Ravenpaw’s Warrior Cat Awards! 😀

Ravenpaw gives awards to various characters from the series. Who would you nominate for these awards?

Artwork by Evi1Wo1f

Hello, it’s Ravenpaw and this is my first ever article! I thought what I would do as my first one is give some awards to the warrior cats who deserve them so here they are! SPOILER ALERT 🚨

Coming up first is the You Made Me Shout the Loudest at the Book Award going to….Ivypool!
You can probably guess why I gave this award to Ivypool. When she started visiting the Dark Forest I was literally shouting at the book “ Don’t listen to him you mouse brain! It’s a trick!” Thank StarClan my voice penetrated the pages in the end a she turned out to be an amazing cat in The Last Hope!

Next up is the Great StarClan You Made the Biggest Sacrifice for Power Award going to…..Bluestar.
Ok, Brokenstar was a pretty close follow up for killing his Dad and Tigerstar for getting exiled and then killed in The Darkest Hour. However, I chose Bluestar. Reading Bluestar’s Prophecy (one of the most amazing books EVER! Thank you Erin’s, you brightened up last years summer sooo much!), I realised how much she gave up to save her beloved clan from Thistleclaw. Her kits meant so much to her and she gave them up for the good of the clan! Kind of an inspiration. 🥰

My next award is the Best Transformation from Nice, Honourable Warrior to Really Annoying Leader Award which is going to….Onestar!
I REALLY like him as Onewhisker and I loved his respectful relationship with Firestar but then all that went out of the window he became leader. Maybe it was the stress of it all but whatever it was it changed him completely for the worse!

My penultimate award is the Best ( worst in the Warrior Code’s eyes) Forbidden Relationship going to…….Leafpool and Crowfeather!
I thought that this was a BRILLIANT forbidden relationship as it broke ALL the rules and was extremely relevant to the story which was an added bonus!

My last award is the Most Gory but Brilliant Death Award and it’s going to…..Hawkfrost!
His death made me feel REALLY sick but he deserved it sooo much! I loved it!

Please feel free to comment on this article and let me know if you agree/disagree with any of my awards! 😀 Bye for now, Ravenpaw 🐾😀😃😄😀

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