My Top 10 Favorite Toms by Briarpaw

Briarpaw shares their top 10 favourite toms in Warriors cats

Hi! I’m Briarpaw, and I’m new in BlogClan. This is my first article, so here goes!

10: Lionblaze
Lionblaze is a well-written character. One of my favourite things about him is how well he manages his emotions. First, he learns about the prophecy and that he can not be beaten in battle, and he plays it cool. Cooler than I would have, anyway. Then he trains with Tigerstar, and when he learns of his true motives, Lionblaze doesn’t turn into a fireball (okay, maybe he does, but not forever); he gets over it well. He is also meeting with Heathertail. Then they break up, and he turns into that fireball again, but I can’t say I blame him. Then the whole thing with learning about his real mom, and while he does hate her, he plays it much cooler than his sister, Hollyleaf. Then Hollyleaf runs away into the tunnels, leaving her dead to the clans. He grieves quietly, and is able to control himself. Later, in Omen of the Stars, he falls in love with Cinderheart, but after telling her about the prophecy, she freaks out and doesn’t want to get into a relationship because she doesn’t want him to get distracted from the battle against the Dark Forest. He handles his emotions well, and gets her back. Then Hollyleaf comes back, and then she dies, and Lionblaze handles this with quiet emotions. I’ve spent way too long on Lionblaze, so now it’s time to jump to…

9: Oakheart
He is a cool character in my opinion. We didn’t get to see him well until Bluestar’s Prophecy. I love his spunky, daring purr-sonality and I love Blue x Oak.

8: Stemleaf
Okay, even though we haven’t seen him too much so far, I love him. He has the quiet personality that I can relate to, and he is underrated, in my opinion. I was so happy he got a spotlight in Lost Stars! He is a gentle, kind cat who I would like to see more of in The Broken Code! I hope he plays a major part (but most of all, I really want a Bristle x Stem again. I loved that ship)!

7: Bramblestar
He is a very interesting character to learn about. I love hearing about his conflict with his evil father, Tigerstar’s, opinions, and what acts based on what he believes to be right. I felt bad when Squirrelpaw dumped him for Ashfur, and was so happy they got back together! It was interesting to see his emotion when he learned that Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf were not his kits and even later, in his struggle between choosing Jessy or Squirrelflight for a mate. And then the events in Lost Stars. I kind of want him to die, as I want a new leader for ThunderClan, but I love him.

6: Sunstar
I love his kindness to Bluestar and dedication to his clan. I feel he didn’t get enough of a spotlight.

5: Tallstar
He is such a cool character! His feelings when he was rejected by his mother, and how he felt when Sandgorse tried to get him to be a tunneler, to the incident with Sparrow… I feel he didn’t get much of a spotlight until Tallstar’s Revenge came out.

4: Jake
I am really glad he is the father of Firestar, and he feels like a warrior to me. I love how much he is protective of his Twoleg and I was so sad that he didn’t become a warrior. Tallstar x Jake forever! I am happy that he has blood in ThunderClan that is still running!

3: Purdy
Honestly, what’s not to like about Purdy? He is adorable with his accent and is the classic elder. His innocence is adorable and I. AM. SO. HAPPY he joined the clans. He’s so sweet and I love his stories!

2: Jayfeather
Pretty much everyone loves Jayfeather. He is an adorable kit, and has a sassy, grumpy personality, but has a kind heart. He reminds me of Grumpy Cat. He is one of those cats who you need to know their side of the story in order to understand them. I love him as Jay’s Wing, and I like that we got to see more of him in A Vision of Shadows. He was kind of ruined in Lost Stars, though, and I’m sad about that. I still love him, though.

Now, before we get to #1, here are a few cats who just didn’t make the list:
Fallen Leaves, Stonepelt, Thunderstar, Brackenfur, Stonefur, Sandgorse, Shrewclaw, Baykit(I want to see more of him!)

And number one is…

Graystripe! I LOVE GRAYSTRIPE! He has a quiet, spunky personality and is so brave! I was so sad that he was captured in Dawn but I’m so happy he came back! I knew about Graystripe’s Adventure manga while I was reading Into the Wild, and I had a sudden realization that “OMG, I think Graypaw and Graystripe are the same cat!!!” and I was so happy that he was! In the Warriors plush contest, it was hard because two of my favorite cats were going against each other. I chose Graystripe, and then I was really happy when I heard that we are getting both!

Anyway, that’s it from me. Thanks for reading!

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