Millie, Rainflower, and Lizardstripe: Who is the Worst Mother? by Wrenpaw

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Wrenpaw compares three different Warrior Cats mothers

Hey BlogClan! It’s Wren here with another article! Today I’ll be discussing who was the worst mother in Warriors: Rainflower, Lizardstripe, or Millie?
When you hear the words “worst mother in Warriors”, these will most likely be the cats that come to mind. I’ll be talking about the ups and downs of these horrible parents.
Lets start with Millie. She is a bad mother because she neglected her other kits when Briarlight was injured. However, Millie used to be a kittypet, used to the easy life. Although she had grown out from her roots, it might still sometimes longer there. Millie cared about her hurt kit, thinking oh, Bumblestripe and Blossomfall aren’t injured and can take care of themselves. But Briarlight is lame in her back legs, and can’t hunt or fight. She’s the one who needs help. Millie’s neglect even caused Blossomfall to train in the Dark Forest so Millie would notice and care about her. I don’t think Millie is the worst parent, as she was just super worried about her lame kit.
Now lets move on to Rainflower. Unlike Millie, Rainflower neglected her kit(s) because Crookedstar was injured and ugly, while Millie neglected Blossomfall and Bumblestripe because Briarlight was hurt. A normal mother would be devastated when their handsome kit came into camp with a broken jaw. But Rainflower? Nope. Honestly, I don’t really have anything good to say about Rainflower. She’s just horrible.
Finally, let’s talk about Lizardstripe. She didn’t neglect her kits like Millie and Rainflower; she abused them. The only reason Lizardstripe became Broken star’s foster mother was because he was the son of the leader(or deputy at the moment, I don’t remember 😛 ), Raggedstar. If it was the kit of a normal warrior, 99℅ chance she would have refused. Not only was she abusive to Brokenstar, she also was to be real kits. Lizardstripe is probably a lot of the reason Brokenstar is evil. The only thing I can say to defend her is she never wanted kits, which isn’t all that good. Just because she had kits she didn’t want, Lizardstripe abused them.
So, it took a while to decide who was the worst mother between Lizardstripe and Rainflower, because Millie is out of the question. But I finally decided my opinion: Lizardstripe is the worst mother in Warrior Cats history. Why? As bad as Rainflower was, she only neglected Crookedstar because of his injury, but Lizardstripe straight-out abused her kits because she didn’t want them.
What do you think? Who was the worst mother? Share your opinion in the comments below! Goodbye, and may StarClan light your path.

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  • Nice article Wren! 🙂 I think that Lizardstripe is by far the worst of the three. I can understand not wanting kits but the way she treated them… that’s not okay. I kind of wonder that if she had been given the opportunity to give the kits to another queen to be fostered, if she would’ve taken it. It would be interesting to see how things may have been different.

  • I’d like to give some honorable mentions though, as I agee that those three she-cats were the worst parents.
    1. Bluestar, I still think that she shouldn’t have sent her kits to RiverClan, Mosskit wouldn’t have died then.
    2. Yellow fang, I totally think Brokenstar deserved to be punish, but Yellowfang shouldn’t have kept the secret until Brokenstar died. One of the main reasons why Brokenstar went savage was not having good littermates and mother to look after and play with him when he was young.

    • I respectfully disagree 😀
      Bluestar sent her kits to RiverClan to PROTECT them. That is being a good mom.
      Also, how is it Yellowfang’s fault that Lizardstripe isn’t a good mother?
      I’ll turn my back to you, both stars and blood alike.

  • I agree with you about Millie. And between Rainflower and Lizardstripe… that’s a tough choice, but I agree that Lizardstripe’s actions were completely unacceptable, probably more so than Rainflower’s.

  • This is a really nice article! I think Lizardstripe by far is the worst mother. Unlike Rainflower and Millie, who neglected their kits, she actually abused her own kit. The reason could’ve been why because she was ordered to raise the kit by the Tom leader of Shadowclan and the she-cat Medicine cat of Shadowclan. Lizardstripe perhaps thought that Yellowfang and Raggedstar were disloyal and Brokenkit was never to be deserved to be born.

  • As much as I hate all three of them I’m gonna have to say Lizardstripe she is actually the worst. I mean I despise all of them but she’s the worst

  • I hate all of these cats!
    Rainflower was abusive, Lizardstripe was mean, and Millie was just bad!
    I’ll turn my back to you, both stars and blood alike.

  • I HATE ALL OF THEM! Can’t decide which is the worst. But what about Palebird? Palebird was a horrible mother to Tallstar, just whined about Finchkit, mated with Woollytail when Sandgorse died(as if she WANTED Sandgorse to die so that she could mate with Woollytail) and acted like Tallstar wasn’t there when her rescued her precious kits(but no hate on the innocent kits).

    Anyways, wonderful article!

  • My Opinions:
    Millie: She only did one thing wrong. Millie worried about Briarlight when she was crippled, is that so bad? Blossomfall was an adult at the time, and Bumblestripe didn’t seem to care at any point on the books.

    Rainflower: She was horrible to Crookedstar. I don’t know much about her since I didn’t read the book about Crookedstar.

    Lizardstripe: She deserved to continue to be a warrior. And she was only bad to Brokenkit. I do blame her for him being evil, but there was other factors too. It feels weird to say she is the worst because it is sort of a case of females trying to do one thing and being pulled into another because of mates or kits. Like Bluestar, she gave up her kits to be deputy instead of Thistleclaw.

    My Conclustion: Rainflower is the worst, from what I hear.

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