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My least favorite warrior cats part two by Icepaw

Icepaw continues discussing her least favorite warriors. Spoilers ahead!

Art by Silverzoul

Hello everyone, I’m Icepaw, but you can call me Icestream, and in my first part of least favorite warrior cats, I forgot a cat. Well it turns out that there were more cats I should have added. Today, I’m looking at those other two cats. Though I submitted this on the same day as the first part, so who knows.😛 So get comfy in your nest, grab some fresh-kill, get some wet moss, and let’s get started!(And yes, I am never using that again.)
So the first/third cat we have is Breezepelt. I know that most people hate this guy too, but there’s many reasons. Take Crowfeather. Now take Nightcloud at her worst. Now combine them and amplify it by ten. That’s the way that I see Breezepelt, the worst of both of his parents. Now, yes, his personality is annoying. But sadly, that’s not all. He’s also extremely murderous. Take The Fourth Apprentice for example. In that book, Poppyfrost is worried that Berrynose just sees Honeyfern when he looks at her, and is worried that Berrynose only loves Honeyfern. What does Breezepelt do? He gets in the way of this innocent thing that he has no business in, and what does he do? He tries to murder a pregnant queen, blame Jayfeather, and get his half brother in trouble. But the question is… Why? Why will he murder a queen just to get Jayfeather in trouble?!?!?!?!?! And when Ivypool kills Antpelt WHEN HE IS A DARK FOREST RESIDENT what does he say? That he would never do something like that!!! Oh, so killing an evil cat to save every other living cat is sooo much worse than killing a pregnant queen to just get your half brother who’s the only medicine cat of his Clan in trouble? It’s all just… Urgh!
Now, I’m moving onto Bumblestripe. Oh boy, Bumblestripe. Where do I start? Maybe by that HE WAS PRESSURING DOVEWING TO LOVE HIM!!! He made his sister pressure her, Cinderheart pressured her, and Whitewing, Dovewing’s mother! said that she had to have a mate one day! I guess that no cat is allowed to never have kits or a mate! And while that would make you think I wouldn’t like Whitewing, I feel like Bumblestripe told her and asked her to say that! It’s infuriating, unhealthy, and just annoying. I hate how Dovewing is always having to be pressured into liking Bumblestripe. Oh, and worst of all, other than the Whitewing one, when Rosepetal pressured Dovewing! Dovewing said something, I forget what it was, and Rosepetal told her that she hurt his feelings and to go apologize, and what does he do when she says sorry, after being pressured? He yells at her! Because that’s a cat that she should have children with! Dovewing just wanted to be with Tigerheart. The pressure once even made her think that she liked Bumblestripe, until The Last Hope, when he started bossing her around and pointing out everything she did even the very tiniest bit wrong. And then Brambleclaw says that Bumblestripe is being a good boy by pointing out every tiny thing that Dovewing did wrong! It’s more annoying, and I’d say that I like him about as much as Breezepelt. Don’t defend Bumblestripe. He’s not the victim of Dovewing. Dovewing is the victim, from the pressure, and everything.
And lastly, we have Dawnpelt. Dawnpelt I dislike a bit less, but only because she was more likable before I started hating her, and she is a bit better now. See, when Flametail, her brother, drowned, Jayfeather tried to save him, and he nearly died before Rock told Jayfeather that it was only Flametail’s time to die. So, when she sees Jayfeather go into the lake, what does she assume? No, not that Jayfeather may have been trying to save her brother. The only thing she thinks of is that Jayfeather killed him! Yes, because if Jayfeather even were to kill someone, he would risk his life while the other cat died. Then she found it a good thing to accuse him at a Gathering, and makes him get taken off of medicine cat duties! I just hate this so much, because I feel like this is when he needed the other medicine cats the most! So yeah, Dawnpelt really is terrible in this time.
And that’s it! Thank you for joining me as I raged about characters and lost my very long temper, and goodbye everyone!

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  • Agree with all of these! Especially Bumblestripe–his personality was the equivalent of a wet piece of cardboard!
    Nice article 🙂

  • I agree with the first and last cats but not so much Bumblestripe. I think Dovewing was loving him because she thought loving Tigerheart was wrong and she wanted to prove her loyalty and she was wrapped up in her problems.

