Some of the Most Evil Cats by Lightningpaw

Lightningpaw lists some of the antagonists from the series. Do any of these bad kitties send a shiver down your spine?

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Hey, BlogClan! This article is about the most evil cats. It doesn’t really matter what book or series it is, just some of the most evil cats. If your ready, let’s get started!

1. Tigerstar:
This long clawed warrior was the first villain in Warriors. In the first book, it was said that his apprentice,Ravenpaw, had seen him kill the ThunderClans deputy, Redtail. The reason he killed him, was so he could be some deputy. When Lionheart was announced deputy, he was furious. Lionheart soon died, and everyone thought Tigerclaw was going to become deputy, but Fireheart became deputy instead. Tigerclaw became Tigerstar in ShadowClan after being kicked out of ThunderClan. He killed Bluestar, but once again got kicked out of the clans.

2. Brokenstar:
Brokenstars mother was Yellowfang, his father Raggedstar. Yellowfang was a medicine cat, so it was forbidden for her to have kits with Raggedstar, so no one knew Brokenstar was hers, until Fireheart. Brokentail became deputy, and then lied to Raggedstar on WindClan invading. He then killed Raggedstar in vain for becoming leader. Brokenstar made kits become apprentices when they were less than 6 moons old. Many cats were killed. He was finally driven out by Firepaw( I think? I don’t remember if he was a warrior or not) when Brokenstar came to ThunderClan camp and killed Spottedleaf, and took a few of their kits. Brokenstar soon died, and went to the place of no stars.

3. Scourge:
How can such an evil cat and a nice one be related? Firestar and Scourge were half brothers. Firestars father had kits with another she-cat and unfortunately had scourge. Scourge worked with Tigerstar, telling him that once they took over the clans, he would gift him. Tigerstar agreed and Scourge made up BloodClan. Scourge tried to drive out the clans, but it didn’t work. When they didn’t, Scourge ripped Tigerstars throat out, draining all of his lives out. After that, Scourge then died.

4. Mapleshade:
Mapleshade wasn’t always bad. She started out in love with a RiverClan warrior. She had his kits, but the problem was, he had killed the leaders son, the cat that everyone thought was Mapleshades mate. In order to keep her kits safe,she lied and said he was her mate. They soon figured out they weren’t his kits, and banished her when they knew who’s kits they were. Mapleshade tried taking her kits to RiverClan, but the river was over flowed, so her kits got caught under water and died. Appledusk( the warrior she fell in love with) hated her for letting their kits drown. Mapleshade killed off three cats, one for each of her kits. Once her kits joined StarClan, Mapleshade died of her wound she had battling with Appledusk, killing him.

5. Darktail:
Surprising. Darktail was Onestars kit. Onestar had a kittypet mate, and had a kit with her. He didn’t want the kit, which made his mate mad, so she said Darktail would live to hate the clans. Darktail took over ShadowClan, and killed multiple cats. He drove out Rowanstar, and also took cats hostage. Darktail died in battle that he created, trying to get a hold of all the clans.

6. Hawkfrost:
Hawkfrost was Tigersrtars son. He had Hawkfrost with a rogue named Sasha. Hawkfrost grew up blood hungry. He wanted to gain control of RiverClan. His half brother, Brambleclaw (I think?) killed him, and he went to the dark forest to live with Tigerstar. He trained warriors in the place of no stars, and killed some cats. Hawkfrost to me, was considered evil.

Alright, hope you like this Article! I will write more in the future. The storm of Lightning, out!

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  • Lightning this was amazing!! And it felt like so long ago when u submitted it! I hope you see it! <3

  • Sol, Fog, and Dodge are way more evil than some of these cats
    But no one knows about them anyways

  • My list goes like this:
    5. Brokenstar
    4. Brokenstar
    3. Brokenstar
    2. Brokenstar
    1. Sol
    Despite his flaws, Brokenstar still cares about education.

  • Here’s my list:
    5. Bluestar(when she was depressed in Rising storm and A dangerous path)
    4. Scourge
    3. Darkstripe
    2. Brokenstar
    1. Tigerstar
    When Bluestar was depressed, she was so crappy she actually wanted to attack Fireheart several times, and Starclan must be respected by all who follows the Warrior Code. Darkstripe was still a traitor, since he stood partly in Thunderclan and partly in Tigerstar’s loyalty.

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