Happy Birthday, Pebbleglow!

Hip hip hooray!

It’s Pebbleglow’s birthday! Well, not really 😉 But today is the day full of birthday celebrations, gifts, and, most importantly, cake!

And today (well, technically Tuesday) isn’t just a normal birthday – it’s a thirteenth birthday! 🤯 This is a huge milestone! You’re a teenager now, Glowy 😉 How does it feel?

Ooh, what a glowy cake!

So, I’ve already heard you’re getting a kindle, which is a super awesome gift! It seems like an amazing birthday already 🎉 Please tell us about any other celebrations you might be planning!

BlogClan hopes you have an amazing birthday, Glowy, field trip and all 💚 Have a pawsome day!


🦜 Cheetahspark 🦜



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