Tigerstar is NOT evil!! A theory by Wolftooth

Wolftooth takes a different look at Tigerstar.

Wolftooth takes a different look at Tigerstar.

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Hello! My name is Wolftooth, and today I Will be talking about are well known killer, Tigerstar. He is one of the well known villains, for MANY things. But,

He Is Not Evil

He was not born evil, he was not evil, and he isn’t
And here is where I will prove that statement

Let’s go back to the first part I know.
He has a strong connection with ShadowClan, because we soon figure out in a book (I think) Secrets of the Clans, that some warriors of ShadowClan, saved his life when he was a kit, from some foxes. He told the cats he liked them, and that he would repay ShadowClan

As you may also know, the other cat, Thistleclaw, is not a very nice cat.

Now, before we get into this tom, you may be wondering, What is so important about Tigerstar as a kit with ShadowClan? Well, we will get to that soon, I promise!!

Okay, like I said, Thistleclaw is not a good cat, and if you have read, The Rise Of Scourge, a manga made by the Erin Hunter team, you may see a scene, when Tiny wanders into the forest, and walks in on a patrol of ThunderClan cats, made up of Bluefur, Thistleclaw, and his apprentice, Tigerpaw. Thistleclaw says that Tiny needs to be taugh a lesson for trespassing, even though Bluefur’s pleads that he is just a kit, and a kitty let, no knowing of the Warrior Code. Thistleclaw demands for Tigerpaw to punish the kit, and Tigerpaw attacks Tiny, ripping the bell of his collar, and giving him many scars. You see, Thistleclaw teaches Tigerpaw to be violent. And I bet you, he taught him how to be ambiguous, which come to the “I will become leader” stuff. Since Tigerclaw says he will become leader, does stuff for that, fails, gets exiled, and Joins ShadowClan, and becomes their leader, you realize that, He was doing all that, because of Thistleclaw. Snow fur, why you fall in love with evil?
Thistleclaw taught Tigerclaw all this stuff, if Thistleclaw was not Tigerclaws mentor, things would be better. Way better.

Tigerclaw is not evil. Thistleclaw is. Tiger is just being manipulated.

Hope you enjoyed my Theory!

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  • Thistleclaw was a bad mentor, I admit, but Tigerclaw/star made his own choices in life. Even though he was a kit, he should’ve known better than to make a promise with ShadowClan. He didn’t have to kill his own leader to gain power either. I believe Tigerclaw/star should’ve just stick with being loyal and brave, and he would’ve been a great leader, excepting the fact that he’s scared of the moonstone.

  • I don’t really know I mean Thistleclaw wasn’t really evil but when Snowfur died something just happened to him. I agree with you, Tigerstar was NOT born evil, but he grew to be evil and I just really do not like him. I think you are brave for coming up with that theory but I think that you just can not explain his evil actions. He killed Redtail led Shadowclan rouges into the camp, tried to kill Bluestar, led big bad dogs into there camp tried to make himself leader of all the clans (Tigerclan) allied with Scourge and his evil Bloodclan and betrayed his own clan and so many other crimes. he deserved to die and go to the Dark forest I hate him he wanted power and was soo mean to Firestar