Pets Discussion Page

Flamecloud: “I think it would be fun to have a page just to talk about our pets and their funny antics.”

Me: “Yes! Why didn’t I think of that already?”

Flamecloud: “I think it would be fun to have a page just to talk about our pets and their funny antics.”

Me: “Yes! Why didn’t I think of that already?”

To get things started, here’s Barnaby. ❤️


  • I have a kitty who looks like a Minnie tiger star and acts like gray paw. He is a brown tabby cat who is 16 months old with yellow eyes. He is super sweet and cuddly and social but feisty and crazy at the same time. His name is Louis (Louie) Patuie. I will not say the last name cause it’s also my last name. I love my kitty to bits.

  • I’ve got a cat named Jasper and a dog called Chase. Here are Jasper’s nicknames (Chase was just born so we don’t have any yet)


    • Jazmainian Devil
    • Jazzy
    • Devil
    • Cat (When he’s being an idiot)
    • Jasmerelda (Mostly my dad)
    • Doodle-noodle? Why mom?
    • Baby
    • Tiny Paws
    • Fuzball
    • Lil’ Noodle
    • Lil’ Dude

    I could go on, but, you get it! <3

  • My family got two sort of (they’re big now, they grew FAST!) baby bunnies yesterday. Their names are Honeyblossom and Hazelnut. The transition to my house doesn’t seem like it’s scared them a lot, but they are still slightly nervous around us. They look practically the same, but Honeyblossom is more laid back, while Hazelnut is more active. Yesterday one of them sniffed my hand 🥰 but don’t ask who because they both are identical 😛

    • awww those are adorable names! I had bunnies once but I can’t remember what their names were 😛

  • I have a dog named Leia, she was named after the Star Wars character. Anyway I wanted to share a funny story about her. She’s never eaten my homework before, but I keep it out of her reach because I wouldn’t put it past her. One time I had a twenty dollar bill and it fell on the floor. I didn’t notice, but later I found Leia in a corner with it. She had eaten half of it and was working on eating the rest. I took it away from her and was worried at first, but she turned out to be fine and now I have a story to share about how my dog ate half a twenty dollar bill one time!

    • I have a dog named Jyn, who was named after my mom’s favorite Star Wars character. That would be such a funny story to have about your dog 😛

  • I have 2 cats and a dog!

    Shadow (cat) – Big fat orange fuzzball (sorta tabby) with a white belly and muzzle and paws. He’s called Shadow ’cause he used to follow his old owner around like a little shadow.

    Zoe (cat) – Zoe is a sweet old gray kitty (she’s, like, 16 years old). We like to joke that she’s a bird disguised as a cat because she makes this strange chirping noise instead of actually meowing (unless she’s distressed, then she acts relatively normal). She sleeps on my bed in a little kitty bed, but since she sneezes a lot, I have to put a towel over my blankets where she sleeps.

    Gizmo (dog) – Gizmo is our little barky-nonsense dog. He’s about a foot tall and he’s black and white. He has these big fluffy eyebrows and a bunch of gray fur (even though isn’t really that old), so we call him our old-man dog. Whenever the doorbell rings or the cats do something that he doesn’t approve of, he starts barking at the top of his lungs and its so loud it hurts everyone’s ears.

  • I’m struggling so much to be the alpha of my white german shepherd (Storm). I’ve spoiled her so much! She’s just too cute, and I can never be stern with her more than a minute.

  • I have a really smart and cute guinea pig called Coffee! I love him so much!!!
    (I love guinea pigs too!) Since he’s alone, and doesn’t have other guinea pig buddies, I spent about 3 hours of my day with him! <3 He's really affectionate.
    I actually think if you spend enough time with guinea pigs, you can see that they are a lot like dogs. Coffee knows tricks- he can give his paw, spin around in circles, stand on two feet, play basketball, jump through a hoop, and come when I call him. He's very smart! <3
    He's about two years old, and looks like coffee and cream, and acts like he just drank a bunch of coffees, popcorning around his cage and squeaking whenever we crinkle a bag.
    He can also purr- it means guinea pigs feel content- when I pet him, just like a cat, and sometimes he defends his territory with his teeth! I feel like I have a miniature mixture of a dog, cat, bull, viper, horse, (his cage smells like a horse sometimes 😛 ) and pig!
    I love him so much, and if you looking for a pet, I definitely recommend getting a little guinea pig! It's like having a dog and cat at once, if you spend enough time with it!
    Coffee sends his squeaks to you! Bye! 😀

  • I have two dogs, Lady, named after Lady from the lady and the tramp, Jyn, bed after Jyn Erso from Star Wars.

