Happy Birthday, Icestream!

I’m shivering with excitement!

It’s Ice’s birthday! 🤯


For your birthday present, I present you with a picture of this dancing cat: (for the record, I had to dive into the deep depths of the internet to retrieve this photo, and spent way more time looking at pictures of adorable kittens than I should have)

Peb also made an awesome present just for you!

By Pebblepaw

A little birdie told me you had big plans for today (read: I was stalking the Tavern)… Mind telling us what they are? Or are they top secret? 😉

Behold! An ice cake! Surely this will be your chillest birthday yet.

Have a wonderful, fantabulous, super awesome birthday, Ice! 💙 BlogClan loves you!


🍂 Cheetahspark 🍂



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