Who Will SE 13 Be About?

Briarpaw wonders who the currently-unnamed SE13 will be about. Whose story do you want to see?

Art by RiverSpirit

Hi! It’s Briarpaw, back again, and I thought I should do an article about who SE #13 will be about.

We all know it is likely to be a RiverClan POV, or maybe a DotC POV. Here’s my list of possibilities:

Half-Moon- This would make a GREAT super- edition. What happened after Jay’s Wing (Jayfeather) left the Tribe? Where did she get her medicinal knowledge? How did she lead the Tribe on her own? The book could end with her vision of the Sun Trail and then her death. The manga could be about the Tribe/future Clans arriving at the forest. We have never had a Tribe of Rushing water POV, and I would like to see more about them.

Willowshine- I read in a comment recently that it could be her, and I agree. What is it like to be a medicine cat who’s mentor doesn’t believe in StarClan? We could see more of Leafpool’s training. I really want her to find an apprentice, too! It could cover Mothwing’s death (if she does die anytime soon, but I expect her to), and their conflicts about StarClan’s existence. It would be cool to see Willowshine as she sees her mentor’s change of heart towards StarClan, too. Mothwing stated in Lost Stars that she believes StarClan does exist.

Stormfur- I also read about that in a comment. This would be both a RiverClan and Tribe of Rushing Water POV. It would be cool to see him after Sign of the Moon. We need to see the Tribe again. I’ve always found them pretty interesting.

Reedwhisker- Many BlogClanners think this, but I don’t think so. I doubt he will become leader, too. We all know Mistystar is likely to die in TBC, and I do not want a Reedstar. RiverClan should not have another leader that recieves their nine lives just as they are about to retire and join the elders. I think Mistystar and Reedwhisker will die, or Reedwhisker will become an elder. RiverClan would have a struggle for leadership. I’m guessing we will get a Minnowstar.

Leopardstar- I really want a Leopardstar POV. What were her feelings growing up without a mother, and with a medicine cat father? Who gave her her nine lives? What’s behind all the grumpiness? What led her to ally with Tigerstar? How did she feel when he ordered her deputy’s death? I want to see her point of view up to the end of her life.

So, that’s all I have to say for now! (If I went on any longer, I would be typing all day!) . Do you agree with my possibilities? Who do you think will get it? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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