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Dapplepaw shares their opinion on Hawkfrost’s actions.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Hawkfrost is an interesting character. But I’m here today just to consider this: “How do Hawkfrost’s actions appear when viewed from Hawkfrost’s point of view?”

First of all, let’s think about the “Moth Wing Incident”. In Hawkfrost’s eyes, he was trying to help his sister become a medicine cat. But in doing so, he kept his sister from believing in StarClan, diminishing her worth as a medicine cat because she could not interpret signs. This left Mothwing to have to depend on Leafpool, a cat from a different Clan, to teach her apprentice how to be a full medicine cat.

Then we move on to Firestar. In Hawkfrost’s point of view, he was helping his half-brother become leader. And, with Brambleheart leader, the forest could be theirs to rule and change for the better. To everyone else, however, this was all a plot to kill a leader and take over the forest like Hawkfrost’s late father Tigerstar wanted. To everyone else, when Brambleheart killed Hawkfrost, it was the heroic act of a cat, killing his brother, a cat he cared about, to save the Clans. To Hawkfrost, it was an act of deepest betrayal.

Now we must consider how Tigerstar plays into all this. He was evil and conniving. Or was he just ambitious and thought that the forest would be better if he ruled all of it? Well, that’s a different topic. This article is discussing Hawkfrost’s actions, not Tigerstar’s. Tigerstar, unable to join StarClan when to a place called the Dark Forest. While he was in the Dark Forest, he reach his kin through their dreams and train them to become more ferocious fighters. He trained both Hawkfrost and Brambleheart, though after a while Brambleheart understood it to be wrong. Hawkfrost was twisted by his father, becoming overly ambitious. He thought what he was doing was right. In the end, he was struck down just like Tigerstar, by the cat he thought he could trust.

Hawkfrost had the makings of a loyal and kind warrior, but his father, so determined he got his children in on his plot for power, twisted him, making an evil cat that saw himself as good.

All of this is just my opinion on Hawkfrost’s behavior and how I saw his character. Feel free to disagree.

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  • Great article! 😀 I can see how Hawkfrost might have thought he was doing right, even though he wasn’t. (Oh, and when you say Brambleheart did you mean Brambleclaw? 😛 )

    • Oof my bad I wrote this mostly at night, and my mind is dull with details at best, and at night everything just gets jumbled. 😅 Yeah, sorry bout that.

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