Spottedleaf: Useless or Misunderstood? by Small Flower

Small Flower debates over whether Spottedleaf was a waste of prey or just mistaken.

Art by ClimbToTheStars

**Minor spoiler warning. Read at your own risk**

A huge amount of the fandom absolutely despises Spottedleaf for being a stalker and/or a granny. I disagree — an opinion not shared by many. However, Spottedleaf haters, don’t kill me yet. I see your point in hating her. She loved Firestar even when she was a medicine cat, and she didn’t let the code stop her. But she was never mates with him — yes, they loved each other, but that doesn’t automatically make them mates, unless there’s some part of the warrior code that I never knew about.
OK, let’s get to the point.

According to the unofficial Warriors wiki, Spottedleaf is a…

small, lithe, dark tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with large, warm amber eyes and white-tipped ears. Her coat is distinctively dappled and mottled with orange and brown markings, and she has a small pink nose. One of her eyes is rimmed with darker fur than the other, and she has small white paws and a black-tipped, gold and brown striped tabby tail.
That’s it. Word for word.

Now, she loved Firepaw. That is the main reason we — or rather, most — hate her. But is it really that big of a deal? Firestar — er, Firepaw loved her back. However, they both knew they could never be mates, both because of a huge age difference and because of the fact that Spottedleaf was, in fact, a medicine cat.
We also hate her because she’s a “granny” and a “Mary Sue” and a “stalker”, but that’s not the point. The point is that Spottedleaf was wise — wise enough to realize that she could never have kits with Firepaw. It would be risky and stupid.

Okay, fast-forward to when Spottedleaf dies. ” She was alive for, like, 100 pages! She did one important thing and then died. ” Let me explain what’s wrong with that.
First of all, YOU knew her for about 100 pages. You have no idea what she was like as a kit, an apprentice, and a medicine cat before Into the Wild — unless you’ve read Spottedleaf’s novella, “Spottedleaf’s Heart”, which if you hate her you probably haven’t. Perhaps you’ll feel bad for her after knowing what she had to sacrifice. ” That’s not so bad! Stop — ”
No. YOU stop, fake commenter. I respect your opinion completely; I agree with you a little bit. But I think, she deserves more love than she actually gets. She’s a great character, and I’m terribly sorry that she died — TWICE. (( Imagine dying twice! Wouldn’t that be horrible? ))

Now — Spottedleaf’s cons.

Spottedleaf was NOT self-absorbed in any way, however, I can and will admit that she was a bit too old for Firestar. Now, if you hate Spottedleaf but ship Bracken x Sorrel, you are the most literate hypocrat in Warriors history. Brackenfur is like, what, 9 years old when Sorreltail dies? And she was about 5 or 6?
I know. This is supposed to be SPOTTEDLEAF’S CONS. I’m losing control here.
Back to the point. She was a medicine cat, but she was rebellious enough to show her love for Firepaw — which I can see how the fandom sees disloyalty in that. She was also a pretty average medicine cat, despite the fact that she was *ahem* EXAGGERATIVELY beautiful. We get it, she was beautiful, it was mentioned at least twice in the first book. I mean, she is pretty good-looking, though. No joke.
Also, being a medicine cat, she was like a mother to the Clan. It just would have been weird if she took a mate, and especially if she and Fireheart/star had decided to have kits.

I’m still really sad that Spottedleaf died, despite her pros and cons. She wasn’t a flawless character, she was actually kind of Twoleg-like — surprising, right? She had her flaws — she was overprotective and worried too much — and there’s not a good reason, well, not to like her.

That’s really all I have to say — thanks for reading! Have a great day <3


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