Happy Birthday, Frostfire!

*insert obnoxious dancing here*

It’s Frosto’s birthday! 😍


I’d like to be the frost one to wish you a happy birthday, Frosto! Will these puns frostrate you? Make you suffire? Perhaps exfrost you? You probably want me to get frost! I suppose that’s fire. (Seriously, though, those are horrible. I’ll stop now.)

What do you have planned on this lovely birthday, Frosto? Perhaps a party? Family dinner? Sacrifice? Whatever it is, give us all of the details! Especially if your festivities involve food – then I’m extra interested 😉

An amazing person such as yourself deserves an equally amazing birthday, Frosto! We love you so much and BlogClan wouldn’t be the same without you here with us 💙 We hope you have a fabulous day!


🦜 Cheetahspark 🦜



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