My Theories for Daisy’s Kin by Briarpaw

Briarpaw shares their theories on the upcoming novella, Daisy’s Kin. Spoilers for Lost Stars!

Art by Rikatuu

Hi, it’s Briarpaw! I am pretty new to BlogClan, and this is one of my first articles. I thought I should share what I think might happen in Daisy’s Kin.

Okay, so we know it will be taking place between Veil of Shadows and TBC #4. We also know that Bramblestar, who is not being himself and is clearly possessed by some cat, is exiling the codebreakers. Well, Daisy is a codebreaker, because she joined ThunderClan from the horseplace. That would mean that her kits Berrynose and Mousewhisker are, too, because they joined ThunderClan and, like their mother, are not clanborn. Their father is Smokey from the horseplace. Rosepetal, however, is part clanborn, as her father is Spiderleg. But Daisy, Berrynose, and Mousewhisker will clearly be exiled.

The problem here is, Daisy and her kits don’t really have anywhere to go. Smokey is hanging out with Coriander (at least, I think), and clearly does not have as strong feelings for her as before. Also, Spiderleg is dead. The book is called Daisy’s Kin, so it suggests that Daisy is having struggles on whether to be with Smokey, and where she and her kits will go.

Daisy may also see the spirits of her kits Hazeltail and Toadstep. (I really hope that happens, because I want her to be with her dead kits again.) . This would be great because the connection to StarClan has been injured, so it would be cool if they talked to her and explained what’s going on.

We may learn more about Daisy’s past. We don’t really know anything about it, but maybe something like how she got to the horseplace, who her parents are, and how she met Smokey. It would be great to see how she feels about Spiderleg, as well, and whether she is grieving for his death. I hope she gets to see his spirit, too. We would see her true feelings about this relationship.

It would be a good part of the plot for Smokey or one of her kits to die. It would also be great to see one of her kits having kits. Or maybe Cherryfall or Molewhisker too. Maybe one of them can get a mate. I really want to see Rosepetal becoming a queen and having either Bumblestripe or Molewhisker’s kits. Not that there aren’t enough kits in ThunderClan already 😉

So, there we go. Thanks so much for reading! I know this article was a bit short. Please let me know any tips you have for future articles!

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