    • Dovewing never loved Bumblestripe in that way, though; it was solely peer pressure that she tried to love him in the first place. It wasn’t that she thought that loving Tigerheart was wrong, from what I remember- I think it was because of him betraying her with the catmint and Ivypool’s constant screaming at her about it that caused her to stop seeing him. With cats like Cinderheart, Whitewing (her mother), Ivypool (sister), Rosepetal, and Blossomfall constantly pressuring her to take notice of Bumblestripe and/or taking him as her mate, it’s hard not to cave into that peer pressure, especially when it seemed like that he was her only option within the Clan. And I note, she only said she liked him because he was a ThunderClan cat. That’s it. Dovewing seemed more concerned with other things than Bumblestripe, and when she did take notice of him it was because she was being guilt tripped into becoming his mate or both of them were rude to one another, I often see Bumblestripe doing this more to her, especially when he tried to ask her if they could have kits right after Purdy’s death, when Darktail was still running lose, when they were no longer mates and Dove had no obligation to want this (yet he kept pushing), Ivypool ignoring her and giving her the silent treatment just because Dovewing wasn’t with Bumblestripe, etc. Therefore I don’t think Dovewing ever loved Bumblestripe truly to begin with. She probably would’ve had a better love life had she been with someone like Foxleap (who did in fact seem to have a crush on her) or the concept of Briarlight x Dovewing would’ve been better.

      …Bumblestripe may be better now, but he certainly wasn’t a good cat towards Dovewing imo. She wasn’t very good towards him either, but his behavior towards raises more red flags than Dovewing’s behavior towards him.

  • Cool ! I hate Bumblestripe because of my own person belief I will never have biological children, which is an idea people kinda force on you, whereas whatever happens with me I’m going to adopt. The idea of forcing someone into something they don’t want just makes me feel so ugh and yeah he’s not a good dude

  • I have a very long article that talks about why NOT to hate Dawnpelt 😛 She actually isn’t that bad and she has some reason to act out. Honestly I hate Flametail because he blamed Jayfeather too, not just Dawnpelt sooo

  • Mmm… I personally love Bumblestripe, and he is my brother’s almost favorite character in the series. I feel bad that Dovewing ditched him to be with a forbidden love. It was confirmed that Dovewing would have much preferred Bumblestripe to grumpy Tigerheart/star, but ditched him BECAUSE SHE DIDN’T LIKE HIS NAME. But that’s just my opinion.

    Yess… I. HATE. DAWNPELT.

    Going to stop ranting now 😛

    btw, I happen to really like Breezepelt.

    • That was never official though? That was just an author statement as well as an opinion; Warriors Wiki explicitly states that as well in her “Trivia” tab as well. She “ditched” Bumblestripe because she wanted to actually be happy with someone she actually loved. Dovewing never loved Bumblestripe more than a friend. She was pressured into becoming his mate by family, friends, and Bumblestripe himself with the pressuring of kits and becoming mates right after a Clanmate’s death during their burial ceremony. Both of them drove each other away; he constantly snapped at her and caused dislike for him in most of their interactions before becoming mates, and Dovewing was never blunt with her feelings because of peer pressure (as well as Ivypool giving her the cold shoulder just because of this, aside from jealousy).

    • I like Bumble too. Did she really ditch him cause of his name? I think his name’s adorable! I feel bad for Bumble and I think he deserves a mate, but I don’t think Dovewing was the right on for him. (although I don’t like Tiger #2 in general, but if he makes her happy I guess go have kits….)

      • No, that was just an author statement. She ditched him because she didn’t want to continue the relationship if she didn’t love him, it’d be unhealthy for both sides.

  • This is so detailed! I agree with everything you said, especially about Dawnpelt. I used to like her but, ever since her brother (Tigerheart not included) and her found out that they are not kin with Hollyleaf and her brothers, they stopped liking each other and it became so far that she actually wanted Jayfeather dead!

  • That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#soawesome

  • I hate Breezepelt too, he’s a big jerk. Bumblestripe I’m not crazy about- he basically forced Dovewing to be his mate, which isn’t nice. Dawnpelt was more annoying than anything else, in my opinion. I don’t hate her, per se, but I don’t LIKE her, that’s for sure! Also, nice article.

  • Breezepelt: I forgave him more clearly after Crowfeather’s Trial, even though I don’t think he should’ve gotten a redemption arc when he tried to murder a pregnant queen; I like Breezepelt, though

    Bumblestripe: I HATE HIM SO MUCH (sorry to those who like him); HE WAS JUST AS AWFUL TO DOVEWING AS IVYPOOL WAS TO HER (again, just my opinion :p), BUT IN AN EVEN WORSE WAY

    Dawnpelt: I like Dawnpelt

  • I hated Dawnpelt for the longest time, I still do, for accusing Jayfeather and really betraying him like that (they’re related technically, Leafpool is Squirrelflight’s sister, she’s Brambleclaw’s mate, Tawnypelt is his sister, they’re her children, yeah) anyways, and Jayfeather is my FAVORITE character of all time, so that makes me hate her even more.

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