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Icepaw discusses the Warriors cats with the saddest lives

Hello everybody, I’m Icepaw, but you can call me Icestream, and today I’m here to show off just a few Warrior Cats with shockingly sad lives when you take a closer look at them. Note that I haven’t even read some of these books and I’m just getting these facts from the Warriors Wiki, Warriors youtuber, or people’s comments or things they’ve said. But anyways, spoilers ahead for Goosefeather’s Curse, some AVoS books, some Oots books(I really like that, oots. It’s fun to say. Oots, oots, oots, oots…)and some PoT books I think, minor spoilers for Bramblestar’s Storm, and probably other stuff that I’m too lazy to double check. Read at your own risk! Be careful, as you may find more than you seek. Also, if you are quick to cry, then please either have some tissues, read with caution, or click off the article. Actually, don’t do the latter. Please. I want to know people read my articles.
So first of all, we have One-eye and Speckletail, though I guess this could apply to any kit born around the time that the Great Hunger was brought upon ThunderClan. So the sort ofs are Sunstar, Featherwhisker, Dappletail, Thrushpelt, and Tawnyspots. But these two cats that are mostly known as being elders/queens had the saddest childhoods of all seven of these kits. Why? Because in the Great Hunger, their mother was the first to die(And honestly for a kinda stupid reason), and their father followed shortly after. So they had no parents for most of their lives. They had their parents around for less than three moons of when they were kits. They hardly ever knew their real parents.
Second, we have Icewing of RiverClan one of the few cats from this mostly pointless Clan to actually do something sometimes! But really, when you look over everything, she’s actually had a pretty sad life. First of all, every one of her kits in her first litter is dead. In order of their deaths, Pricklekit died from greencough as a kit, Beetlewhisker was killed by Brokenstar in the Dark Forest, Grasspelt drowned, which is kinda ironic for a RiverClan cat, and Petalfur died in battle. And judging from the fact that he’s not in the allegiances for Lost Stars, I’m guessing her mate Mintfur is dead. I mean, I guess it’s good. Just think about what would happen if Mintfur of RiverClan met Mintfur from SkyClan. And they were alive at the same time. So yeah. But onto point two. She probably only got to say goodbye to one or two of her dead kits. She would likely get to say bye to Pricklekit, but she definitely didn’t get to say goodbye to Beetlewhisker, as I highly doubt that she would be allowed to in the Dark Forest without being killed like her son. I’m not sure if they found Grasspelt’s body, and I don’t think that Darktail would let the prisoners say goodbye to the dead cats, especially the parents of one of them, since from what I’ve heard, it’s something he would do. Third, she was taken prisoner by the cats that just murdered her daughter. She had to know that she was in the place her daughter died, and she was just forced to starve through it. Also I don’t think Mistystar cared about those four except for Reedwhisker, and she just wanted to shorten the allegiances. Fourth, she trained in the Dark Forest, but she seemed like one of the more innocent ones to me. And she had to lie to Mapleshade once. That is never a good thing to have to lie to Mapleshade.
Finally, from mother to daughter, this one is less severe than Icewing(I really got worked up about her, I did not realize how long that was.), but Petalfur still had a pretty bad death. First of all, she was killed in her own camp. Two, the Warriors Wiki refuses to accept her into StarClan. Third, her parents and daughter were all subject to Darktail’s cruelty. I imagine something like this going through Mistystar’s head when she let them be taken prisoner *Magical transition music*; Mistystar: Hmm, I think I can do three things. Let more warriors die in a fight, run and have my surviving warriors survive, or leave four more cats, one being my last surviving kit and my long time deputy, to likely die too. Hmm, I know what to do. Here Darktail, I realized that Icewing and Reedwhisker were making RiverClan have a reason to exist, and I knew I had to stop it, so to make it worse, here’s Icewing’s mate, and the daughter of their daughter that you just killed! I’m sure this isn’t disrespecting Petalfur at all to let her parents and child be taken by the cats that killed her at all!
No offense to Mistystar, she’s a good girl.
So thank you for reading my article! I’ve made a few comments on the tavern about this, but I decided to go full on by making this article! I never was into analyzing minor characters until I made the comment about Speckletail and One-eye. But anyways, signing off, and if I will do another one of these…
If I can find enough characters to do it with enough words.

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  • “Hi! I’m Mintfur, what’s your name?”

    “Mintfur? What a great name. My name is… Mintfur.”


  • I hadn’t read AVoS when I made this, so I didn’t realize how horrible RiverClan was doing when they left the cats for prisoners and I feel kinda bad for that now

    • Oh as I was reading this I forgot that you hadn’t read AVoS yet so now I understand 😛 I was like “But… They didn’t really have a choice did I read it wrong???” but now I see 😛

      It’s totally fine though <3

  • I love this, Icestream!

    Some suggestions for sad lives:

    Lilyheart: (her mother is dead, her father retired, her mate is dead, her son is dead, her grandson, Flickerkit, is dead, her sister is dead, etc.)

    Dustpelt: (almost every close family member is dead. Only Birchfall and Spiderleg were left of his kits when he died, and Spiderleg died later. His mate died, along with his mentor , who was close to him. His parents were dead. His brother went away to live with Barley, then died later. )

    Cinderpelt: I think you can tell why.

    • A. Thanks Briar!
      B. I was really thinking about cats that you wouldn’t think of having a sad life, not cats that we know had pretty sad lives 🙂

  • Bluestar had a pretty sad life too, if you think about it. First, her dad didn’t really like her. Then, her mom died. Her sister dies. She has kits with a cat in another clan. Finally, after all of that she has to give up all of her kits, one of them dies and she has to lie to her clan. And when she is young, Gorsefeather tells her some prophecy that she worries about for moons! And near the end of her last life, she stops believing in StarClan. (Thankfully, she believes in them again at like the last second of her last life.)

  • Crookedstar!
    he got heartbroken because of his promise to mapleshade

    his promise’s influence:
    Willowbreeze died
    Oakheart and silverstream both betrayed riverclan
    rainflower died
    hailstar dies
    silverstream died

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