A Look at Minor Characters- Snowkit by Briarpaw

Artist unknown (Source: Warrior-Cats fandom)

Briarpaw takes a look at Snowkit from the Prophecies Begin.

Hi! It’s Briarpaw, or, Briar, or Ria, or whatever you want to call me, back with yet another article! I have always loved minor characters, and I thought I should write a Blog series on them! I will alternate between clans. My article for today is… Snowkit of ThunderClan! Let’s talk a bit more about him.

Snowkit. The last kit of Speckletail. A white kit with blue eyes, and unsurprisingly deaf. A shy and overprotected tom. Brackenfur wanted to be his mentor, so he could get to know him a bit more. Then came the dreaded day where a hawk flies into camp and Snowkit can’t hear his clanmates’ warning. The hawk swoops down, grabs hold of him, and flies away, never again to be seen to the clans.

Snowkit plays an important role in the development of disabled cats in the clans. We rarely have a deaf cat, and this is the first (and maybe even only) cat who is born deaf in the clans. He is also one of the only cats who is born disabled. Many cats, such as Briarlight, Wildfur, and Longtail were born normal, and then had issues. Jayfeather, Deadfoot, and One-eye are some of the only ones born disabled.

Now, I want to talk about a popular theory that’s rolling around. Maybe Snowkit turned into the Dark Forest warrior Snowtuft. I mean, Snowkit is probably dead, and all of a sudden this Snowtuft comes out, right? Unlike Brokenstar, Tigerstar, Darkstripe, Mapleshade, and many more, we never see Snowtuft’s past. I think he could have definitely turned into Snowtuft. Many people think that he went to StarClan and was lured into the Dark Forest, growing up there and receiving his warrior name. I disagree with this. I think that maybe the hawk dropped him, but he was low enough that he survived. He could have landed on some twoleg trash bags or something soft like that. Maybe he became a kittypet and was nursed to health and met with Dark Forest warriors in his dreams, or perhaps even snuck out of Twolegplace to meet with Tigerstar at night through the cat door.

Snowkit is a cat I liked a lot and would have liked to see more of. I am hoping we’ll get to see him in StarClan, as we haven’t yet. Snowkit had an important role to play in ThunderClan.

And with that, I conclude my article. I hoped you like this, as I will be making more! Next up is a ShadowClan cat! Thanks for reading!

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  • Yesss I wish we could have seen more of Snowkit! It would be so cool and amazing if he actually survived, and there was a whole novella or super edition about what his life was like. Great article, you got me thinking! 😀

  • Wow ya I agree I don’t even remember him when I saw the title I thought “oh blue stars dead sister” (wait she was snow something right? I haven’t read that part in a while)
    I would love to see more of him!
    (Okyy second comment)

  • Personally, I absolutely hate the Snowkit-Snowtuft theory. I mean, can’t the poor kitten live in peace with his mother in StarClan? There’s literally no valid reason for him to be a villain other than ‘these two cats look similar and share the same prefix’. And besides, the scar from the hawk would most likely not look like the scar Snowtuft had- and besides, Snowtuft got that in a DF training session with Hawkfrost and Shredtail, in his afterlife. Snowkit would likely not survive the hawk taking him at all. It was guaranteed death from the start; Snowkit did not understand what was happening and while being taking, he still might not have noticed what was happening until it was too late. Not to mention, he is just a kitten. The hawk likely killed him before he could even get the chance to escape its clutches. Secondly, what would the Dark Forest even do with a kitten anyways? Clearly they have other things to do instead of waste time on kittens, as they are no nonsense and even if they did take in a kitten, it would likely just be an interference, someone in StarClan would probably save it, etc. The Dark Forest would have no reason to contact Snowkit at all, as they can be an interference and by the time Snowkit was taken, he was likely already dead because let’s face it, Snowkit was destined to die as soon as the hawk came in, as a deaf kitten would not make it in his specific solution. Kittens appearing in StarClan as adults is only what happened to Smallstar and his siblings. Therefore this could not have happened to Snowkit. And even if they raised him, we don’t even know if cats age in the Dark Forest, let alone the afterlife of the Clans in general. Overall making this theory pretty unrealistic and only based on how two cats look similar.

    • I agree! While I like the Snowkit/Snowtuft theory, I prefer that Snowkit is living a peaceful life with his mother right now.

    • Since that’s not the main aspect I’d like to debate – I’ll get the particle arguments out the way – Let’s just say he got saved by Other cats or Twolegs. Then he became a kittypet in a household of many disabled animals and that taught him to cope with his Deafness, so he could commutate. He then grew up normally and going to the Dark Forest was because of his own independent crimes.

      That out the way – I think Snowkit becoming a villain is a good use of his character. Because in his current state – He’s not a character. He can literally be summed up in two words: Deaf and Kit. His death was more useful to the plot than Snowkit himself was – Used as a minor character’s motivation to retire. As the only deaf character, he had such wasted potential.

      His death wasn’t even worth it to prove the harshness of the world building – As there are already so many kits deaths to do that. So I think it’s nice to retcon at least one. It would be a fresh twist for the Warriors Series. However it’s requires a strong justification to resurrect a character who hadn’t been relevant for years – Snowkit would need to make a lasting impact. And one of the best ways to do that, is by becoming a villain.

      The Warriors Series already has some of the highest disability representations you’ll find today. However, it’s repetitive in the fact, every single character has the same arc of making the most of their situation and remain good people. While an optimistic message, it’s not the most realistic. Like every group in real-life, they’re are some bad people, (Snowkit in this case ) who can’t overcome their challenges and become worse because of it.

      If Snowkit was Snowtuft, he’d be the most unique villain in the series and interesting on what his motives/crimes could be. Because Snowtuft himself had shown to dislike being in the Dark Forest.

  • This gave me many good points for my fanfiction, thank you! I don’t believe that Snowkit is Snowtuft, but for my fanfic where Snowkit survives, he still becomes evil.

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