My least favorite warrior cats by Icepaw

Artwork by Evi1Wo1f

Icepaw shares two of their least favourite Warriors characters

Hello everybody, I’m Icepaw, but you can call me Icestream, and today I’m going to be talking about my least favorite cats in all of warriors. Why am I not saying how many cats it is before you read the article? Because I’m sort of thinking of this off the top of my head, and I only have two characters in mind right now! But I may end up with more. No, this was not a mistake, and I meant to keep this here. 😛 Anyways, here we go!
First of all, I want to talk about my least favorite cat, Onestar. I HATE Onestar. This guy makes me hate WindClan in the books he’s leader in, at least after he gets his nine lives. Like, his life is saved by cats from WindClan and from other Clans, and how does he repay them? By being a huge, annoying jerk! He starts a huge battle and why? For absolutely no reason except to show ThunderClan that, “Not all the Clans depend on ThunderClan”. And… that’s the worst thing he could have done! Yes, he could have started a fight at the Gathering, but at least everyone would go then! Yes, he could have called ThunderClan names, but at least that would have just been rude! This, 1. Wasted the books time 2. Wasted the medicine cats’ herbs. 3. Risked elders, queens, and kits being killed, because Onestar attacked them in their own camp And then,
when ShadowClan cats are dying, and they have no leader because their deputy and leader are both sick, AND they need an herb that ONLY GROWS ON THE MOOR, what does the “Brilliant” Onestar do? He screams at them, and tells them that because they brought a former rogue with them, everyone deserved to die! Yes, Onestar basically said, “Since you have a former rogue with you, ShadowClan deserves to die!” And he was just flat out horrible! And he could have caused more deaths than just Perchwing because HE MADE WINDCLAN RETREAT!!! RiverClan cats were extremely close to dying, and ThunderClan was also very badly affected. And if he had at least not told WindClan to retreat, then maybe the Clans would have at least beaten the rogues!!! So yeah, Onestar is the WORST.
The second cat I’d like to talk about is Ashfur. First of all, if Ashfur really loved Squirrelflight, he would have been happy that she decided that she loved Brambleclaw. Second, Squirrelflight never dumped Ashfur. She simply said that she just liked him as a friend, and then Ashfur decides to get, um… “Revenge” on Squirrelflight. And why? Because she said she didn’t want to be mates with him! And what does he do for his so called revenge? He first tries to kill Squirrelflight’s father, and the leader of the Clan. And he somewhat succeeds!!! He makes Firestar lose a life, and apparently, making your Clan leader lose a life isn’t enough of revenge that there’s no reason for, he tries to KILL THREE INNOCENT CHILDREN. Jayfeather, who’s a BLIND MEDICINE CAT, Lionblaze, who, from his power, probably would have survived, but his power may just be the inability to be defeated, and Hollyleaf. And after Squirrelflight says they aren’t her kits, Ashfur decides the best way to handle this is by telling nearly every cat in the Clans!!! Apparently, fostering/adopting kits that aren’t yours and saying that they’re yours is a larger crime than helping Tigerstar kill your family(Because Darkstripe doesn’t have any friends >:) and not helping when dogs try to kill your entire Clan, while the only thing you do is take the cat responsible for this his kits! Thank StarClan Hollyleaf killed him.
There was another cat I was going to mention, but I forgot who, so I guess it’s goodbye now, and may StarClan light your path!

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