November Contests!

October is Oct-over, but you know what that means…

It’s, uh, November Contest time! (sorry if that was anti-climatic. November is anti-climatic, I can’t help it)

First off, I’ve decided that we will have caption contests every month, but alternate between writing and art contests every month (in addition to the caption contests).

Now let’s get to it!

Caption Contest!


  • Caption the image below, and put your caption as a comment below on this post!
  • Only one entry per person
  • Deadline is November 28th, 11:59pm BST (BlogTime)


Winner will receive a drawing (purrsona, OC, canon character) from a local BlogClan volunteer artist!

Please fill out this form if you would like to draw the prize!

And without further ado, please caption this picture!

Writing Contest!



That’s it, just one word! Good luck!


  • Must be Blog appropriate! (If it could appear in a Warriors book, it is appropriate)
  • Only one entry per person
  • Deadline is November 28th, 11:59 BST (BlogTime)
  • Please post your entry before that time in the comment section of this post!
  • Remember to relate to the prompt!
  • No word cap this time!


Third ~ will be able to choose live chat’s colours for a week!
Second ~ will receive a custom-made secret page!
First ~ will receive a holiday avatar drawing from the lovely Kat!

And that’s it! 28 days – the equivalent to 4 weeks. Good luck, contestants!

but before I go –


  • If I’ve already submitted something, but want to change it, can I? Of course! Just state which one you want me to judge.
  • Can I submit an entry for the caption contest AND the writing contest? Yes you absolutely can!

Have a happy November!

(thanks for all the vouches for Frosto, it’s super appreciated ❤️)

Rainshine 🌸 Rainie


  • I… still hate this but here it is anyway 😛
    idk what happened 😛

    Down the Thunderpath the cat tread, it’s tail hanging, dust covering it’s white paws, making them a dirty brown.
    I’m all alone now
    The cat walked faster, scrapping it’s filthy paw-pads on the hard, patched asphalt. It ran to the edge of the Thunderpath as a monster whizzed by, spraying the black-and-white cat with dirty wind.
    It makes no difference
    On, on the cat walked.
    Once I had a family, a clan…
    The cat walked some some more. Lifting it’s sore paws a bit higher.
    A home…
    A mate…
    Parents, siblings supportive kin…
    Amazing how it can disappear, how can be taken so fast…
    The cat walked then stopped. Another monster was coming. The cat could feel the vibration of the ground and see the bright, scorching eyes of the evil creature speeding over the horizon.
    For a moment the cat stood, staring at the coming balls of white light. Life could end right here, right now. Perhaps it should.
    After all what was there to live for?
    Just as the cat felt the wind ruffling his fur, just as the monster came within a second of ending the animal’s life, it leaped, the black-and-white cat leaped towards the grassy left side of the Thunderpath, claws outstretched in desperation.
    If life’s worth living let me escape
    The fall seemed to go in slow motion, then suddenly something tugged, pulled the cat’s tail, pulling it backward.
    Oh StarClan no…
    Excruciating pain whipped up the cat’s spine, bringing darkness to the corners of it’s vision. The creature screamed a loud, high pitched shriek as it fell against the Thunderpath, it’s tail limp and bloody, almost detached next to it.
    On the monster sped, leaving the cat laying in agony on the side of the worn Thunderpath, breathing heavy, the cat slipped in and out of consciousness, monsters came and went.
    No one seemed to care for an animal with a torn-off tail, laying almost dead on the side of a road.
    What’s that?
    Something hazy in the far distance. A dwelling. A Twoleg dwelling. Perhaps that can save me. I have a feeling…
    I have a feeling that maybe, in every wrenched life, there’s hope

  • Uh I don’t think the FanFic is going to happen rip I’ll just do whatever’s next month I guess.

