A List Of Strong & Awesome Warrior Mommas! by Blossomfire15

Blossomfire15 shares mothers from throughout the series that proved that motherly love is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Art by Cat-Patrisiya

Hi guys! In this article, I will be making a list of strong & awesome Mommas in Warriors & talk about why I love them & think they deserve a place in this list!😁

10. Bluestar
Bluestar was a great momma to her kits before she gave them to RiverClan! She cared for them, fed them, loved them & taught them.
The hardship & challenge of giving them away to Oakheart was very hard for her to do, especially when her daughter Mosskit fell ill & died on the way.
But Bluestar stayed strong & gave Oakheart, Mistykit & Stonekit. It was the only way. In this, she was both their momma, & ThunderClan’s in my opinion.
She not only cared for her kits, but also for her Clan.

9. Petal
In DotC, Petal was first a tough rogue who later joined Clear Sky’s group with her brother. She has a very hard life, losing her mother at a young age, then scavenging for food until she & Fox found Clear Sky.
Later, Fox was accidentally killed, leaving Petal angry & desolate.

But when a she cat Misty was killed, & the patrol discovered her kits, Petal took them in. Surprisingly to all, she developed a warm compassion & love for these two kits, raising them like her own & dedicating her life to raising them.
They lightened up her life & gave her boldness.
Later, she died of sickness & starvation due to giving all her food to Birch & Alder, dying so that they may live…

8. Fallowtail
Why Fallowtail is on this list is because of her determination & love for her daughters. When they were taken to WindClan, she wouldn’t let it stand. She fought in battle, she did everything she could to get her daughters back, & thankfully, she did!

7. Quiet Rain
In the cold harsh mountains, it was hard for Quiet Rain to raise kits by herself. But she did, even though she may not have hunted for them, she cared for them, protected them, kept them warm & raised two beautiful litters, who went on to leave the mountains for a new home.
Later in life, desperate to see her sons, at her old age, she traveled far & wide til she reached them, so relieved to see her sons happy & well.
She died around her kin happily, so glad to know they made it.

6. Turtle Tail
Turtle Tail, temporarily living as a kittypet, became pregnant with a kittypet, Tom’s kits. Going back to the moor cats, she gave birth to her three kits, asking Gray Wing to help raise them with her.
For the three, growing up was tough with comments of their half blood & settling back into the moor cats, but Turtle Tail loved her kits dearly & comforted them and encouraged them.

When Tom later stole the three, courageously, Turtle Tail set off to look for her kits, only to be killed by a monster while searching. But her courage & love for them did not die.

5. Ferncloud & Daisy
First a loner, Daisy took her kits to ThunderClan, afraid that the Twolegs would take her kits away if she stayed at the horseplace. Raising her kits there, she looked like she didn’t do much, but she did so much.
Becoming a permanent queen with Ferncloud, she helped inexperienced queens help raise their kits & taught them.

Daisy later bore Spiderleg’s kits, only for them to be neglected by him. But Daisy kept on loving them & raising them.
Ferncloud had so much loss…she lost two of her daughters at a very very young age, fiercely protecting the only son that survived out of the litter.

Thankfully, he survived, but her son Shrewpaq didn’t , & neither did Foxleap. With all this loss, she was desolate with the deaths of her kits, but she kept on going, raising her surviving kits lovingly & helping raise other cats’ kits the same way. She died protecting the nursery in the Great Battle.

4. Yellowfang
Giving away her son was hard, especially when her mate was with another she cat. Yellowfang missed her son & mate so much, but knew she had to stick to her medicine cat duties. Enough though she was a medicine cat, she still played with Brokenkit with the others wouldn’t, taught him, loved him.

3. Goldenflower
When her mate Tigerstar was exiled from ThunderClan, Goldenflower was alone to raise her kits. With judging eyes on the two, Goldenflower kept caring for them & loving them no differently. Even though they looked like him & had some traits similar to him, she kept on raising them up to good.

When they had troubles, she was there for them. Even when Tawnypelt left to join ShadowClan, she didn’t lose hope & still loved both equally to her last breath.

2. Daisytail
This legendary queen & strong momma was a queen back in the early days of the forest, when SkyClan was still there.
Her son Specklepaw, too young to be an apprentice, was too young for battle, so Daisytail took action.

She stood up to the leader’s who pursued battle against each other, protecting her son & changing everything. Other queens later joined her side, making a force against them to protect their own kits. With this, the code was changed & the kits would have to be at least six moons to be apprenticed.
She was one of the best.

But now, we have our final number 1…..

Even though she wasn’t the Three’s real mother, she still took on her sister’s kits lovingly & cared for them like her own. It hurt her when the truth came out & her life came crumbling down around her. But she did it, knowing the chances of everything coming out.
She put her loved ones & her kin before her like a hardcore momma & dealt with the consequences.

Later, when Bramblestar & her rekindled their relationship, she gave birth to four of his kits, only two survived though…
She was devastated by the loss of her two kits, but raised her surviving son & daughter with all the love & compassion she had.
And she still loved the Three like they were own.

So that’s the list of strong & awesome Warrior Mommas! I hope you liked it & please feel free to express your feelings in the comments below!
Thank you!💕💓

Signing off,

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