Happy Birthday, Emberdawn!

The mod, the myth, the legend… Embix!

The mod, the myth, the legend… Embix!

By Kat!

It’s Embix’s birthday! 🥳 It’s not every day we get to celebrate the birthday of BlogClan’s very own deputy, so we need to make this one count!

What are your plans for today, Embix? I hope your day is filled with presents and desserts beyond your wildest dreams. For now, though, I got you a nice picture of a cake that we can pretend is real 😉

Dearest Emberdawn, you’ve done so much for the blog that I truly don’t think we as a community would be able to function without you. You deserve an amazing birthday that suits your awesomeness. I hope you have an amazing day! 💙


🌺 Cheetahspark 🌺



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