If this didn’t happen: Yellowfang’s secret edition by Silverpaw

Art by Alder-Leaf

Silverpaw explores the different paths Yellowfang’s life could have taken

If this didn’t happen: Yellowfang’s secret edition
Spoilers for Yellowfang’s secret, tpb and another series I didn’t read about yet.
Hi guys! So I decided I’m going to write a series of articles about, what would happen if (insert character I’m writing about in the article) didn’t or did do this? I’m not going to start in the beginning, because that would be boring. Like for example if Yellowfang didn’t mate with Raggedstar, Brokenstar would never have been born. So, I’m starting right when Brokenstar was born because this article would be very boring if Brokenkit was never born. I’m going to write multiple theories of what COULD have happened to make Brokenstar/ the plot totally different.
1, If Wishkit and Hopekit were alive. I doubt that this wouldn’t make Brokenstar not evil because in the prophecy about Brokenstar becoming evil, it says something about only a mother could save him. But, in my imagination I’d think the two kits would have liked to be a medicine cat because of how nice Yellowfang was. And, if his sisters, practically the only ones who are nice to him, are gentle, he might have become gentler. He wouldn’t have as much grief in his body because he had two nice sisters and a father looking after him, that maybe he would have become a nicer leader. Though I highly doubt it.
2, If Yellowfang and Brokenkit became a rogue together. Well, this one would not happen because he doesn’t know that Yellowfang was his real mother and Yellowfang will NEVER betray her clan. So, this one could have worked because Yellowfang was the mother he needed but, this theory is VERY unrealistic.
3, If Yellowfang fessed up and admitted Brokenstar was her kit. Ok, this might work because it will follow the prochieces will but, Yellowfang would most likely get in trouble and get separated from Brokenstar. So, another one in the trash.
So, I don’t think that something could have happened to not make Brokenkit evil. I got the idea that I’m going to say from Bright guardian arka (I think that’s the channels name.) Yellowfang’s power was a curse. Without it, Brokenkit would never have turned out the way he did. Why was this power a cure you ask? Because this was a way to punish the clans for banishing SkyClan. Without the threat Brokenstar made, Rusty would have never came into the forest. I mean back in the old days of ThunderClan, they would have never been desperate enough to invite a kittypet. (Sorry, Daisy.) StarClan needed a cat powerful enough to bring back StarClan.

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