• Do you mean the current ShadowClan leader or his father? Both would be fine with me. I’d really like to see what he is up to! You just made me even more excited! TBC is so far the best series I’ve ever read! Thank you and Cherith for all the writing that you have done and still do!

  • Hi Kate I was just wondering if you knew who Greystripe’s father is?
    If you don’t know who would you like it to be?

    • Patchpelt is Graystripes father willowtail was his mother…its kinda hard to explain because Patchpelt and Willowtail were brother and sister….and since they were brother and sister it gave Graystipe a eating (disorders i think) witch her passed onto Bumblestripe

      • It says on the Wiki that his mother is Willowpelt and his father is unknown. On Patchpelt’s page, it doesn’t say anything about Graystripe…

      • Uh no. That’s actually not true at all. It’s true there was an out of book thing stating that his parents were Willowpelt and Patchpelt but this has been changed because of them being siblings and now Willowpelt is the only confirmed parent of him. The eating disorder thing is not true at all and would be a big yikes for the series.

  • Hey Kate,
    what do you think Thunders siblings pelt colors were? Iv’e always imagined him with a brother and sister, the sister an exact look a like to her mother but with blue eyes, and the tom dark gray with green eyes. Iv’e always thought their names would be Tempest and Sleet?
    Also do the clan cats have a certain color pelt because most Riverclan cats have gray or brown tabby fur and with we see a ginger cat in Riverclan in the future? also maybe future names for the Apprentices:
    Finchwhisper, or Finchsong

    • Hi Flashstrike.
      I never remember pelt colours, unless there’s a clue in the name. Graystripe, for example. Or Firestar. If I was left in charge of the names, you’re get a lot of warriors called Tortoiseshellpelt or Blackwithwhitefleckspaw or Creamwithbrownearskit.
      I love your name suggestions. And a ginger cat in RC would be great, but would it need a ginger parent?

      • I’m so happy you loved my name ideas! Not necessarily does it need a ginger parent, but the most likely to have a ginger kitten in Riverclan would be Brackenpelt. She is a tortoiseshell so she has a high chance since most tortoiseshells usually have a ginger kitten, a black kitten, and a tortoiseshell or calico(since I’m from the U.S.) kitten. And just one more thing I know I ask this a lot but, will Thunderclan have a white kitten, I just love their snowy look, or maybe two?

  • Dear Kate
    Recently there have been several requests for short adventures, about which character we would like to have one. I think it would be really cool if we could have a book about a less known leader or debuty. For example Russetfur, Cedarstar, Hailstar or Heatherstar. I think it would be really cool if we had books that influenced the new seasons. But there is also a lot of potential in the past. Especially with the leaders from the Special Adventures of Yellowfang, Tallstar and Crookedstar we have a lot to build on. It would be really cool, if we would see something like that soon. Especially these books have been very well received. Besides, many people here (including myself xD) are extremely hyped by all the families and family trees. Here you could create something again and bring in new cats. Besides, there is already a guideline, which can be clicked on at the end. What do you think of it?

  • Hi Kate, so cause I’m kinda inactive at the moment it might have been answered, but is there news about the title of the cover of the 4th book in broken code?

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY WARRIOR CATS!!!!!! (It was yesterday but whatever) Thank you everyone who worked in the Warrior books because literally, you guys made books that everyone will remember!

  • YAY! We finally figured out who the next Super Edition is about!
    IT’S GRAYSTRIPE!!!!! It’s gonna be called Graystripe’s Vow! Can’t wait to see the cover!

  • I think it’s very wonderful to have some protagonists outside of ThunderClan. It’s good to see through the eyes of a ShadowClan cat. It really gives me a better picture of ShadowClan without the interference of myths from other Clans. Shadowsight is an incredible name and it brings back memories of Spiresight and his ability to see certain visions. Rootpaw’s character is very interesting, and I’m on edge to see what his inherited power will get him into. I was slightly disappointed that Needlepaw didn’t get any power tho. If all descendants of the Sisters could see ghost cats, why did she get skipped? It doesn’t quite make sense. Still, great job so far! Moving along, I used to think Bristlefrost was nothing more than a cat who’s heart was broken and was inconvenienced by Rootpaw’s crush on her. But now we’ve got some action flowing beneath her pelt. My “LikeBristlefrost-o-meter” jumped! She became very intriguing as she was hired as Imposterstar’s spy. I just cannot wait to get my hands on this book when It comes out.
    The Broken Code displayed some amazing stuff to start with. Keep it going! You guys are doing great!
    I’m not asking you to use my name, but if you ever decide to have another “Berrykit”, feel free to use it if you need.
    Thanks for your time~

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