    I had an idea but it’s long and this month has been exceptionally emotional for me and I haven’t had enough time to write it and I was thinking “Maybe Thanksgiving break” but it’s due on Thanksgiving and that just won’t work so yeah 😛

    Next time though, next time 😛

  • her

    her name was rime.
    my mother.

    fur made of snow,
    eyes made of sea,
    beautiful, loving, cursed.

    once upon a time,
    i was cursed to rhyme,
    so i changed my name,
    an ode to the curse i became.

    she was never the same
    as another mother.
    delusional, hallucinogenic,
    but all the same,
    the only mother i had,
    and the only one i knew.

    bedtime stories of gruesome murder,,
    told in elegant verse
    not fit for such topic.

    but all the same,
    i loved them.
    does that make me

    when she died,
    her spirit died first.

    for seasons,
    she started leaving.
    her joy,
    then her passion,
    then her love.

    she finally left
    left me for good
    with one rhyme to remember.

    someday you’ll find me
    under the ashen trees
    amid a field of stone,
    where end my bones.

    then she padded away,
    into a blood red sunset.

    but she’s not the main part of this story.
    well, kind of.

    years passed
    oh how time flies.
    the pain never ends.

    does that make me

    you might think,
    oh, i’d never be happy with a mother
    like her.

    but imagine
    if that was your only one
    the one who raised you
    and taught you to hunt
    and loved you, flawed as she was.

    in those years,
    I become
    a mate
    a friend
    a valued group member.
    but i leave it all
    to do what I always knew I would eventually do
    find her.

    where would this take me?
    no one knew.
    how long would it take?
    no one knew.
    what would i encounter?
    no one knew.
    yet i still went.

    the first day,
    it snowed.
    I padded through piles of
    fluffy, cold drifts.

    the next day,
    it had all thawed.
    the ground, slick with ice
    alit with winter sunlight.

    my travels continued like this.
    sometimes I would hunt;
    others I would eat from housefolk.

    I saw all sorts of animals;
    foxes, the russet ones
    raccoons, the masked ones
    bears, the big ones that you should never mess with.

    I made friends with some of the loners and housecats,
    grout, who loved squirrel
    halsey, with the long scar
    crayola, with the rainbow eyes.

    they would all give gifts.
    the gift of patience,
    because catching birds takes some waiting.
    the gift of gratitude,
    because you won’t always be fortunate.
    the gift of grace,
    because it can get you out of sticky places.

    they taught me
    that life outside
    isn’t bad,
    just different.

    most days though
    I just walked and walked
    and ran
    sometimes swam
    through the wilds.


    even they sang songs of

    but I always knew what I was searching for,
    ashen trees
    in a field of stone.

    even if I walked the whole world
    I’d surely get there.

    would I though?
    flickers of doubt
    sometimes struck my mind.

    how did she know she would be there?
    why should I trust her?
    why am I risking my life for this?

    sometimes I felt
    like I was walking in a cloud.
    not knowing
    where I was
    where I was going,
    and where I wanted to be.

    suddenly I didn’t know what I was searching for.

    I even felt like
    I didn’t love her anymore.

    remember that pain?
    one day I woke up
    and realized
    it wasn’t there anymore.

    so why was I still here?

    not finding her would be okay.
    she would always be part of the world
    her fur in the wind
    her eyes in the water
    her heart in the flowers.

    I would be okay.

    heading home,
    seems quicker.
    too quick.
    I must say good bye
    to my friends,
    the moor breeze,
    even the fox that pursued me.

    safety is comfort,
    but you’ll never know
    what’s beyond that
    if you don’t venture out into the world.

    and I did.
    I’m proud to say that, even though I failed
    what I meant to do
    I know what’s out there.

    and it’s not her,
    but I’m okay with that.

    I’m ready
    to fly away.

    imagine all of that was center aligned 😛

    so the goal of this story was to make a seven hundred word free verse poem for you to toil thorough rainie no was to create not just a physical journey, but one of acceptance, one of learning, one of personality. does this character have a name? maybe? I really wanted the focus to be the story, not who was telling it, and introducing who it was wouldn’t have impacted the plot a lot. but it’s an oc of mine that I literally just made up oof named kiln, a caramel and white tom with blue eyes like his mother, rime. his personality would be that of a wanderer, aloof, but dedicated and skilled, committed, but restless. let’s not get too much into that though 😛 I rarely ever write fanfiction, but this idea came to me at 1 am after an extremely delayed flight so if it doesn’t seem very sense-making that’s why 😛 thanks for reading!

