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Ranting about warrior cats by Cloudypaw

Cloudypaw shares what annoys them about the warriors series. Do you share any of these reasons?

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Hi, it’s Cloudy, and I just need to rant. Thanks.

First thing which I’m going to rant about is genetics. And no, I don’t mind that genetics don’t make sense! It’s actually nice to see cats with unique patterns.
The thing that does bother me is fans acting as if they know everything.
I mean, a ginger and white male and a brown tabby and white female (actual cats who live near my house) had a couple of kits: a calico, a black and white, a brown tabby and white, and a gray tabby and white. Not all the kits that has ginger parents need to have ginger.
I can give more examples, but I think you got the point.

Second thing which I’ll rant about is the Hebrew translators.
Let’s pretend that they had a really good reason to change the names of many characters.
The thing that actually bothered me is that it looked as if they didn’t really care about the books.
They are just spelling errors, or minor things like calling ThunderClan RiverClan (it didn’t appear in the English version, I checked). While it doesn’t look that major, it just stops the flow of the story and pulls me back to reality Everytime I see a spelling error or something which I need to think to realize which word is it.

And the most important topic…… chauvinism.

Which cats that joined the Clans didn’t change their name? Millie, Brook, and Daisy. All she-cats. Most of the time that join the Clans agree to change their name. (Boulder is the only tom I can think off who didn’t change his name).

Which cats are often shown as soft kittypets? The she-cats (Bumble, Cody, Princess). While the toms are exploring and meeting clan cats (like Jake and Rusty).

She-cats will get attracted to toms because the toms are nice or have an interesting personality, ans toms will like she-cats because…… they’re pretty.

Which cats get hurt as apprentices and then have trouble becoming a warrior?
She cats (Brightheart, Cinderpelt, Briarlight).

Which cats will die with dramatic words linked to love?
She cats…..

Can you see the pattern?

Warriors and many other book series show the females as weaker, less open to change, all lovey dovey and such.

Hollyleaf, as a kit, wondered how could she be important (like clan deputy) and have kits.

Bluestar had to give up on her kits so she could be deputy.

But so many tom cats had kits while they were deputies and leaders.

I think that the way of warriors’ lives seem to match better for toms. Toms don’t need to be pregnant with the kits or stay with them in the nursery (just pointing out). She cats who want kits while they are in a high position will have to give up their position.

Thanks for listening to me rant, and please tell me your opinions in the comments, bye!

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  • Well done on posting an article Cloudlypaw!

    I totally agree with you on some things.
    The pride from believing you can successfully predict everything in genetics is really annoying.
    That pride can make them force others to stop enjoying what they love.

    On the other paw,some cats start ranting because the generics do not match. For those poor people, it like saying 1+1=2, but instead they see 1+1=3. They do not do it to be mean, but just to get frustration out.

    Yes, Yes, the spelling! That is really annoying.
    This is why we all pay attention in Spelling and English Grammar class!

    • Ah yes, I hate those type of fans who think that they know everything about cat genetics and force other fans to have accurate genetics in their works.

      I always saw the reason toms can be deputies and leaders while having kits was because they can’t get pregnant, meaning that they can do their duties without being cooped in the nursery most of the time. She-cats can certainly try, but it’s a bit harder.

      Tree and Egg are examples of two toms who didn’t change their name after becoming Clan cats.

  • Soo true!
    I agree so much!

    Also the french translators:

    They called Brambleclaw Thornclaw, so Thornclaw ended up as Stoneclaw, Squirrelflight ended up as Squirrelfur, and so on.

    That just annoys me so much!

    Eaglepaw 🐾

  • This is one of the reasons to like Leafstar:
    She had kits with Billystorm but is still a very capable leader, despite being the newest clan in the territorys.

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