Who deserved dark forest from Mapleshade’s Vengeance? by Lunaheart

Lunaheart wonders who else from Mapleshade’s Vengeance committed terrible deeds.

Hello BlogClanners! Since my first Mapleshade-Appledusk article was so popular I looked at a lot of web pages and I feel now the two cats who are in the wrong are the leaders.

Darkstar I think is less in the wrong than Oakstar. You can get up all over me for this, but considering how the next three generations of leaders let the forbidden relationships off so easily, Darkstar does have a point that, “the death of your kits has punished you enough.” However, Mapleshade just had her kits die, and if Darkstar had let her stay, the entire series would not exist. Mapleshade would have been a loyal, determined riverclan warrior, and Firestar does have a point that the kits were half riverclan, and therefore have rights to live in riverclan. The worst part is that she specifically said to bury the kits in the mud, away from her own dead, without a vigil.

Okay, I made a promise to myself I would not use caps lock and lose my temper with him, but tbh with all of you, screw Oakstar. I agree with Oakstar on exiling Mapleshade, I mean, the warrior code exists for a reason. But why banish three two moon old kits? It’s not their fault their parents messed up. Like in code of the clans, Ryewhisker says something similar to “So what if the kits are half clan? The clans need strong warriors!” And he is absolutely right. Does it seriously matter if the kits have a half clan heritage? Like Rootpaw’s relationship with Tree. (Sidetracking here, but next time please choose a better name?) Rootpaw is determined to prove he’s not like his, how do I say this nicely, oddball father. Same applies to the three, Graystripes kits, maybe even Brokenstar… should I go on? And this may rile up the appledusk fans, but where else is Mapleshade going to go? Shadowclan was at war with thunderclan for the territory by the culvert, so they were likely to kill a thunderclan cat deep in their territory on sight, at worst. I’m not purposely badmouthing shadowclan, but are they really likely to give mapleshade tea and cake and pardon her, free hugs for everyone? Windclan gets really hungry in the leaf bare flood season, so there not necessarily looking for 4 mouths to feed, three of which can’t even contribute by hunting. Twolegplace is also dangerous, as Oakstar regularly led raids there. Jake’s Mother Crystal would not have scared the fox if she weren’t angry about the raids, so kittypets would also kill Mapleshade on sight. So the only choice was riverclan. With their father. Also, Oakstar knew it was flood season. Oakstar knew he was condemning three helpless kits to their deaths.

This has mostly been in Mapleshades opinion. Now I will review Appledusks side of the story. Darkstar did make the right decision to let appledusk off the hook, because I disagree with whoever said in the comments of my first article that appledusk and mapleshade should be given the same punishment. Appledusk apologized to riverclan and swore loyalty to the warrior code. (Though in my opinion it was… elaborate.) whereas in Mapleshades case she lied to her clan, saying birchface was the father of her kits, when the real father was his killer. (And yes, you can tell me “it was an accident.” Or “Flowerpaw was stupid to save him.” Or “Appledusk didn’t mean to do it.” But it was his strike that caused the deaths. When Graystripe accidentally pushed whiteclaw offthe cliff, he felt bad!) And although I personally disagree with this, but Oakstar did receive the three reed sign.

Okay, speaking of the three reed sign, I don’t blame ravenwing. He was right to tell Oakstar that birchface was not the real father of petalkit, larchkit, and patchkit. I wouldn’t have told Oakstar that the father was specifically appledusk, but I don’t blame him.

Okay that’s all I have, feel free to correct me and/or disagree with me, these are just my opinions. I’m sorry if anyone finds this offensive and/or disgusting.

Have a wonderful rest of your day.

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  • Now, I haven’t read this book, but I’ve read enough articles to know what the book is mostly about. And I fell bad for Maple. Nice article!

    • and Appledusk. They both were so angry they started fighting…like for real. 🙁 I wish they made up.

  • Nice article! I do blame Ravenwing, because he should have shown sympathy for a helpless queen and three innocent kits; but I won’t get crazy about that 😄
    Frecklewish definitely didn’t deserve it, she didn’t do anything wrong. Oakstar, Maybe. Anyways, great article Lunaheart! I love your name!

    • Ravenwing was just doing what StarClan told him and his job. If anything, blame StarClan for sending that sign.

    • I agree! Honestly Frecklewish i have mixed feeling abut, yet there both positive. She watched Mapleshade and her kits in the river, but with all her anger and confusion regarding the cat she once called a close friend, she paused in fear, and by the time she realized the kits were dead she couldn’t do anything. I believe that she shouldn’t have been killed but I also think she should have been at the same time…qwq

    • Ummm, didn’t Frecklewish start attacking Mapleshade when she found out the truth? Follow her like a stalker? Let Mapleshade’s kits drown? Let’s not say she was completely innocent.

      • Yep. Frecklewish was DEFINITELY not COMPLETELY innocent. I’m pretty mad about Oakstar, THEY WERE JUST KITS…. anyway… Appledusk was pretty harsh on his former mate! I mean, he literally took up another mate BEFORE the kits even drowned!

  • I used to be kinda in the middle between thinking Oakstar was justified or not, but now I very very much agree with you about him especially–he definitely was in the wrong when he banished Mapleshade. Really, I think everyone else in the story are justified except for him (and Mapleshade herself). Great article! 😀

  • Wow, you have some pretty interesting opinions on “Mapleshade’s Vengeance,” a whole new side of this book has been opened up to me… 😲

  • I mostly agree with you on Oakstar. While I don’t entirely think he SHOULD have banished Mapleshade from ThunderClan, I can understand why he would do that. But there was NO reason why he was possibly justified in banishing her kits.

    in this fanfiction, Maple’s daughter Petal has two kits, Willowkit and Starkit, but Willowkit is born dead.
    Starkit is apprenticed to Mapleshade a few minutes after she is born and is good at everything. Starpaw goes to the moonstone and is told to become both a medicine cat and a warrior. Starpaw is made a warrior after that night called Starfire (Firestar backwards)
    (She becomes leader Starstar…..oof)

  • I do think Appledusk was a huge jerk for betraying her but he had to stay loyal to his clan. I definitely don’t like him but Mapleshade shouldn’t have killed him. I think she’s right where she belongs. She’s evil

  • I am so mad at Oakstar! But, like, imagine if Firestar was leader-HE probably wouldn’t have cast Mapleshade and the kind out ESPECIALLY not during FLOOD SEASON!
    okay, I’m done ranting. Nice article!

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