Defending And Explaining The Most Hated Warrior Cats by Mint That Grows In Shade

Mint That Grows In Shade has a look at some characters from throughout the series. Spoilers for each of their stories!

Art by xxNightfirexx

Hello and welcome to the page where I shall be defending and explaining some of the most hated warrior cats in the entire series. This means all of the arcs – The Prophecies Begin, The New Prophecy, Power of Three, etc.


Here are the ten characters that will be included in this article.

1. Tigerstar
2. Dovewing
3. Millie
4. Bluestar
5. Firestar
6. Breezepelt
7. Lionblaze
8. Daisy
9. Squirrelflight
10. Spottedleaf

Let’s begin with Tigerstar.

If you hate him, great. I have absolutely no problem with that. He was a serious conflict, lying about Oakheart and Redtail, attempting to kill his own apprentice, so on, so on. He did countless things against the warrior code – if only Hollyleaf had seen them! – and we can all agree that he was an evil murderer but a great villain. There are many things that shaped him to be this way; losing two sisters, having Thistleclaw as a mentor, the list goes on.
This is my opinion, but I think he was a loyal cat from the start, but countless things made him evil. This is debated upon. I think all young Tigerkit wanted to do was serve his Clan well, but he didn’t realize what he was doing was wrong, and Thistleclaw only supported his rash behavior.
Either way, Tigerstar was a much-hated character and I fully support this opinion.

Next is Dovewing.

Personally, I don’t think she deserves to be on this list. Many Warriors fans hate her because she was “selfish” and they like Ivypool way more. But let’s face it – Ivypool trained for the Dark Forest at one point, and she was extremely jealous of her sister. Dovewing didn’t ask for the powers, yet all Ivypool wanted was to be special. She’s a flawed character – and this isn’t meant to offend anyone, but saying you hate her is like saying you hate Squirrelflight because she left Ashfur for Bramblestar.

Next is, unfortunately, Millie.

I would also say she doesn’t deserve this list. Many people think of her as a replacement for Silverstream, but I don’t find that true – Silverstream died, and Graystripe felt lonely. Sure, he had a best friend and a Clan, and yes – I’m not afraid to admit that Millie ignored her other kits when one of them was injured, but what would you do? Of course you would want to care for them – and it would take up most of your time. But it wasn’t ever specifically stated that she didn’t still love her other kits, or that she didn’t want to care for them anymore. That may be what it seemed like, but you never really know.

Number four is Bluestar.

She did go kind of insane and lost faith in her ancestors before her death, but does that really mean anything? She was a great leader, and she was also the whole reason Firestar was… well, Firestar. She was kind enough (and a little desperate) to let Rusty into her Clan, especially when some of the warriors were against it. There were times when she was quite rash, but she doesn’t deserve this list at all, in my opinion.

Yes, number five is Firestar.

I don’t get why so many people hate him because, well, he was only doing his job. It’s common to find a Firestar hater who liked him as Firepaw and Fireheart, but hated him as Firestar. But imagine you were a Clan leader. And no, I don’t mean all your cats worshipping you as you stand on the Great Rock with your Clan. You’re busy, leaf-bare is approaching, prey is scarce, and – for some extra drama, your mate has just died of greencough. How would you feel? You’d be grieving, but you wouldn’t be able to sulk because you’d have a Clan to take care of, battles to fight, borders to patrol, prey to catch. You’d be tired and strict, wanting your Clan to obey your orders.
This is just my opinion – I fully understand if you disagree.

Next is Breezepelt.

He, out of all the cats on this list, deserves it the most – not counting Tigerstar, of course. He tried to murder a medicine cat – a blind one, for that matter, and a queen with kits. I understand that he was neglected, but that gives everybody all the more reason to hate him. Breezepelt fans exaggerate this fact by a lot, and overuse it as a comeback. We know he was neglected, but does that really give him a right to attempt to kill a queen? A medicine cat?

Lionblaze is, unfortunately for us, the seventh character.

He doesn’t deserve this list at all. Lionblaze is a brave and loyal character, and so many people hate him for his gift. Did he ask for it? I don’t remember him walking up to the members of StarClan before his birth and asking for special powers… Oh wait. Because it never happened! I get that his power is super OP, and that the point of being a warrior is to fight and die for your Clan honorably, but Lionblaze used this to his advantage in battle, not to hurt his Clan or anybody he loved.

Daisy is next, and she’s… a meh.

She’s not my favorite character of all time, probably because all she did was watch the kits. She never really cared for her mates, and in my opinion she was just another mouth to feed. Yes, she was an honorable mother, but does that count for anything? She brought up kits for the Clan, and I respect that completely – new kits is a wonderful thing – but if she wasn’t a useful cat, her kits can’t be used as an excuse. To sum it up, she was a bland character with almost no emotion at all.