  • Warriors fanfic


    Willow gazed up at the crystal moon, it’s light shining down on the earth. She sighed, for the cold reached far through her shaggy gray fur, and seeped onto her skinny, dull frame. She looked around, the fence surrounding her in the garden. She wished to explore, not be trapped, but the fence would not budge and she was too tired to fight the cold. Soon sleep claimed her, and she dreamed heavily.

    The sun blazed that morning, not hot, but bright. Willow stares at the fence once more, she desperately wanted to be free. She clawed at the fence, and it made a small hole. She clawed again and again until it opened a hole just big enough to be free. She clawed at the hole in the fence, and it got bigger and bigger, until her shaggy frame could slide through. She ran far away from her humans home, and she didn’t look back. As soon as Willow got far away, she sat down and replenished her energy. When she was fully rested, she decided to hunt. She sniffed the forest for prey, the damp undergrowth getting her wet. She caught whiff of a mouse, and stalked the fuzzy, brown animal. When the mouse was close enough, she jumped, and a crack echoed through the empty woods. Willow licked her lips and ate her meal. When she felt full, she continued away from her owner’s house.She walked for what felt like an eternity until the sun dipped below the green horizon and the stars shone bright. She gazed at the stars, their light giving her strength to keep going. She sighed, and curled up, succumbing to sleep.

    Willow awoke in a dank, murky forest. She backed away at the smell, and coughed. She silenced as she heard the bushes rustle next to her. She cautiously padded over to them, asking “who’s there?” she waited for a reply, only to hear a small mew. She should be moved the leaves, appalled to see one gray kitten and one white kitten. She gasped, “S-snow? E-echo?” she fought through the pain, the memories flooding back. Shadow. The monster. Her humans. The pain. The despair. She suddenly felt light-headed. Those kits, were hers. She suddenly recalled the horrific event like never before. The black tom, Shadow, had swept her off her feet. She had kits, but her humans took them, and she called for Shadow. He had died on a thunderpath, and her humans had stolen her kits. She fought for them, only for them to be murdered on the thunderpath, as their father. She placed their bodies in a bush. As the flash back ended, she collapsed and never wanted to face day ever again.

    Willow woke up, remembering the dream. She felt hollow inside, from hunger and pain. She wondered why the world would want her to relive that event, and she hated the world for it. She sprinted to the edge of the forest, and to her surprise, found a luscious land of rabbits. She hunted for quite some time before stopping. Ever so often the memories would float into her mind again, but she always pushed them away. She kept on running until she had found another forest. It had an odd smell to it, but it was getting late and she didn’t mind sleeping in a log. She prayed that her dream wouldn’t repeat, and slept her worries away.

    When willow awoke, she found herself in the same forest, but this time she was at a thunderpath. She winced as she realized what was going to unfold. A black tom was padding along the road, and willow begged to go say something, anything. He fell, and was instantly struck by a monster. She cried out, yelling at the world. “Why?!? Why must I suffer world? I have lived through so much, don’t show it again!” she screamed to the earth, though no reply would ever surface. She closed her eyes and wished herself back to reality.

    Willow immediately stood up and clawed a fern. Why must I suffer again? She thought. She calmed herself down, then continued walking. She padded deeper into the forest until she was lost. She yowled for someone, and claws pierced her side. She hissed in pain, and turned to face the brown she-cat. She clawed back, only to be thrown to the ground. She was hit by another cat, and everything went black

    Willow smelled blood and heard breathing all around her. She was being dragged by her scruff, and she swung around wildly in an effort to throw off the cat. Her efforts were fruitless, and she gave up. She noted that she had entered a camp of some sort, and she was observing when she was thrown to the ground. She didn’t get up, and heard a voice from above her head. “What are you doing on Woodclan territory?” the voice questioned. Willow gradually lifted her head up, and stared at the orange she-cat. “u-hh I w-was just passing b-by.” she stated in a weak matter. The orange she-cat wasn’t convinced and turned to her warriors. “Sandcloud, Foxeyes, and Meadowrain. Go take this rogue to the elders den, and keep her there until I say so. You will each stand guard to her.” She sneered. Willow was again picked up and dragged. She held her breath, hoping these cats were nice. She was placed down, and then the brown tom that she had fought earlier talked to her.” stay here! ” he ordered, and Willow nodded. She assumed this was Foxeyes. She decided that she should fall asleep, and that she did.

