Immortal Cats in Warriors by Briarpaw

Briarpaw looks at some cats who have lived some long, long lives!

Art by Shyranno (tumblr)

Hey! I’m Briarpaw, back with YET ANOTHER article! This subject really needed to be talked about, so here we go!

Rock He really is immortal, or at least his spirit is. He mentions that he was cursed to live forever. (This is why he needs a Super Edition or novella, folks!!) That is also why he looks so ugly. After the Tribe moved away from the lake, he had to stay, and I don’t really know what he does these days. He is a very mysterious cat (another reason why he needs a novella!) and does not talk much about his past. He has been alive (well, half alive) since the time before StarClan. That means that in human years, he is at least sixty! Wow.

Purdy That lovable kitty that helps the cats on the Great Journey find their way. In Power of Three, he comes to live with the Clans as an elder. he was old in Midnight , and he continued to live until his death in Shattered Sky .

Mudfur Not many people think about him having such a long life, but if you think about it, it’s true. He was an adult in Crookedstar’s Promise . The warriors from this time are all elders in Into the Wild (if I have it right), or just plain dead. He has not retired as of <Into the Wild . He is even still alive in < Midnight , and STILL hasn’t retired. He finally, finally, dies in Dawn . And he still did not retire.

Mistystar Okay, she had to be mentioned. She is a warrior in Into the Wild , and is the only cat still living in Bluestar’s Prophecy . She is older than Leopardstar, despite succeeding her. She became leader right when she should have moved to the elders’ den. Crazy. And that was in Omen of the Stars . in A Vision of Shadows she has still made it, and as of Lost Stars , she is STILL alive. Most leaders, I realized, are leader for about three arcs (Firestar, Blackstar, and Nightstar are exceptions), and this is her third. Not only that, but she is a living skeleton. Really. She is bound to die very soon, maybe in The Silent Thaw . Then again, her deputy and son, Reedwhisker, is about at the retiring age. We’ll see for more!

Heavystep And lastly, Heavystep. Heavystep died in Sunset . The elder was mourned deeply, but REAPPEARED. He was mentioned to have redied (if that’s a thing) in between Sunrise and The Fourth Apprentice .

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading!

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