The ninth cat on this list is Squirrelflight.

It’s a good thing she’s ninth on the list, though she doesn’t really deserve it at all. OK, let’s think about this for a second.
She dumped Ashfur and then starts mooning all over Bramblestar. Got it, that’s a no-no. But she sacrificed so much for her sister, Leafpool – her sister! She didn’t care about the fact that she was a medicine cat, she just wanted to protect her. And yes – she lied for her sister, which is also a no-no but it showed that she wanted to be loyal to her sister. And I already know what you’re going to say – “Kin over Clan? Really, Mint?” But I know. Her kin is part of her Clan, and some people just – ignore Leafpool because she’s Squirrelflight’s kin and she doesn’t really count. She was a part of the Clan to Brightheart! To Cinderpelt!

Finally, we have Spottedleaf.

She doesn’t deserve this – but not more than a few of the others. Some BlogClanners think of her as a Mary Sue, a stalker, etc. But she was loyal to her Clan – in Firestar’s Quest she said it herself; she would have never given up being a medicine cat to become mates with Firestar. She knew that Sandstorm was better with Firestar, and that she could never dream of having kits with him – OK, yes – she could dream of it but she wouldn’t actually do it, of course. She was in love, but not enough to give up her precious role as a medicine cat, serving her Clan.

That’s it for this article! This was not meant to offend anyone, and this is just my opinion. You can disagree with everything mentioned here if you like – it’s not like I’ll have a mental meltdown or something.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day! ^^


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June 13, 2020 12:48 am

HOW DID DARKSTRIPE NOT MAKE THE LIST? I mean there was Bluestar and Squirrelflight and Spottedleaf, why not Cinderpelt while you’re at it? Darkstripe is bad as a person, and he’s terrible as a villain too! He just follows Tigerstar and the real evil cats hoping to get some spotlight, and he’s a suck-up. He couldn’t defeat a starving prisoner or kill a kit. He was useless apart from the Sorrelkit drama and the whole, “Hey, let’s have one cat that everyone in the fandom will definitely hate in every way!” that the Erins must’ve had going on lol

June 13, 2020 1:44 am
Reply to  Crystalshine

True but Tigerstar might have had some influence over Darkstripe or that Tigerstar might have ruled by fear . . . . But that is true

falling feather
falling feather
June 13, 2020 2:41 am
Reply to  Crystalshine

he didn’t have have the malicious vibe going for him
all he had was his undying devotion to all things Tigerstar I

✧ epic pfp by goldi! ✧

June 13, 2020 2:41 am
Reply to  Crystalshine

Yes I agree, Darkstripe is a bad cat but I don’t think Firestar is hated…

Crystal that lights up caves

🌒💖🌖Hollykit(frost) thinks Moons is awesome🌔💖🌘
🌒💖🌖Hollykit(frost) thinks Moons is awesome🌔💖🌘
July 17, 2020 8:16 am
Reply to  Crystalshine

This article is supposed to defend hated warriors. Based on how you say it, there’s no reasons to defend 😛
And Falling Feather, this isn’t a list for bad warriors. Its a list defending hated ones.
I see the confusion based on two of the warriors on this list though

Cake alone will save our blog.

🌒💖🌖Hollykit(frost) thinks Moons is awesome🌔💖🌘
🌒💖🌖Hollykit(frost) thinks Moons is awesome🌔💖🌘
July 17, 2020 8:14 am

I love this article!

Although, you did.. the opposite of defending Daisy and Breezepelt.

Cake alone will save our blog.

Icestorm 1
Icestorm 1
August 17, 2020 7:14 pm

I Think the same thing

July 27, 2020 6:07 pm


Icestorm 1
Icestorm 1
August 17, 2020 7:13 pm

Yes it’s true did Lionblaze just ask ”can i get a super power?”

August 20, 2020 11:27 am

tigerstar(heart) IS MY FAVORITE

August 20, 2020 11:32 am

spottedleaf died…
for sandstorm

killed by mapleshade.

how about try to defend mapleshade?
*spoilers for mapleshade’s vegeanence*
he did it for love

September 22, 2020 12:00 am

Firestar isn’t that hated it’s only a few people but he doesn’t deserve the hate. Squirrelflight doesn’t deserve it either. And neither does Bluestar or Lionblaze. Millie was a bad mother and just an awful character in my opinion. She isn’t a silverstream replacement though but that’s not why I don’t like her. I don’t like her because she neglected her kits for Briarlight.

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