      • Lady is a black lab, bulldog and hound mix, she is a absolute sweetheart, but sadly has cancer and won’t live much longer.
        Jyn is… We have no clue, she was in a hoarding case, and we rescued her from people who had over 200 dogs in a small warehouse. She is brown with dark brown spots, a white chest and paws, and a white spot on her neck that looks like a spray bottle

        • Aww I’m so sorry to hear that 🙁
          Jyn is very pretty! Is she energetic or lazy?

          • She’s pretty skittish, so she hides a lot, but when she is alone, her and Lady will play a lot. She sleeps in my bed cause she gets so scared at night, so we have a really strong bond, but she loves everyone

  • I have a cat named Sabai! The word Sabai means good in Thai (hey that rhymes!). She is an orange tabby, just like my favorite warrior cat, Firestar! I also have pet chickens. There is Chia, the black chicken, Noon, a tan one, Mimi, a darker brown one, Hila, a reddish-brown hen, Milky Way, the white chicken, and Sheba, the small gray one with a feathered head. If you know about chicken breeds, then you probably know that Sheba is a Polish hen. I also have chicks! They are adorable (just like Sabai and the chickens). The two yellow ones are named Goldie and Coco, the small tan one is Chickie, the dark gray one is Pooc (my little brother came up with her name, I have no idea where he got the word pooc from), and the little gray-with-a-yellow-head chick is Honey. So, I have 13 pets altogether!
    – Shimmerkit

  • Am I the only one here that owns 2 guinea pigs?

    Pancake- lightish Brown guinea pig with a white muzzle, paws and large spot and a brown hip. female ( she is 3 years old i think )

    Waffle- Tan with white. female ( she is 2 years old )

  • why is this page so dead

  • I have eight chickens! 😀 Here are some facts about them:

    Breed: Leghorn
    Appearance: Slender white hen with amber eyes.
    Personality: Confident, fair-minded, friendly, sassy, dignified, intelligent, demanding.
    Likes: Sitting with me on the swing, watching my mom cook, her indoor life.
    Dislikes: Anything annoying, really.
    Favorite food: Varies depending on her mood. She loves sweets like cookies and cake icing and often tries to steal some from us.
    Nickname: Pep
    Fun fact: Pepe lives indoors and sleeps in my room.

    Breed: Dutch Bantam/Polish
    Appearance: Small gray-black chicken with a tufted head.
    Personality: Feisty, funny, naughty, active, cute.
    Likes: Sneaking into the house and raiding the kitchen.
    Dislikes: Being told what to do.
    Favorite food: Mealworms
    Nickname: Bird
    Fun fact: We hatched Peep in an incubator.

    Breed: Cornish
    Appearance: Muscular, shiny black hen with some brown designs on her feathers and pale green eyes speckled with orange.
    Personality: Active, cute, funny, shy, sweet, caring.
    Likes: Sitting on her eggs.
    Dislikes: Sudden movements.
    Favorite food: Cottage cheese
    Nickname: Dinosaur
    Fun fact: Dasha really wants babies and we’re planning to let her hatch some next spring.

    Sweet Red
    Breed: Golden Comet
    Appearance: Orange hen with amber eyes.
    Personality: Sweet, kind, optimistic, caring, gentle, affectionate, loving.
    Likes: Hugs, exploring the yard.
    Dislikes: Bullies.
    Favorite food: Bread; watermelon
    Nickname: Red
    Fun fact: We were originally only planning to keep her until she recovered from her sickness, but we found out she’s blind and decided she should stay at our place so we could give her special care.

    (continued in my next comment)

    • Cool! I’ll do one for two of my chickens, since I don’t feel like doing all six. Let’s do Chia and Sheba (they’re frenemies).

      Name: Chia
      Breed: Australorp
      Appearance: Medium-sized black hen with feathers that glisten an iridescent green in the sun
      Personality: Bossy but friendly, can be loud, and loves hugs from me <3
      Likes: Sunflower seeds, chicks, worms, me, and free-ranging
      Dislikes: When Sheba pecks on the chicks, getting chased
      Favorite food: Sunflower seeds
      Nickname: Cheese
      Fun fact: Chia originally hated getting held, but she got used to me, and now she's one of the friendliest chickens ever.

      Name: Sheba
      Breed: Polish
      Appearance: Small gray hen with a fluffy, feathered head
      Personality: Crazy, crazy, and crazy. She's also feisty, funny, and friendly (hehe 3 f's).
      Likes: Being out in the yard, worms, mealworms, pecking on chicks, being the center of attention
      Dislikes: Being held too much, chicks, rats
      Favorite food: Mealworms
      Nicknames: Sheebs, Sheebie-Weebie, Sheebsa-Weebsa, Silly Sheebie
      Fun fact: Sheba LOVES to fly out of the run and go out to graze. The other chickens are jealous of her, but we let them out too.

      I might do more for my other chickens and my chicks later, but not now. Your chickens sound so cute! <3 🙂 😛