A Look at Some Warrior Descriptions by Briarpaw

Briarpaw shares their opinion o nsome of the descriptions of our kitties from throughout the series.

Art by City’s Warrior Kitties (tumblr)

Hiiiiii, it’s Briarpaw here, Ria for short! For this article I decided to look at some descriptions of Warriors.

Before we start, if you haven’t read Lost Stars, you may not want to read this as it gives away some warrior names. This is not a major spoiler article, but just in case, I would steer away from this page now.

Kinkfur– This is by far the most humorous description in my opinion. At the end it says “with fur that sticks out at all angles” and I just found this adorable.

Blossomfall– It says tortie and white, which kinda drives me nuts. In the U.S., tortie and white is known as calico rather than tortie. Actually, what drove me nuts is one warrior in Lost Stars (I forgot who it was and I’m too lazy to look It up, but I’m pretty sure it’s Sunlight) is described as calico, while the rest are called tortie and white. There are many other cats who are called tortie and white, but I just chose Blossomfall. (Embix’s edit: since the authors are from England, it’s more likely that many names in the esries is based on things found in England 🙂 )

Redtail, Shellfur, Sol, and Robinwing (not the Bluestar’s Prohecy Robinwing, a different one)– these were interesting because they are tortie toms. That is very, very rare in cats. The few that exist are almost never sterile. Those who are sterile are weak and don’t often survive long. Yet, we get Redtail, a sterile tortie tom who has been Bluestar’s deputy for many moons. But warriors doesn’t follow that type of thing.

Plumstone– She is a tortie she-cat, but she is called “orange and black”. First off, orange and white cats are tortie, so she could just be called tortie instead of orange and black. Second, the word “ginger” means orange, and the rest of the cats (pretty much) are called ginger, such as Eaglewing and Alderheart (and Squirrelflight, not to mention Firestar. I can’t list all of the ginger cats because both you and I don’t have that kind of time).

Bellaleaf– Again, the same thing as Plumstone. She is called a “pale orange she-cat with green eyes” and I’m thinking pale ginger. It kinda drives me bananas.

Purdy– He has a gray muzzle. I find this a very interesting description, because I can’t imagine a cat with a gray muzzle (other than gray cats, I mean.) Hold on, I’m gonna look up “cats with gray muzzles”. Hmm… interesting… all I really got was images of gray cats. There was actually a brown cat who had a gray muzzle, so I think I can imagine it now 😛

Annnd that’s it from me! Thanks for reading this! Ria out!!!

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