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Rainspirit shares their thoughts on Lost Stars. Major spoilers for the book ahead! Read at your own discretion!

Opinions and feelings about Lost Stars are going to be shared by -Rainspirit- in this article! Of course, there are spoilers about… wait for it… Lost Stars! (wait what!? (*゚ロ゚) *le gasp)

Hi everyone! Today, I want to talk about what I thought when I read Lost Stars.
I truly felt that Lost Stars was an awesome book! It felt pretty original after so many books about cats fighting with other cats, journeying to new places to live, then cats fighting with other cats again, forbidden romances, and cats dying after fighting or getting killed by rogues or getting whitecough or another disease. Of course, that is all very interesting (it’s pretty amazing how the Erin Hunters can make all that so good to read) and there are also other new things in each arc, but making the cats lose contact with StarClan is actually something very new, as in the other arcs, its always good fighting bad.

Now onto the characters. I absolutely love how there is actually a good ShadowClan cat, known as Shadowpaw, as the main character of the book that has a decent role as a medicine cat who also has a way to contact with StarClan (although that might not be real but at least he can contact with some kind of ghost spirity cat thing). Like many times throughout the book, cats in ShadowClan are descripted as cold and evil hearted (although there are times when there are good ShadowClan cats, but the general impression of ShadowClan is that), and now there is finally a good ShadowClan cat! Hooray! Only part about Shadowpaw I don’t like is his name. I mean, I feel that no cat should have the name of the founders of the Clan. Shadowstar, Windstar, Riverstar, Skystar, and Thunderstar were all very special cats. I feel that it is an honor to them for only them to have those names and no one else. At least Shadowpaw is a very special cat, but still.
Next is Rootpaw. He’s a nice character, but I don’t have much of an opinion on him. It’s cool how he can see spirits of cats, or something around that. I think that since his father, Tree, was able to see the spirit of dead cats, maybe he is able to see the spirit of alive cats.
And then there’s Bristlefrost. She’s nice, but personally I don’t like ThunderClan cats. I’m sorry. (Sorry, ThunderClan lovers) I like that finally, the book isn’t around ThunderClan cats but more towards ShadowClan cats. Honestly, I find it kind of annoying that each book has to have at least one cat from ThunderClan who is also related to Firestar, except for the books in Dawn of the Clans. (I also don’t like Firestar. Sorry Firestar lovers) Think about it. In The Prophecies Begin, we have Firestar himself. In The New Prophecy, we have Squirrelflight and Leafpool. In Power of Three, we have Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf. In Omen of the Stars, we have Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovewing. In A Vision of Shadows, we have Alderheart. And now, in The Broken Code, we have Bristlefrost, whose mother was Ivypool, whose mother was Whitewing, whose father was Cloudtail, whose uncle was Firestar. It would be cool if a book or an arc had no ThunderClan cats as a point of view or at least maybe a cat who wasn’t the decedent of Firestar.

Now the plot. As I have said before, I believe that Lost Stars is something truly new. It’s really interesting that the Clans have lost contact with StarClan. I wonder, is it because that the cats have broken the warrior code too many times, so StarClan abandoned them; or is it maybe the weather was just colder that year, and the Moonpool froze? I truly hope StarClan abandoned them. (Braces self for others’ gasping and throwing tables at me (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) I know, I know, it sounds cruel, but I feel that the cats really have to learn a lesson. The Warrior Code has been broken too many cats. Think back to Mapleshade’s time. When ThunderClan discovered she mated with Appledusk, she was driven out. Banished! And see what happened to her. Now onto Leafpool’s time, when she broke the code- TWO codes actually, all she received was not being able to be medicine cat for awhile. And she eventually became medicine cat again. She wasn’t banished. She didn’t get much of a punishment. And her punishment was eventually taken away. Nothing too bad happened to her, whereas Mapleshade received something totally different. Things have changed over time. Now, the Warrior Code doesn’t seem to be respected as when it was first created. There are so many cases of forbidden love, trespassing borders (although that has changed), and disobeying leaders. The Clans need to be taught a lesson. StarClan should abandon them for now, until the cats have learned and follow the Warrior Code more strictly. Also, I hope that Shadowpaw is truly the only connection to StarClan. I’ve seen thoughts about how Shadowpaw might have only heard from an evil spirit, but as I have said, the cats really need to be taught a lesson. And it would be so cool to actually have a SHADOWCLAN cat to be special. Throughout the times, the cats of the other Clans have always labeled ShadowClan as cold, heartless, cruel, etc. It’d be a good change to actually have a ShadowClan cat play the most important role.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say for now! Bye and have a great day!

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