    Willow woke to the sound of cats talking. She yawned and stretched, then looked around, hoping that yesterday was a nightmare. To her dismay, she was still in the den, with elders around. She sighed, and an elder perked up. “What’s wrong?” the elder asked. “why should you care? You wouldn’t understand!” Willow snapped. “Oh you young cats, you don’t get it. As an elder, all you do is gossip and talk! Now tell me, what’s wrong?” Willow sighed again, but realized it was better to answer than not at all. “I had a nightmare about my mate and kits deaths from long ago. I miss Shadow.” Willow replied to the elderly cat. “Oh, I’m sorry. Wait, did you say Shadow?” the cats eyes lit up with joy. Willow nodded, and the elder sat up. “That was Woodclan’s best warrior! Shadowheart was his name, and he disappeared a long time ago, then returned talking about a gorgeous she-cat that had his kits. He told everyone how much he loved them. Then, he vanished again and was never seen again.” The cat drew in a breath after the explanation and sat back down, letting the words sink in. Willow was baffled, it felt like her journey had a resolution. It felt like her mate and kits deaths weren’t pointless, as they were loved. Willow jumped as she saw Foxeyes come closer, and he grabbed her scruff, and dragged her out of the elders den. The orange she-cat reappeared, with a look of viciousness in her eyes. “You probably don’t know this, but Woodclan is the most vicious clan in the forest!” She mocked. “And if a rogue appears in our woods, they are punishable by Death!” The she-cat enunciated the last word, and flicked her tail to her warriors. She whispered something in Foxeyes ear, then turned back to Willow. Willow froze in fear, and was blown down by a cat. Other warriors creeped aroound her and pinned her down. Willow gulped in fear as the orange she-cat wispered in ear, time to die. Willow saw the orange she-cat draw her claw, Willow felt the worst pain in the world come to her throat, and she faded to darkness.

    Willow opened her eyes to see fresh grass and flowers. She gazed at the breathtaking scene, breathing in the air. She suddenly realized this wasnt were she was last, and she started to panic. The orange she-cats last words to me, time to die! They killed me! She felt wobbly and was about to fall over when she heard a faint whisper in her ear. We’ve been waiting for you. Willow looked up to see a black tom and she exclaimed in surprise “Shadow!” “Willow! ” Willow muzzled her dead mate, and she started to purr. “I’ve been waiting for you for so long.” A sob struck Willows speech. Shadow answered “We’ve been waiting too.” “We’ve?” Willow wondered. “Yes, we have been waiting.” As soon as Shadow spoke, a grey kitten came prancing toward them with a white kitten following. “Snow! Echo!” Willow weaved around them. “Mom, we were so sad to die, but we found Shadow here and we waited for you!” Both kits said innocently in unison. “Willow, here, we can be the family we could never have been.” Shadow gazed longingly at Willow. “That sounds lovely!” Willow replied. Shadow started walking away, and Willow caught up, entwining her tail with Shadows with her kits following.

  • heyyy this isn’t my entry and i don’t even know if i’m gonna write one because i have no motivation but a bunch of words randomly spewed out of my mind and i made them semi-cohesive.

    Journeys breathe purpose into our fleeting and vulnerably mortal existences:
    Odysseus returning from his voyage, David from his humble quest… and the rest of us? We ponder the
    Unknown, mapping the variables in this fragile thing called life (what makes us human?).
    Raven, raven, epitome of madness, harbinger of death. Riots in your head, ghosts at every turn;
    No-one can escape your chants; you infest us (clusters of matter with minds) while we are
    Eternally traversing the realms of the universe, searching for truth in chaos while quietly
    Yearning for something beautiful, ephemeral. Something long gone.

  • Caption:
    I present to you … the most amazing thing ever. It’s a hat. It’s a scarf. It’s a toy. It’s a mystery. And it’s a blanket. Yes, a blanket. Did I mention it’s a blanket? It’s very comfortable. And the best part is, I can stalk your every move while buried in a pile of fluff.

  • Entry for Caption Contest:
    Hee hee hee. I am the hat monster. I hide in this hat and watch the humans walk about. And when they’re asleep, I come out of my shell and race around the house until they wake up. Then, it’s back to the hat.

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