What if Rainflower was kind to Crookedstar even when he hurt his jaw? by Monkeyfur

Art by PureSpiritFlower

Monkeyfur wonders what would’ve happened if Rainflower had treated her son differently.

Crookedstar was born to Rainflower and Shellheart along with Oakkit, he was originally named Stormkit but when he injured his jaw. His mother hated him and renamed him Crookedkit. Rainflower was mean towards him ever since.

Here are 5 things that would have changed if Rainflower had been kind to her son:
1. Crookedkit wouldn’t have left RiverClan and become a loner
2. His name would change
3. His bond with Rainflower would have changed
4. Crookedkit wouldn’t have been trained by Mapleshade
5. His family and friends wouldn’t have died.

1) Crookedkit was upset that he had been treated unfairly by his mother, so he went out of camp. He made a living but found out that living in a clan was better. Crookedkit returned and got his apprentice name. As I have said before Crookedkit left because of his mother’s behavior towards him. If that was changed Crookedkit would have gotten his apprentice name, the same time as his brother Oakkit.
2) After he got hurt, Rainflower wanted to rename him, but if Rainflower didn’t Crookedkit would be called Stormkit. Then Stormpaw, Stormsomething (I would think Stormshine or something), and lastly Stormstar.
3) If Rainflower was kind to Crookedkit then obviously their relationship would have changed, since they would still love each other.
4) Mapleshade saw potential in Crookedkit, he had suffered around the same as her. Mapleshade decided to use him to destroy RiverClan. She trained him and convinced him that she was a StarClan warrior. She made a deal with him saying that Crookedkit would become a great warrior one day and he would help her. If he breaks off the relationship with her, his friends and family will die. So let’s get back on topic, the reason why Mapleshade saw potential in him because he was unloved. If Rainflower treated him nicely, then maybe Mapleshde would have to find another cat to invest in, because he was loved and wouldn’t suffer Mapleshade’s pain.
5) When Crookedjaw broke the relationship, Mapleshade told him that his family and friends would die. Hailstar, Willowbreeze, Shellheart, Minnowkit, Williowkit, Rainflower and Silverstream they all would have still been alive.

It only took one cat to make Crookedstar suffer, and many other cats died because of that.

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