Top Ten Favorite Characters by Nightriver

Art by BRlCK

Nightriver shares their 10 favourite Warriors characters

(SPOILERS!) Hi! I’m Nightriver and this is my first article. I’m here to talk about my top 10 favorite characters and why.

10. Alderheart- The reason I like Alderheart is because he’s relatable. He wants to do the right thing but yet always has self-doubts and such. He also improves on this a lot from Apprentice’s Quest to Raging Storm and in Lost Stars is very positive about the whole no StarClan issue.

9- Crookedstar- This may just be out of pity, but Crookedstar is my favorite leader. He’s a strong cat who hid all of his private torment to himself, and when he lost his only surviving daughter he was still grateful for his clan and the other cats who loved him when confronting Mapleshade for the last time.

8- Graystripe- I’m very glad that Graystripe is the only surviving ThunderClan cat that’s listed in the allegiances in Into the Wild. He’s a very friendly and optimistic cat and even though he went between RiverClan and ThunderClan in the first series because of Silverstream, he’s proved time and time again after his loyalty to his friends and family in ThunderClan.

7- Yellowfang- One of my favorite book quotes comes from this grouchy medicine cat: “I don’t talk for the pleasure of hearing my own voice, unlike some cats.” (Cough cough Berrynose). Yellowfang is so grumpy but yet has a very warm heart she doesn’t show very often. She’s also very strong as she managed to kill her only child TWICE, because she knew it was best for the clans.

6- Jayfeather- It’s kinda funny how I love the cranky medicine cats. Jayfeather ranks higher than Yellowfang though because it’s pretty dang cool how he could read cat’s minds (even though his power got taken away).

5- Sandstorm- She’s such a brave and feisty cat, it’s awesome. She also died helping Alderpaw and the others find SkyClan instead of staying cooped up in the elder’s den which I love. She’s pretty incredible and FireXSand is also one of my favorite ships.

4- Mapleshade- I like how I have Crookedstar on here and his arch-enemy. I’ve always hated Ravenwing, Frecklewish, and Appledusk ever since I read Mapleshade’s Vengeance. I love her story and her kits and even though she’s not the BEST cat, she’s pretty awesome.

3- Ravenpaw- Ravenpaw is adorable and I cried so hard when he died in Ravenpaw’s Farewell. Ravenpaw has also faced a lot of character development since the first book, especially when he bravely spoke to Leafstar about letting Bella and Riley join SkyClan and I always got excited when the clans needed to go to his and Barley’s barn for whatever reason.

2- Violetshine- Violetshine knows exactly where she belongs and I love that about her. Her heart is with SkyClan and it stays there. I always felt bad for Violetkit when she never seemed to fit it at ShadowClan, and when she finally found the place she belonged, I rejoiced alongside her.

1. Ivypool- Ivypool is probably the bravest cat in warriors. Every time she fell asleep, she was taken to the Dark Forest to spy on them. She risked everything she knew doing that and never got any sleep, along with constantly waking up with a new scratch everyday. The risk she was taking of being discovered was proven when Hawkfrost tried to kill her after he found out and Hollyleaf saved her life. Ivypool was finally rewarded with three beautiful kits, a lovely mate, and a place of honor among her clanmates.

Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic day! 😄

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  • I agree with Mapleshade, she’s too hated by the other cats and bloggers. Honestly, if Ashfur and Quick Water can join SC, Mapleshade should be able to as well, but I get why she was rejected.

  • Alderheart:
    Yes! I love Alderheart, he’s very relatable, unique, and kind.
    Crookedstar’s Promise made me cry. Crookedstar was strong even though he went through so much loss, and my heart goes out to him.
    Graystripe used to be annoying to me, but I appreciate him now. He’s been through a lot and he’s still his kind, cheerful self.
    Yellowfang’s grumpiness was hilarious, and she was a strong and loyal. She’s definitely one of my favorites!
    Jayfeather’s not a top favorite but I still like him. His sarcastic personality isn’t as good as Yellowfang’s in my opinion, but it’s funny sometimes.
    I loved Sandstorm! She’s a strong, brave she-cat and Fire x Sand is one of my favorite ships too!
    I don’t like Mapleshade very much. The novella was good, and she’s one of the best villains, but she’s definitely not a personal favorite.
    Ravenpaw was the best! He had a good heart and his peaceful life was well-deserved.
    Violetshine is okay, but I don’t have a strong opinion on her.
    Same as Violetshine.

    Great article, Nightriver! 😀

  • I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU, ivypool is also my favourite cat, she agreed to spy in the dark forest even though she could’ve said no. She is verrrrry brave. And I feel like ivypool should’ve been the one with powers, but oh well, I still LOVE ivypool.