could be a new idea for a fanfic! (None of the gross stuff, please, and none of that fanfic in the comments. Post it in the fanfic section!) It should also be noted that Mapleshade wanted Myler’s help once again when he left, so that is why I added this ship and support it. There is WAY too much evidence to deny it. What do you think?

Shaded Moss and Quiet Rain

Shaded Moss and Quiet Rain is more of a “What if” ship, but there is a bit of evidence. How he treats her kits like his own, as shown with Shaded Moss’s close relationship with Clear Sky and Gray Wing, and even talks to her directly, encouraging her to forgive her son for all of the crimes he had done. Maybe not a smart move, but then again, supports my theory on how Shaded Moss cares for her children like his own, and when she finally tells her son she forgives him and dies shortly after, she is soon greeted by none other than Shaded Moss, who dips his head in respect. Now, I sort of like this couple for no apparent reason, but this could be used in some sort of story in their perspective, and I think they fit well together. Surprisingly, this couple has a lot of evidence for nobody to ship it, well, until I came along. Do you think that Shaded Moss and Quiet Rain would make a good couple? Post your opinions down in the comments below after you read the rest of what I have to say.

Now this one is kinda outlandish, but, here me out.

Blackstar and Nightwing

This couple is one of my favorites. I honestly don’t know what it is about it, I just love it. I guess it is just because of that one scene, Smokepaw’s death, which started this ship for me. A queen rushing desperately, trying to save an apprentice from falling down a cliff, despite the fact he is done for, only for her to get saved by the clan leader, whom tries his best to explain to the mourning queen that there was nothing she could’ve done. Honestly, this would have been a great build up for a romantic relationship, had it been used that way. Honestly, I wish Blackstar could have had a proper love interest, probably Russetfur, or like I mentioned in this ship, Nightwing. Do you think this couple would work out?

A quick rundown of questions for the comments:
1. Opinions on Myler x Maple?
2. Opinions on Shaded x Quiet?
3. Opinions on Black x Night?

Thank you guys and have a nice night!

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  • 1. It’s fine, I can understand why people ship it, and it’s better than Applemaple(?)
    2. Eh…
    3. Wasn’t it confirmed that Tallpoppy was Blackstar’s mate? I know it was Su Susane or however you spell it, but it’s not something that would have a huge effect on the series. I just don’t really think Blacknight is something I’d ship

  • 1. I actually ship it too 😜. They’re cute together 😸.
    2. No much opinion, it’s just that I never heard of this before.
    3. Same as above.

    Nice article anyway 😺.

  • 1. I do ship Maple x Myler, much better than Maple x Apple. I do wonder about the possibility of Maple x Birch and Maple x Nettle, however… (I read too many AU fanfics for my own good. Sue me.)

    2. Shaded Moss and Quiet Rain? I’ve never thought of that, but I do think I like it. Would this potentially make Rainswept Flower Quiet Rain’s? If so, then that eliminates the possibility of Rainswept x Jagged… I’m sorry to anyone who ships this couple but I hate it so much and I would love it if they were direct family which would explain her wanting to help him more instead of sudden crushing on him, sorry

    3. Never heard of it before, though I do like it. Tallpoppy x Blackstar is canon, last time I checked, but who’s to say that Black x Night x Tall couldn’t have happened? Toadskip x Nettlespot x Poolcloud was essentially canon

  • According to the modern version of the family tree, Blackstar did not, in fact, have a mate. I kinda wish he did though. Tallpoppy x Blackstar would actually be really interesting!

  • Great article! Being a hardcore shipper I agree with you on all of them lol

  • I agree with all except two of these. Mapleshade x Myler would never have worked because they only met for like an hour at two different occasions. And Black x Night might be true, but I don’t think Blackstar liked she-cats.