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My Top Three Favorite Ships people might have forgotten by Sagepaw

Sagepaw shares their favourite ships from throughout the series.

Art by PureSpiritFlower

So I know that I’m not even on the Allegiance list yet (that is because I submitted a little after the 1st of August). Please remember that this is my opinion and don’t go ‘WHY SHE LIKE ‘THIS’ THIS SHIP IS WAY BETTER’. Also, BIG SPOILER ALERT PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED READING SERIES. So I’m going to move on to the ships:
WAIT, 😳, before I start, here are some honorable mentions:
BreezepeltXHeathertail (I know most of you will hate this ship but I think it’s kinda cute)
Jagged PeakXHolly
CloudtailXBrightheart (I know this isn’t forgotten but I couldn’t leave it out)
JayfeatherXStick (again I know many will not consider this a ship but think about it, Jayfeather loves his stick enough to risk his life)
1. Fallen Leaves and Hollyleaf:
I love this ship so much!! This ship hasn’t really been recognized but Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves are one of the best couples, I know most of you’s will think other wise. Let’s quickly recap on how they met how how they became a ship. Hollyleaf has just banished herself from the clans and has fallen into a cave in, here she meets Fallen Leaves, here she finds his presence creepy and tries to leave but later comes back for her comfort, Fallen Leaves clearly not used to visitors leaves and comes back quickly, he isn’t always here in Hollyleaf’s Story. Fallen Leaves soon calm with her presence finds she has been healed from her wounds, worried the she-cat might leave he created distractions and is just SUPER sweet in general. In the last book when Hollyleaf dies (SPOILER ALERT) Fallen Leaves finally makes and cries CRIES when he sees her. ARGH THEY ARE ADORABLE (♡°ω°♡).

2. Jayfeather and Half Moon:
Everyone is probably like ‘DOESN’T SHE LIKE JAYxSTICK!?’ actually one of my favourite ships is JayfeatherXHalf Moon. Like Half Moon is sooooo sweet but understands, although heart broken. Jayfeather, also heart-broken almost tells hid brother Lionblaze that he understands his stress about Cinderheart. ACK, THIS COUPLE IS ADORABLE. (≚ᄌ≚)

3. Mothflight and Micah:
This is an all time fav and even now I have read this book at least six times, and there relationship was so heart-breaking I still cry everything I read it. Micah is understanding, bold and almost loyal to a fault, this helps Mothflight understand how to stay strong, and helps her develop the medicine cat code. They break and re-make my heart!! ⋆ටᆼට⋆

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