• I’m pretty sure that Willowpelt is his mother, which works well because that’ll make him Graystripe’s half brother. That m akes so much sense with the naming clhoice for him (DARKstripe) and maybe Tigerclaw requested Graystripe’s warior name in Dsrkstripe’s honour (such a Tigerclaw thing to do). Also the conflict with Darkstripe and Graystripe in The Darkest Hour would parallel Firestar and Scourge.

      His father? MAYBE Tawnyspots? That’s what was generally thought before, but Tawnyspots was kind of dying when Willowpelt first became a warrior, so it could be someone else.

      • Tawnyspots was weak and sickly when Willowpelt was an apprentice, even. He’s way too old, imo. :/

          • wrong
            whitestorm can’t be everyone’s father because everyone’s father is already jake
            jake is my father
            jake is your father
            jake is jake’s father

            In all disclosure, I hope they never redo the family trees again. The way it was before was very messy and inbreeding was everywhere; if we pretend most of the original cast just spawned out of nowhere, there’s less issues down the line. ^^

            • Honestly it’s the time skips with BP. The tree was fine and dandy when we actually saw it in action for the majority of the book, but after Bluestar gave up her kits, it was wild. But I am all for Whitestorm being Willowpelt’s permanent mate if they do the trees again, it makes sense.

              And yes, Whitestorm is also listed as the father of Brindleface’s kits, Ashfur and Ferncloud, but if you take the timeline between Redtail’s (Brindleface’s previous mate) death and the birth of Ash and Fern, it just barely lines up, and you can count Brindleface’s grief messing up her pregnancy and extending it, it makes sense, considering how half of that litter died (probably due to those complications)

              Tl;dr: It makes perfect sense that Whitestorm always stayed as Willowpelt’s mate, and Redtail stayed as Brindleface’s, which solves so many issues and is my new headcanon.

              (I already made an article on Darkstripe’s parents, so maybe I can make one for Ashfur??)

  • Really enjoyed “Shadow in Riverclan” – the drawings are beautiful and colors really lovely! I am glad that there was at least one cat that did not forgive Leopardstar easily… Feathertail’s struggle with not knowing where she belongs also explains to me why she fell in love with Crowpaw so easily: he was going through similar feelings in his clan and also on the quest. Would have loved to see a bit more of Feathertail’s perspective on the quest in the manga.

  • Oakheart tells Feathertail “You may not survive.”
    Also, Midnight says straight out, “A dying warrior the way will show.”
    Now, I know she meant the shooting star falling over the mountains. But Feathertail died in the mountains, too.
    So StarClan knew Feathertail was going to die the whole time and they sent her anyway?!?!

  • I loved it!! Finished reading it so quickly though. I love the graphic novels and it was so interesting to see Feathertail’s struggle with where she belonged.

    Also Hawkfrost was so innocent as young Hawkpaw:(

  • Dear Kate,
    How do you think can Stonefur forgive Blackstar? Can Stonefur give to Blackfoot at Moon Stone one of nine lives, what the live it can be? What do you think about Leopardstar and Riverclan, was they forgiven by Stonefur?

      • Leopardstar, leader of Riverclan, allow Tigerstar and his supporters imprison (and looks like also excruciate during imprisonment) Stonefur who was her loyal deputy, order Stonefur to kill Stormfur and Theathertail and do nothing when Stonefur was killed by Tigerstars supporters for refuse. Riverclan, the same, they do nothing to save cat of their clan from imprisonment and deaf and even worse than nothing, even after killing of Stonefur, they continue to fight for Tigerstar helping him to make evil again and again. Blakfoot was one Tigerstar supporters who killed Stonefur.

          • Dear Kate, I think Stonefur’s disappointment and some anger on Leopardstar for her betrayal, was not because of his suffering, but because of suffering of Misty, Theathertail and Stormfur. Stonefur is a very noble cat, so he won’t care about himself in such things. I think Stonefur forgive Leopardstar when he see that she regret and changes, and when Misty, Theathertail and Stormfur forgive Leopardstar. Speaking about Blackstar, I think Stonefur have done all to prevent Blackstar to go by dark path again, may be sometimes visiting him in his dreams mentoring him (even if Blackstar protested) and give him a life at Moon Stone, «mercy», «ability to change himself for good», «ability to oppose darkness» (I hope I will read about that in Leopard Star’s superedition and Blackstar‘s novel).

  • Dear Kate,
    If you on were on Theathertails place, could you forgive Leopardstar and Riverclan for betrayal?

  • Hi Kate! Since Mistyfoot’s past was brought up in Shadow in Riverclan, it’s made me wonder about her relationship with Rippleclaw. As Greypool’s mentor, do you know how he reacted to her adopting Stonekit and Mistykit? Thanks!

      • Well- Complicated to say the least. It really depends on if he could figure out his adopted kits’ half Clan status. He’s a head-strong warrior, who was quick to critique Fallowtail for being a forbidden mate. Though considering Greypool is half Windclan herself, he probably has less of an issue with the Half-Clan kits themselves.

        In an official article, it stated Oakheart took the role of father for Mistykit and Stonekit. So we can say Rippleclaw had a less active role in the kits’ lives, that or none at all.

        I can see three possible reaction from Rippleclaw; 1) He was bitter/jealous and stubbornly refused to engage with his adoptive kits. 2) He wanted to bond with his adoptive kits, but felt overshadowed by Oakheart and pushed away. 3) He was pleased for Greypool’s sake, but he himself was too awkward and kept his distance from the kits.

  • Is it true that Blackclaw was Mistystar’s mate? Because in A Shadow of RiverClan, he seems kind of mean, but Mistystar has always seemed so nice, so it’s hard for me to believe they would be a couple.

    • They might not be a couple. Feathertail mentions that Graypool had allegedly only been with Rippleclaw to have kits, and they weren’t really a couple, so Mistyfoot and Blackclaw might’ve been like that.

    • My theory is that they were mates, but after Mistyfoot found out she was HalfClan, they broke up. He just seems that type.

      • I don’t think Blackclaw is against Half-Clan, as he wanted Hawkfrost to be deputy, despite being a former rogue. There’s the mysterious deaths of their kits we have to consider. Almost all their children dying can put a serious strain on any relationship.

        • True.
          Is that why almost every time Mistystar and Blackclaw interact (which isn’t very much)that I remember they seem to be at odds?

  • A few weeks ago, I finally read this book, but I was inactive then, so I shall post about it now.

    A Shadow in RiverClan was a really good book. At first, I thought it would be about Graystripe and Silverstream, although I probably should have guessed otherwise, since Graystripe already has ‘Graystripes Adventure’ and ‘Graystripes Vow’ is currently being written.

    I really like how in the beginning that Hawkfrost (or should I say Hawkkit\ Hawkpaw because that was really the only time the he was nice. I also like how Feathertail’s friendship with Sasha ends so quickly once she learns that she mated Tigerstar.

    • I didn’t like that, but it was understandable. She stopped being friends with Sasha, not because she was mates with Tigerstar (since we don’t see her with any antagonism against Goldenflower, or Bramblestar and Tawnypelt for that matter) but because Sasha still loves him, even after she knew what kind of cat he was.
      P.S. Hi moderators!